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Know Everything About Various Types of Teas You Can Include In Your Cafe Menu

While coffee has been the dominating beverage in cafes for many years, more and more customers are asking for various types of tea. The trend of tea drinking has increased so much that there are now entire cafes dedicated to just serving various types of tea. 

If you are a cafe owner looking to expand your cafe menu, you have come to the right place. This article will explain how to make the perfect tea menu and the types of tea to include in it.

Types Of Tea You Must Have On Your Cafe Menu 

The best types of tea for your business are determined by your budget and your client’s tastes. To help you explore the diverse world of teas, here is a list of the teas you should include in your cafe menu, along with reasons why they are excellent choices.

Know all about various types of tea you can sell in your cafe!

1. The Classic Black Tea 

With a bold aroma and beautiful red tone, black tea is more oxidized than other teas and is a preferred beverage across South East Asian Countries. Though it originated in Japan, black tea is now a household beverage because of its strong flavour and numerous health benefits.

There are multiple variants of black tea which you can add to your cafe menu:

  • Assam Black Tea: Due to the climate conditions of Assam, black tea grown in this region has a malty and bold taste that blends perfectly with milk
  • Darjeeling Black Tea: The black tea variety produced in Darjeeling is softer in flavour and has the aroma of herbs. This black tea makes the perfect base for the popular Indian beverage chai.
  • Kenyan Black Tea: Since Africa is one of the largest producers of black tea, the Kenyan variant is extremely popular and has a full-bodied, strong aroma. Black tea has a significant caffeine content and hence is preferred by people as a beverage that energizes them. 
cafe tea menu
Black tea is preferred by most people and is a versatile beverage

2. The Evergreen Green Tea 

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is often the go-to beverage for health-conscious people. It is a great addition to your cafe’s breakfast menu.

Including it in your tea menu will be beneficial as you can cater to the audience who wants to visit a cafe without compromising their health. From memory to immunity, green tea is a powerhouse of health benefits. Here are some types of green tea you must include in your cafe menu:

  • Jasmine Green Tea: The jasmine flower is known for its stress-reducing properties, and jasmine green tea is one of the most popular variants. You can serve it with some honey to add a dash of sweetness to the floral taste.
  • Lemon Green Tea: Brewed from loose green tea leaves and infused with lemon juice, this beverage is refreshing and perfect for any weather. This can also be served with various sweeteners to enhance the flavour. 
types of tea list
Green tea is known for its many health benefits

3. Healing Herbal Teas 

Add some diversity to your cafe menu by including herbal teas.  Also known as ‘tisanes’ the herbal teas are brewed by infusing herbs, species, and flowers. You can use black, green, or white tea as the base of a herbal tea because the important component is the infused ingredient.

Herbal teas are relaxing and soothing and are rapidly becoming a popular beverage among tea consumers.

Here are some herbal teas you can add to your cafe menu:

  • Chamomile Herbal Tea: Valued for centuries as a relaxant, this variant is made by brewing small Chamomile flowers into the water. Caffeine-free and calming chamomile has a strong aroma and an earthy flavour. Your coffee lovers are night owls, serve this to help them relax
  • Lemongrass Herbal Tea: The citrusy flavour of this concoction puts it on the list of the most popular herbal teas. It is rich in vitamins and is also known for healing digestive problems. 
  • Hibiscus Herbal Tea: Similar to cranberries in flavour, Hibiscus tea has a sweet and fruity flavour. It is rich in vitamins and can be served both hot and cold.  The beautiful pink colour gives it an aesthetic appeal. 
Types of teas you can serve in your cafe
Herbal teas offer a variety to your menu as they are known for their healing properties

4. Exotic Tea Beverages 

Whoever said tea is boring has never tasted the delicious mocktails that can be whipped up using tea leaves. The tea community has upped its game and has almost as many variants as coffee. You can add some exotic beverages to your cafe menu for those who like tea but do not enjoy it hot.

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Here are some types of tea beverages you must include:

  • Match Latte: The matcha powder is made by grinding variants of green tea and is a popular replacement for coffee in lattes. It is a beautiful green colour and can serve as a hot drink or an ice-cold latte.
  • Boba Tea: Originated in Taiwan, boba tea is extremely popular among the youth. Balls made from cassava powder are added to a base of cold tea infusion. It is not only delicious but a fun drink to have
  • Tea Mojito:  Who doesn’t enjoy a tall glass of cold mojito? This version of the popular beverage simply has freshly brewed tea added to it. You can also infuse it with various fruits to make it more exotic.
  • Chai Latte: This beverage is a popular household drink across India; our classic chai! However, it has become known for its strong aroma in the global market. Made using milk and black tea, it usually has a foamy, coffee-like consistency and is topped with spices like cinnamon, star anise, cardamom etc.
types of tea list
These beverages help you stand out from the crowd

Tips To Create A Tea Menu For Your Cafe 

Now that you know what types of tea you need to add to your cafe menu, here are some other tips to help you develop the perfect tea menu:

1. Keep It Simple 

Since tea has been around for centuries, there are many variants available. However, for your tea menu, stick to the basics. 

You can keep adding seasonal on monthly specials to offer variety, but the base menu should retain simplicity. Why? You need to understand your consumer. Observe their demands and knowledge of tea.

You can add more variants if you observe more customers demanding an extensive tea menu.

2. Create An Experience 

When developing a tea menu for your cafe, remember that serving tea is an experience you must provide to your customers. Like coffee, the menu offers small, medium, and large variants, and you can offer different tea quantities. 

Depending on the quantity, you can serve it as a classic tea cup or provide a beautiful teapot. You can also enhance the experience by offering complimentary snacks which pair well with the selected tea. This simply adds value to your cafe and helps build customer loyalty. 

afternoon tea menu ideas
A wholesome experience will offer added value to your cafe

3. Make Tea Menu Interesting

Your cafe will have different types of customers, so why limit your tea menu to a particular group? When developing a tea menu for your cafe, include interesting and informative descriptions of the teas that intrigue the customers. 

Visuals also play an important role. You can add aesthetic images of what the beverage looks like to further motivate them to try your tea menu. This simple and low-cost marketing technique can give you more customers. 

These are just a few types of teas to add to your cafe menu from the variants available. To make your tea menu inclusive, ensure you understand a tea drinker’s demands and curate a menu accordingly. It will not only provide a boost in sales but also make your cafe stand out.

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