5 Things to Keep In Mind While Starting a Cloud Kitchen

What is cloud kitchen and how does it work? A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering enabled website or mobile app. The flavour of the season, ‘cloud kitchens’ are the rising trend mixedContinue reading “5 Things to Keep In Mind While Starting a Cloud Kitchen”

Online Food Aggregator Wars!

The emergence of digital technology is redefining the market. After shopping for clothes, books, or furniture; customers are now accustomed to the ease and flexibility of ordering online through a website or an application. As a result, they demand the same experience when it comes to ordering food as well. In order to meet customer’sContinue reading “Online Food Aggregator Wars!”

Innovations in Food Delivery and Packaging amidst the Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry witnessed a severe downfall. Every day the headlines reveal to us a new number of positive cases. Due to this uncontrollable spread, people have withdrawn themselves from the outside world. The entire crisis has necessitated several changes and adjustments in everyone’s lifestyle and behavior. TheseContinue reading “Innovations in Food Delivery and Packaging amidst the Pandemic”

The Rise and Rise of Biryani!

Step aside dear Pizza, the biryani is here! Biryani has taken a huge leap, to become the highest sold food-item online. But what does mass production mean for a traditionally slow-cooked dish and its subtle regional variations? With the growing culture of ordering food-online, a lot has changed. But this dish remains a constant inContinue reading “The Rise and Rise of Biryani!”

5 Best Restaurant POS Software in India [November 2020 Update]

A POS software is the central technology powering any restaurant. The basic functionality of any restaurant POS is to make the bill once food is consumed. However, today’s POS systems have evolved to do much more than plain vanilla billing. POS platforms handle billing and KOT management, Inventory and stock, Recipe, Menu (online as wellContinue reading “5 Best Restaurant POS Software in India [November 2020 Update]”

Petpooja’s Covid-19 toolkit: Technology to battle the virus

Unlock 1.0 is upon us and restaurants are restarting after a long-drawn lockdown. Customers are battling between the fear of infection and the yearning for restaurant food. Restaurants are also battling between keeping their business alive, trying to get staff back from their hometowns and making their customers feel safe. However, the onset of CovidContinue reading “Petpooja’s Covid-19 toolkit: Technology to battle the virus”

Restaurant Loyalty Programs – A Comprehensive Guide

Who doesn’t like rewards? It’s what prompts people to fixate on earning points. As kids, we would be rewarded with a ‘star’ sticker or a ‘ribbon’ for participating in class discussion or good hand-writing. Not much changes as we grow older. The papercut stars get transformed to frequent flyer miles, hotel reward points, free mealsContinue reading “Restaurant Loyalty Programs – A Comprehensive Guide”

Restaurants Sales: What to do when they go down?

Every entrepreneur has pondered over this ‘What If’ scenario more than any other. And this anxiety is amplified when you’re in the business of serving food. Even the savviest executives find themselves plagued by the persistent, nagging feeling that comes with a dip in sales. In the F&B industry, that feeling is amplified. There areContinue reading “Restaurants Sales: What to do when they go down?”

The Dream and Reality of running a Food-Truck

The contours of street food have drastically shifted with the growth of India’s food industry. Our street-food is globally acclaimed for its flavors, variety, and ingredients. But more than its diverse palate, Indian street food plays a crucial role in the economy. To the middle classes, street food is a thing to relish and enjoy,Continue reading “The Dream and Reality of running a Food-Truck”

Restaurant Menu Design: A Comprehensive Guide

Visual communication has a profound impact on human thinking, behavior and most importantly, decision-making. In the hospitality sector, particularly within the restaurant business, consumer behavior and decision-making are the two most fundamental aspects concerning any food-related business. Both, essentially rely on the menu and the way it is designed. More than just a list ofContinue reading “Restaurant Menu Design: A Comprehensive Guide”

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