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Types Of Bar Setups In India

Getting a liquor license is a complex process in India. You really have to hit the bull’s eye with the government authority to be issued with a liquor license.

Even if you get yourself a liquor license for your restaurant your journey has just begun…

When it comes to successfully running a bar business in your restaurant you need to carefully design the interiors and type of bar set up to make sure you can operate at maximum capacity. Moreover, before you look at types of bar setups make sure you have finalized your audience demographics.

Whether it is a young university/college-going crowd you want to attract or a crowd of working professionals? Both have their own pros and cons.

You need to make this decision in advance in order to design your interior, select the optimal type of bar setup, menu, seating, music, and marketing game for your bar. You may have a thousand ideas already about the type of bar set up you want racing through your heart by now.

Therefore without any further ado, let’s see types of Bar setups that you can set up or introduce in your restaurant or cafe

Types of Bar Setups in India

1. Restaurant/ Cafe Bar

A restaurant bar is basically an area inside your dine-in restaurant or cafe which is dedicated to serving alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

You need to carefully design your bar set up which goes along with your restaurant menu and interior. The bar should cater to the existing crowd of your restaurant/cafe. Soft lighting and music can really help your customer have a nice meal and an unwinding time at your restaurant. In a nutshell, your bar should match your restaurant’s vibes. type of bar setups

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2. Sports Bar

If you are planning to enter the restaurant business a sports bar can be your safe option.

People love to drink and snack while they are watching an intense game of their favorite team/player. You can set up a High-Quality live screening with a powerful sound system so that your crowd can cheer, enjoy their match and have a great time at your bar.

You can also start with providing light snacks like sandwiches, burgers, fries, popcorn, coffee, etc to your crowd to binge while watching a match. If you focus on your marketing, offers, and interior well you can attract a large group of friends and match supporters to be at your place.

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3. Music Bar

This kind of bar setup is really informal. It gives you a cozy, relaxed, and soothing vibe. A live-performing artist is hired to play music in your restaurant.  It is usually an open space but it can also work in a confined space. Your customers can have their dinner or lunch with drinks while some light music plays in the background. 

However, you must note that not everyone enjoys having light music or even any music while they are dining so you really have to understand your audience first before introducing this event of change. 

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4. Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is nothing but an open space, well lit and styled where alcohol is served.

Instead of confined bars, people can really enjoy open bars, especially during the day. An open chic space with comfortable seating and an open kitchen and bar can really be a great spot for friends/co-workers and others to hang out.

You need to make sure that the ventilation, fragrance, seating, and hygiene are at their level best or it can really affect your customer’s experience.

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5. Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar setup is usually on the terrace of hotel buildings. It’s a great open space with amazing skyscraper views where alcohol is served.

It is styled with big cozy couches and serving tables near rooftop walls. It has a formal and chill vibe. Its generally used for business meetings, hangout spaces for Hotel occupants, tourists, occasions like birthday or engagements parties, and etc.

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Bonus tips for running a successful Bar and Brewery business:

  • Make sure your bar setup is spacious enough for your bartenders and waiters for serving and operating
  • Your customers sitting at the restro-bar should be able to get served quicker, be able to unwind and have a good time
  • Marketing your bar business is crucial as there are multiple hotspots opening up and post-covid people have gotten more into limited capacity private parties at their place
  • Use a good Bar POS software, which helps you upsell and also makes customer service very smooth  type of bar setups
  • Experiment with lighting, music and seating till you finally get a hang of what your customer base wants
  • Keep exclusive days and offers based on what your customer demographic is. For example, live screening on a football/cricket matchday with an offer or discount can increase footfall at your bar

Hope this helps you set up a great bar and you make profits by the pints!

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