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Guide To Hiring The Ideal Bar Staff

Anyone who regularly or occasionally visits bars knows the value of good bar staff. The bar staff represents the tone of your establishment. They need to be courteous, welcoming and capable of handling the customers who are under the influence of alcohol. If you plan to open a bar, finding the right bar staff will be a top priority. 

Bar staff make the first impression on your customers. While hiring your bar staff, you need to find people who fit into your bar culture and work ethics, the ones who resonate with the environment of your place. It can be challenging to hire the right people, but don’t worry; we have got you covered. 

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Tips On Hiring Your Bar Staff

1. Share Your Vision

As you plan your hiring process, you must consider the atmosphere you want to provide your customers – if it is a high-end bar with elegance and a well-curated menu or a club- with a more youthful atmosphere. Answering the above question will determine your hiring needs, like whether you will need more bartenders or more bouncers. Once you have your story straight, you can share it with prospective employees with the help of flyers or hiring posters around the town or online hiring portals. 

Moreover, you can alter your staff’s job responsibilities based on your hiring requirements. For example, if you are hiring staff for the top management, your job description can focus on the skills they will learn from the job, their responsibilities and the benefits the job offers. While in the case of hiring a short-term employee, your description should mention the fun and friendly nature of the job.

2. Skills and Experience

Once people start applying for the job, you will have to conduct interviews to finalize your perfect bar staff. Interviews are a chance to know the applicant and tell them about their roles and responsibilities. You need to look for efficiency, reliability and communication skills. Moreover, any restaurant staff needs to have a certain level of commitment to customer service, safety consciousness and attention to detail. 

Specific job roles in the bar staff require more specialized skills and work experience. For example, it is recommended to have a bartender with great soft skills and considerable work experience of being behind the bar counter.

You can find out more about their attitude to service by asking them how to make a particular drink or what they’d say to an unhappy customer. Along with being good with customers and bar management, the staff also needs to be technologically skilled to manage the PoS system

3. Right Attitude

Even if you don’t find the required skill set in a person to hire for your bar, a person with the right attitude could still suffice. Someone with a positive attitude can learn and develop the necessary skills with a certain amount of training. If the person is enthusiastic about the job, asks interesting questions, is punctual, and is prepared for the interview, then it shows a motivated attitude for the job. A motivated employee with a positive attitude can also bring more customers to your bar and boost revenue.

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Bar Staff Job Descriptions

1. Bar Manager

A bar manager takes charge of all the operations of the bar. Their duties include managing all the purchasing, inventory, marketing, human resources, and other aspects of the bar. Prior experience of the person can be an asset in this role.

2. Beverage Director

A beverage director manages the curated list of drinks that the bar serves and ensures that the menu is suited to the clientele. The role involves research, sourcing and ensuring to keep the cost low. Beverage Directors are generally recruited in high-end restaurants with high-volume beverage programs.

3. Bartender

The bartender is one of the essential people in your bar. They are responsible for serving drinks, entertaining guests and organizing the bar. A bartender has to interact with the customers. While hiring your bartender, you can ask them how they would handle drunk customers or a busy bar.

4. Cocktail Server

Cocktail servers are responsible for seating the guests, taking their orders and serving them. They are also the ones cleaning the tables once the guests leave. If your seating is spacious and separate, you would need cocktail servers to attend to the customers.

5. Barback

A barback is a person who provides support to the bartender. They ensure to keep the bar running and perform all the tasks that a bartender doesn’t. Their job includes keeping the bar fully stocked with drinks, glasses, dishes and ice. They also take care of the bartender’s needs and serve the customers.

6. Bouncer

A bouncer is responsible for taking care of people entering and leaving the bar. They ensure the customers’ safety and remove patrons that cause trouble for others. They make sure nothing illegal or out-of-hand happens in your establishment. The bar staff is incomplete without a bouncer.

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Abeera Dubey
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