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Guide To POS Equipment & Hardware Every Restaurateur Must Invest in 2023

With the advancement in restaurant technology, everyday operations are getting automated. More and more food service outlets are using touchscreen terminals, tablets, and kiosks to take orders.

If you, too, want to make your restaurant more tech-savvy but are confused about which smart devices and hardware to invest in, then this blog is for you. Keep reading this blog to know the restaurant technology you should invest in 2023!

Importance of Restaurant Technology

In today’s world, restaurants need to embrace technology and automation. Restaurant technology refers to using electronic devices, software, and systems to improve business operations, efficiency and customer experience. 

Point of Sale (POS) is a type of restaurant technology system used to process transactions at the point of sale, such as taking orders, processing payments, and printing receipts. A typical restaurant POS system includes hardware components, such as a touchscreen terminal, credit card reader, and software that manages transactions, inventory, and customer data.

Technology has become an integral part of the restaurant industry, and it’s important for staff to be familiar with the various tools and systems to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

Difference between Restaurant Hardware and Software

Point of Sale (POS) hardware and software in restaurant technology are separate but interrelated components of a complete restaurant management system.

All types of restaurants, including cloud kitchens, require hardware to function smoothly. Restaurant hardware refers to all physical equipment needed for your operations, like a touchscreen terminal, credit card reader, receipt printer, and cash drawer.

You cannot run your restaurant software without the necessary hardware. The POS hardware is responsible for capturing transaction data. While the restaurant software is responsible for managing and analyzing that data to provide insights into the business. Read more to find out which restaurant hardware you need for your POS.

Restaurant Hardware That Will Make Your Life Simpler

A brief checklist of restaurant technology for your business!

1. Touchscreen Terminals

A touch screen terminal in a restaurant is a POS device that incorporates a touch-sensitive display for entering orders and processing payments. Touchscreen terminals are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments that need faster billing to streamline online ordering and payment. Additionally, touchscreen terminals can provide real-time data and insights into restaurant operations, including sales data, inventory levels etc.

Technology has become an integral part of the restaurant industry. Know more about restaurant technology and hardware.
Automation offers the best solution to feed the rising working population and satisfy the requirement of contactless restaurant technology.

2. Tablets for Ordering and Payment

Tablets for ordering and payment in a restaurant are devices used to facilitate ordering and payment transactions in a restaurant. They function as portable, handheld POS terminals, allowing restaurant staff to take orders, and process payments.  

These tablets or mobile devices are often run in sync with billing software and other hardware, such as card readers and receipt printers, to provide a complete and integrated solution for restaurant operations.

3. Self-Service Kiosk

Have you noticed small electronic devices in a McCafé to place orders? These are self-service kiosks! A self-service kiosk in a restaurant is an electronic device, typically a computer or tablet, set in the restaurant for customers to place orders and make payments without assistance from a server or cashier. The kiosk is connected to the restaurant POS system to provide an automated ordering and payment solution. 

Self-service kiosks can reduce wait times and enhance the customer experience. Know more about restaurant technology.
Self-service kiosks can reduce wait times, improve order accuracy, and enhance the customer experience by allowing customers to control the pace of their orders and transactions.

4. Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system in a restaurant helps manages kitchen orders. It comprises one or more monitors placed in the kitchen and is connected to the restaurant’s POS system. When an order is placed in a restaurant, and KOT is generated through the POS, the order details are sent to the kitchen display system and displayed on one of the monitors, allowing kitchen staff to view and manage the status of all orders and prioritize preparation and cooking. 

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The kitchen Display System can help kitchen staff ensure that orders are accurately prepared and delivered to customers promptly.

Which restaurant technology should I invest in?
Restaurant technology like KDS that works in smooth sync with your billing software can improve your kitchen efficiency by 10x

5. Credit Card Reader

A credit card reader or NFC reader is used to processing card transactions. It is typically connected to the restaurant POS system that automatically keeps track of every transaction. Some credit card readers also support additional payment methods, such as contactless and mobile payments, to accommodate a broader range of customers and payment preferences.

Best restaurant technology for fast billing
The NFC reader machine is your most important billing hardware to simplify your payments

6. Receipt Printer

A receipt printer in a restaurant is used to print receipts for transactions processed through a restaurant POS system. There are primarily three types of printers: Thermal, impact and dot-matrix. Receipt printers are connected to the POS system and are typically located near the cash register.

7. Waiter Calling System

Your waiters are the most important asset of your restaurant, and while their job is to make your customers’ lives easy, their lives can be made much simpler with smart restaurant technology! Devices such as waiter calling systems help provide faster and quality customer service.

The device has three buttons to call waiter, water and bill. It helps the captain and biller know if the customer needs help. The device has proven to save staff time and increase their efficiency.

8. Mobile Android POS

If we were to suggest one piece of hardware that could save your time, money and space, it would be Mobile Android POS. This billing hardware + software solution helps you accept orders, do billing and accept payments without taking any space.

This compact device is the solution for any restaurant that wishes to cut down on hardware expenses!

How to Choose Your Restaurant Hardware?

Which hardware you need depends highly on your operational requirements. We suggest you as these questions before investing in any restaurant technology.

1. Requirements

To determine which restaurant technology to get for your business, review the existing hardware currently in use, and evaluate your future requirements, including the type of food and customers you service, the kind of payments you want to accept, the volume of transactions you process, and the specific features you need in a POS system. For instance, if you are a high-end restaurant, it won’t be a good idea to present your customers with self-service kiosks.

2. Compatibility

Research available hardware options, including product specifications, compatibility with your existing technology, ease of handling, and customer reviews. Determine the compatibility of restaurant hardware with your business. If you plan to expand your menu or add new locations, ensure that the hardware you choose can accommodate these changes.

3. Hardware Price

Evaluate your budget for hardware, and consider the cost of hardware as well as any ongoing costs, such as software upgrades, maintenance, and support, to ensure that the hardware you choose is cost-effective and fits within your budget.

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With a rising working population and technological advancements, automation is the only solution for restaurants today. 

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