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A to Z of Coffee Shop Equipment

Coffee shops and coffee lovers are on a rise.

There is an increasing shift in people’s expenditure on coffee. People have started spending more on not just coffee but on an experience as a whole.

The aroma, variety of coffee beans and milk, presentation, toppings, coffee mugs/cups, your coffee shop interior everything matters.

According to a July 2020 report from Research and Markets, the global coffee shop market is expected to be worth $237.6 billion by 2025. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world and has a major influence on our social lives and daily habits.

If you are starting your coffee shop, then we have got you covered with all the coffee shop equipment you will be needing.

Here’s A Complete List Of All The Coffee Shop Equipment You Will Need

1. Coffee Prepping Tools

For any coffee shop equipment list, these tools are the most important ones.

1.1 Espresso Machine

You can turn coffee beans into your signature lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks by selecting the ideal espresso machine for your shop. In addition to attracting clients, these espresso-based cocktails will increase your earnings more than simply offering black coffee.

When choosing the best espresso machine to buy, be careful to conduct thorough research because it will be the engine of your coffee shop.

1.2 Espresso Grinder

A great cup of coffee still depends on freshly ground coffee beans. Therefore, an espresso grinder for your coffee shop is a must. Fresh coffee beans are ground throughout the day, increasing the bean’s surface area and bringing out the distinctive flavours and aromas of various coffee drinks.

Even waiting 10 minutes after grinding the beans before brewing can result in a pronounced loss of flavour.
Using an espresso grinder guarantees the beans have the ultra-fine grind the machine requires because many of your specialty beverages call for the use of your espresso machine.

1.3 Coffee Brewers

There are several coffee brewers marketed, each with certain advantages.

Pour-over brewers provide you more control over the coffee-brewing process, while automatic brewers allow you to swiftly brew coffee without any further oversight. A coffee urn, with its big capacity, can be the best option for you if you wish to serve a lot of customers quickly.

1.4 Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters often don’t make it to the coffee shop equipment list as many owners don’t roast their own coffee beans, while some reap the rewards of investing in coffee roasters and doing it themselves.

This gives you greater control over the roasting of your beans and produces distinctive coffee flavour, tastes and textures.

Additionally, you also save money by roasting coffee beans on your own rather than hiring someone else to do it.

1.5 Blenders For Frappes & Smoothies

For those iced lattes, frappes, macchiatos and frozen espresso-based drinks you will need specific smoothie and frappe blenders. Make sure your blenders are not loud so that you can prepare drinks without upsetting the pleasant atmosphere of your shop.

A granita machine keeps iced and frozen beverages fully prepared, while a high-speed blender produces a smoother consistency and speeds up service.

1.6 Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers

Customers love sipping iced tea in the summer, whether it be regular iced tea or southern matcha.

If you have enough kitchen space, invest in a standalone iced tea brewer and dispenser to streamline the process. However, for smaller shops, a combination coffee and tea brewer saves a lot of counter space in the kitchen.

1.7 Hot Water Dispenser

In a coffee shop, hot water is required for making drinks as well as cleaning. Therefore having a separate hot water dispenser improves efficiency.

Even though many coffee makers have built-in hot water faucets, having a separate hot water dispenser cuts down on the number of people queuing up to acquire their drinks. This saves time and protects the tranquil vibe of the coffee shop.

Make sure to openly invest in these tools as the higher the quality of these tools, the better your coffee and profits will be.

what tools equipment do i need for my coffee shop in india?

2. Tools For The Barista

Coffee lovers consider coffee an art. Which makes the baristas- the artists. For the sustainability of your coffee shop make sure to invest in a few tools to make your barista’s life easier.

2.1 Espresso Tampers

A little hand tool called an espresso tamper is used to compact ground espresso beans into the portafilter basket prior to brewing. This procedure is essential to producing the ideal espresso shot because it makes sure that the grounds are packed uniformly inside the basket.

Make sure the tamper’s size corresponds to the dimensions of your espresso machine’s portafilter baskets.

2.2 Frothing Pitchers & Thermometer

Frothing pitchers are used to foam milk with the espresso machine’s steam wand to create speciality drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Baristas can also add the milk to the espresso in beautiful patterns thanks to the practical spout on the pitcher.

Frothing thermometers are specifically designed to attach to frothing pitchers, for precise temperature monitoring of your drinks.

2.3 Measuring Cups and Spoons

Having enough measuring spoons and cups can help you ensure that you are using the proper amount of each ingredient. Some producers even create measuring scoops, especially for coffee.

2.4 Syrup Pumps

Keep your flavouring syrups flowing thanks to high-quality syrup pumps.

They produce consistent drinks and control your inventory at the same time. They are built to distribute a fixed volume of syrup in each pump which is very important to maintain the consistency of the taste in your drinks.

2.5 Portion Scales

Scales can help your staff in maintaining inventory by portioning out ingredients or bulk coffees to bag. Most coffee shops can get by with a basic electronic scale or mechanical portion control scale.

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2.6 Tea Ball Infusers and Lemon Wedge Bags

These tea accessories will give your tea lovers a homely feeling because they are made to add delightful flavours to beverages without leaving any residue behind.

