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New Ways Of Taking Customers Orders At Restaurant

Gone are those days when we had to stand in long queues or hold on till the waiter comes to us so that we can order something while starving at a restaurant. The process of placing orders at a restaurant has significantly changed with the advanced technology. From children to millennials everyone can now swiftly use mobile phones and are tech-savvy. Moreover, standing in long queues post-pandemic has become like a health hazard.

Here are some advanced ways to place orders at restaurants that you can adopt:

1. Digital menus

Digital menus is the key for adopting to any advance ordering system at your restaurant. Building a digital menu means adding all your dishes in one place, specials/recommended, portion size, price and type of food i.e. vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan. You can also add calorie counts if you want to make sure your customer makes an informed decision. You need a digital menu if you want to register on swiggy or zomato. You can also send your digital menu on WhatsApp or any other social media platform so that you get organic orders from them without paying commission to online food aggregators like swiggy and zomato.

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2. Scan and Order

Making sure that you install a QR code scanner at every table at your restaurant. Once the customer comes in selects the table of their desire they can simply take out their phones and scan the QR code to view the entire menu of your restaurant and order from their itself. Once they enter their phone number or email id and select payment method their order will be confirmed. The order will be directly visible on the kitchen display system so that the chefs can prepare it. No long standing queues or waiter interaction required. You can simply order your food at your own pace, from your table, comfortably seated without any pressure after viewing everything. Who wouldn’t want to prefer this over the traditional methods.

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3. Voice ordering kiosks- a new way of ordering food at restaurants

Voice ordering kiosks is the technology specifically created to take the process of ordering food to another level. It basically is almost a human sized device in built with your restaurant’s menu, prices and all the available combos. Customer can enter the restaurant and start ordering from the kiosk itself. You can view the entire menu, enter your order and make the payment. Your order will be confirmed and will reach to the chef via kitchen display system. With the updated technology voice ordering kiosks are also introduced that helps the customer to just say the menu item to the device to place the order. Elimination of long queues, mismanagement in order taking process and wastage of human resource is avoided.

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4. Waiter calling device

Its a normal tradition to raise your hand and shout waiter’s name in order to get the waiter to your table. You do not want your restaurant to be filled with these noises. Calling the attention of a waiter often becomes a task in itself, taking away from the customer’s peaceful experience. The constant ‘waiter’ shouts can also annoy other diners in your restaurant.

The waiters are on a constant look-out for raised hands or such shouts, which eats away their time, restricting their interaction with customers and limits them from providing a memorable customer experience.
Therefore, a waiter calling device is introduced which is available at all the table in your restaurant. The customer can just press the button on it and the notification will go to the POS to notify the waiter. The customer can then place their order, ask for water or anything else. In this way its becomes a systematic process instead of a chaotic one.


Investing in a good POS is extremely necessary in today’s time. Restaurant industry has evolved and growing at a fast pace. Technology upgradations keep coming. If you invest in a good POS you don’t have to worry about these advancements you can easily get updates and advanced products of newer technology from your POS company itself.

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