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Complete Guide On How To Run Restaurant Ads Successfully

Restaurant ads are a great way to boost your restaurant’s sales and profitability in a short span of time. Not just sales but it will also increase your online brand presence in the eyes of your target audience. 

You can use paid mediums to run your restaurant ads and to promote your business but that doesn’t mean it cannot be budget-friendly. There are multiple filters and features that can be applied based on your marketing budget. These filters also help you to target your ads specifically to your audience so you can reach your desired audience without promoting it to the mass. 

Here’s How You Can Execute Your Restaurant Ads On The Best Platforms In India:

1. Google Ads

Google is the most used internet browser in the world with a user count of 4.3 billion users and a market share of 92.24%. More than 95% of your target audience would be using google products therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in google ads. 

Google ads is a paid platform that helps restaurant owners run their business ads to their selected target audience, location and demographics. The reach of these ads will be great given that the selected parameters are accurate and relevant to your business and will eventually help you increase footfall in your restaurant. 

Running your restaurant ads on google will also help your restaurant gain an online presence and brand awareness. You can leverage google ads along with google my business and organic searches as well.

how to run good restaurant ads on google search

Campaigns available on Google Ads:

Search Campaign:

In order to run search campaign ads, you need to select the appropriate keyword that best describes your business. Keywords like- Best Punjabi restaurant, authentic Italian food, the Best restaurant in Delhi etc. Every time a person searches for these queries your ads will show up on their result page. Make sure you bid for the correct keywords according to your budget.

Display Campaign: 

Display campaign ads run on visually engaging content such as images and videos. Keywords are not important in these ads as these ads will not be showing up based on your target audience searches. These ads will show up on google and partnered sites based on the topic and audience you have selected. Select the relevant demographics, location and other filters in order to gain a good ROI on these ads. Keep the content of such ads eye-catching, creative and short. 

Universal App: 

If you want your target audience to download your restaurant or related application on their device then this is the correct google ad to choose. Universal app ads promote your application on the play store, youtube, google searches, google search console and other partnered sites. Add a few lines of text, a bid, some assets, and everything else that is optimized by the platform so that your target audience can find you.

Organic Searches: 

Google organic search as the name suggests is not a paid tool. It means that your business is showing up on your target audience’s results without spending money or running ads on it. For your content to be listed on top results on google it needs to be relevant, rich in keywords, have good backlinks and should be original. 

Google as a platform is very advanced and sensitive. If your target audience finds your ads relevant and valuable then google will rank your ad or content higher. If you use any manipulative, cheap hack, offensive or discriminatory content tactic then it will have a huge backlash on your business and online presence as well. 

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest and most relevant social media sharing platform for individual users and is a great place for businesses to advertise their business and gain an online presence. India has the highest amount of Facebook users in the world and has the highest user count on any social media platform in India. 

For running a successful Facebook ad keep the following in mind:

  1. Clarity on the objective of the ad: Make sure that the reason why you are running this ad is clear and scalable 
  2. Understanding of your Target Audience: This is an important parameter on which your ad will be based. This will help Facebook in making sure your ad is shown to relevant users from your target audience.
  3. Define the budget: Once your ad is live select the proper time period in which you want to show your ad and make payments accordingly. 
  4. Select media content: Upload all the photos and videos to feature in the ad. Make sure they are of high resolution. 
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social media platform facebook for running restaurant ads

3. Instagram Ads

We all have craved a good pizza or a cheesecake by seeing a picture or a video on Instagram, have we not? 

93% of people according to kissmetrics, get influenced in purchasing something that they saw on Instagram. Therefore, being present on this platform is more important than ever. You get to entice your audience by posting mouth-watering pictures of your food or drinks and compel them into visiting your restaurant.  

Types of Instagram ads to choose the best for your restaurant:

  1. Photo Ad: Upload a creative photo to promote your restaurant and its cuisine. You can advertise it in a form of a post or a carousel (in case of multiple photos) on Instagram.
  2. Video Ad: Instagram has now become less of a photo-sharing platform to more of video sharing platform. The current algorithm of Instagram supports video content more than static or photo content. You can upload your video content in form of a Reel that supports video up to 60 seconds or in a normal video format in case it exceeds 60 seconds. 
  3. Story Ad: These ads come in full-screen and run between stories on Instagram. A simple swipe up gesture can take the customer to your landing page or website. These ads are great to promote any limited offer deals or discounts as it expires in 24hours. 

Most Instagram users are active through their mobile devices. Make sure any ads that you run on this platform are mobile friendly and mobile convenient. 

How to run ads on Instagram

4. Youtube Ads

Youtube has 2 billion monthly active users on the platform and 70% of people have bought a product after seeing its ad on youtube according to Sprout Social. Therefore, if you want to ramp up your restaurant marketing game and can boost your brand awareness use youtube ads.

They are cost-effective, give good ROI and you do not even need a professional videographer to run ads on YouTube. You can post simple, short videos about your restaurant, brand, kitchen operations, live entertainment, celebrations, short recipes and other creatives.

Types of Youtube ads to choose the best for your restaurant:

  1. In-Stream Ad: These videos are shown before, during and after a video is played on youtube. Users can skip the video after 5 seconds. You get charged only when the user watches the video for more than 30 secs or takes any action on the video.
  2. Discovery Ad: Discovery ads aka in-display ads work hand in hand with organic and non-organic google search results. These ads have a brief of 3 lines along with a thumbnail. So choose a catchy brief and thumbnail that includes all the right keywords.
  3. Bumper Ad: These are non-skippable ads. You can adapt to this ad style when you are launching something new and creating mass brand awareness. If your ad is not creative in the given 15 seconds it can leave a negative and annoying impression on the users.
  4. Non-video Ads: For businesses who are experimenting with youtube ads or have a low budget youtube allows you to advertise your business without a video.
    Display Ad: A notification that appears on the top-right of a feature video and above the video suggestions list
    In-video overlay ads: These ads appear floating on top of video content from monetized YouTube channels from the “up next” section on the right side.

restaurant ads using youtube ads

Now that we know a lot about types of platforms and ads let’s see what kind of content your advertisement needs to be a hit!

What Kind Of Restaurant Ads Should I Run Online?

Here are some content ideas that work really well on online ads:

  • Topical Memes
  • Discounts & Offers
  • Introduction of a new cuisine 
  • Journey of your business and vision
  • Live performance or entertainment arrangement 
  • Holiday celebrations 

Hope this helps you in running restaurant ads for your business and helps you surpass your sales growth!

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