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How to Make Your Restaurant Insta Famous

In a world where we’re obsessed with clicking and posting pictures of everything and anything we do, it’s not a surprise that Instagram has become a necessity for anyone wanting to be updated or relevant…or both! We’ve come a long way from using Instagram to post pictures of landscapes and our meals to entire businesses running on it — and might we say, very successfully!

Precisely why the platform has become such a key player for restaurants. Food is one of the top three favorite forms of content for users online — not to anyone’s surprise. Petpooja is here to help you become, as the millennials say it, ‘Insta Famous’ with some new marketing ideas for restaurants.

Click, click, post!

Don’t shy away from (aesthetically) clicking and posting photos and videos of everything your restaurant has to offer! Develop an identifiable brand aesthetic and also encourage your customers to post and tag your establishment! Repost their photographs and engage with their posts. The key to staying in touch with your customer base (and to expand it) is staying consistent and having an active presence.

Create an Experience

Food is no longer only about sustenance and nutrition for restaurant-goers. A majority of them now see it as an experience. By ensuring interesting dishes on the menu with fresh ingredients and great taste with an element of newness, a restaurant offers a patron a different and distinctive gastronomic experience to remember. It’s a good idea to capitalize on ongoing trends in pop culture or add a unique element like a fun activity, to the table to create a bigger social media buzz.

Experiment like a Mad Scientist!

Some of the most viral dishes in the past years like the all-black charcoal ice cream and the multi-colored mermaid French toast have come from restaurants that weren’t afraid to experiment. Creating a dish or beverage that is unique to your business is a very effective way to attract new customers and set yourself apart! Instagram is all about finding the next new and hip trend, so don’t be afraid to go bold with reinventing those menus!

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Feature Employees and Regulars!

In 2020, people are more inclined to buy stories that appeal to them personally over products. Featuring employees and regular customers of the restaurant is not only a great marketing strategy for a restaurant but also a very genuine way to connect with users on a deeper level. It’s heart-warming for the customers when a restaurant shows that it’s not only about the business but also about the people involved.

Contests and Giveaways!

Contests and giveaways are not only a great way to keep your audiences engaged but also a great way to widen your visibility reach more organically. We suggest asking customers to like, share, and comment on your posts and to get them to tag their friends as contest guidelines to widen your reach and keep things interesting! It can be selfie contests, trivia or you can ask customers to post their favourite things and tag you, the options are endless. Make sure the prizes are exciting and scrumptious enough so they can’t resist coming back.

Keeping these suggestions in mind, tell us what really worked for you as a great restaurant marketing technique in making it Insta famous. Well Insta famous or not, Petpooja is there to help you solve each and every restaurant operational problems. Give your feedback on 9099912483 or write to us on support@petpooja.com 

Don’t shy away from clicking if you want to be Insta Famous !! 
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