Additionally, you can give loose-leaf tea to your clients so they can use it to based on their preferences using the tea ball infusers.

what tools to buy for your barista and coffee shop

3. Accessories for Coffee Shop Equipment List

  • Coffee mugs and tea cups: Keep a stock of ceramic coffee mugs and tea cups in a variety of shapes and sizes to offer customers who want to enjoy their coffee inside your shop. Make sure you match your coffee shop’s aesthetic vibe and interior while selecting the mugs and cups.
  • Espresso cups: Espresso cups are specially designed to hold a 1 oz., making them smaller than conventional mugs. Customers who require a stronger caffeine boost can order a double shot.
  • Sugar pourers: Customers may easily add sugar to their drinks using sugar pourers, which are also simple and convenient to refill when they run out
  • Creamers: Providing fresh cream in creamers in your coffee shop or on the table enables you to satisfy the various flavours of your customers
  • Coffee filters: This helps you to brew coffee conveniently without worrying about the grinds getting into your coffee maker
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4. Cleaning Tools

Cleaning can be a very tedious yet important task for coffee shop owners as coffee and milk residues can give an unwanted taste and smell to your drinks. Therefore, investing in cleaning tools and having a proper cleaning process is extremely important.

4.1 Coffee Equipment Cleaners and Coffee Pot Cleaners

Commercial coffee brewers should be cleaned each night to avoid the accumulation of coffee grounds and oils inside the device or carafe, which can result in unpleasant flavours and odours.

Clean the inside and exterior parts of the coffee machine with a specialised cleaner, and wash any removable components throughout.

This makes the machine last longer and will ultimately save you money.

4.2 Milk Frother and Steam Wand Cleaners

These milk frother and steam wand cleaners are specifically made to break down milk protein buildup to keep your machines hygienic. Cleaning the equipment used in combination with dairy products is equally crucial.

4.3 Beverage Equipment Cleaning Brushes

With brushes, you may more easily remove difficult stains and reach nooks and corners that are frequently missed during routine cleaning.

4.4 Espresso Machine Maintenance Kit

Your workers may swiftly finish minor maintenance jobs and return to serving customers by having tools like a stubby flathead screwdriver and an awl to adjust screws and change gaskets on your Espresso machines.

4.5 Water Filters For Hot Beverage Equipment

Water is the primary component of all beverages, therefore adding a water filter will enhance the flavour, aroma, and general appearance of your goods.

Furthermore, many filters eliminate debris and lessen scale build-up to safeguard the inner workings of your equipment, reducing maintenance and extending the lifespan of your brewers.

4.6 Commercial Dishwasher

Using a commercial dishwasher instead of a three-compartment sink, as some businesses use, will save your staff’s time and effort. Find a dishwasher sizing guide to get a dishwasher that works for you. Make sure to check options like under-counter dishwashing units and single-rack dishwashers.

how to keep your coffee shop equipment clean and hygienic

5. Disposable Supplies

  • Paper hot cups and lids: Available in a variety of designs and materials, paper hot cups and lids maintain the temperature and safety of customers’ beverages while they are on the go.
  • Plastic cups and lids: Using plastic cups and lids you can offer iced and frozen drinks takeaway easily. Although sturdy cups are excellent for your speciality drinks, you might want to preserve a stock of small, thin cups for customers who only want water.
  • Straws and stirrers: Because some customers like to add sugar and creamer to their beverages, make sure you add straws and stirrers to your coffee shop equipment list to help them mix their beverages.
  • Custom coffee sleeves: These sleeves offer a way to continue promoting your logo and business while also preventing people’s hands from getting burned on their hot cups
  • Coffee-to-go boxes: If you intend to cater events, you must have coffee-to-go boxes. There are models with coffee pouring spouts or dispensers as well as ones with cup and straw storage bins.
  • Take-out cup carriers: Cardboard take-out cup carriers make it simple and hassle-free for the person to carry multiple cups while picking up drink orders for the office.

6. Others

6.1 POS System

A robust yet simple POS system is the perfect partner for your barista – helping them take orders quickly, serve custom orders, remember regular customer orders, and much more.

Invest in POS software that is designed for coffee shops or cafes so that it has all the required features and integrations that you will be needing.

6.2 Cooking equipment

If you are planning to serve light snacks, finger foods or bakery items along with coffee and drinks in your shop then investing in other cooking appliances like a countertop convection oven, chimney, gas stove etc will be beneficial.

This will help you in expand your menu and offer multiple food options to go with your specialty drinks. Make sure to add simple and quick menu items and not avoid complex recipes if you’re not planning to grow into a cafe.

6.3 Token Management System

Starbucks coffee with customers’ names written on it is cool however, the shouting of the name in the coffee house isn’t cool and preferred by customers especially when you have noise cancelling headphones on.

To avoid such mess and chaos you can invest in a proper token management system that has a screen mounted inside and outside your coffee shop, allowing dining customers, take-away customers and delivery executives to know the real-time status of their order without having to repeatedly ask the staff.

what technology to use in the best coffee shop near me in India

Hope you find this blog helpful in planning your coffee shop equipment. Explore our other coffee-related blogs here.

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