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Food Photography Tips To Ace Your Restaurant Marketing

I don't think that there are many people left on this planet who have scrolled good photos of food on their social media and...
casual dining

How To Open A Casual Dining Restaurant (CDR) In India?

There are various types of restaurant forms and formats such as Quick service restaurants, Fine-dine, Casual-dining, bakeries, etc. In this blog, we will be...
aesthetic buffet restaurant in india petpooja

Buffet Restaurant Business: Pros & Cons

A buffet restaurant follows a system of serving meals in which the food is placed in the public area where the diners serve themselves. Buffet...

How To Do Influencer Marketing For Your Restaurant?

74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions– OMD Group Influencer marketing started way before social media! When our favorite actor, singer,...
increase your bar sales with happy hour petpooja

How To Use Happy Hour Strategy To Increase Your Bar Sales?

The strategy of Happy hours is a globally successful sales and marketing strategy for bar businesses. "Happy Hour" is celebrated to promote wine, spirits, and...
food influencers

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why You Should Do It?

Influencers, Who? Food brings people together! Nowadays influencers too..... Food has always had a symbolic meaning and served as a glue that brought people together. A...
restaurant analytics you should understand

What Is Restaurant Analytics And How To Use It?

Terms like Restaurant analytics, restaurant data, restaurant reporting don’t spark much excitement among restaurant owners. However, in order to gain a competitive edge and...
cloud kitchen marketing

How To Promote Your Cloud Kitchen?

As we all know, now is an exceptional time to enter the cloud kitchen business. With the entire Covid-19 situation and a shift in...

How Petpooja Helped Swati Snacks During Covid-19 Crisis?

It all started with a dream.... Swati Snacks, which began as a modest street-food eatery in 1963, is now a city favorite. Minakshi Jhaveri, a...

How To Make Your Restaurant A Great Place To Work?

Nowadays stress has become a part of modern life. It is more like an unavoidable reality of life that is present everywhere. Similarly, working...

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