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Why Should Restaurant Staff Wear Appropriate Uniforms?

Uniforms are the specific pieces of clothing that must be worn by the staff at their respective workplaces. Uniform in any kind of organisation or institute plays a key role in representing the structure they belong to. As kids, many of us have hated the uniforms. But once older, we understand that uniforms do much more than just create similarity. The same applies to the restaurant staff and their uniforms. In restaurants, the staff is provided uniforms to make them part of the business they belong to.

As per research, more than 90% of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognisable.

Uniforms are an essential part of the service industry, especially the organised restaurant sector. Restaurant staff uniforms vary from brand to brand, restaurant to restaurant. Front-of-the-house & back-of-the-house uniforms differ as per their roles. Staff in the kitchen need to wear aprons, hairnets, caps or gloves something that is required to be worn by the captains, billers & waiters. If you are an aspiring restaurateur looking to understand the importance of staff uniforms, then this is the blog for you!

staff uniform is important for branding

Why You Should Provide Your Staff With Uniforms?

Despite it seeming to be similar, dress codes and uniforms are different. Dress codes refer to guidelines about the types of clothes staff are expected to wear. But uniforms refer to the particular pieces of clothing that are provided by that employer to his/her staff. There are many reasons why restaurants provide their businesses with uniforms. If you have considered giving one to your employees but aren’t sure what the value addition of it is, then worry not, this blog will help you understand the importance of uniforms.

1. Branding

If you think of any international brands, you always think about their colour pallet, their logo and their branding. The same elements are also reflected in their staff uniforms. Subway sandwiches which claim to serve clean and fresh ingredients in their meals, have their staff wearing the same green colour to create harmony.

The uniforms help customers differentiate your staff from other restaurant staff. When providing your staff with uniforms, you should make sure that your brand’s logo, the colour and the ideology are reflected in the uniforms. Uniforms along with branding also is an opportunity for marketing your business using your staff members.

2. Promotes Equality

Indian F&B retail business has a huge labour force. But a large part of this labour force is uneducated & belongs from different sections of society. This disparity is removed with uniforms. Uniforms create equality among the staff members & also in front of the customers. The staff is clean and similar uniforms create an impressive image for the brand.

While uniforms create harmony, they also create hierarchy in the workplace. For example, in the kitchens of many restaurants, chefs have a different uniform basis for their roles and responsibilities in the kitchen. The same applies to the front-of-the-house staff. Managers often have a slightly different uniform as compared to the other staff. These differences help in the smoother delegation of responsibility and staff management.

3. Team Building

Uniforms are known for creating comradery among the members of any institution. Despite whatever industry, uniforms boast company and team morale. Restaurant staff uniforms create a sense of belonging to the workplace. Along with that, it also makes the staff responsible for representing the brands’ value. Once in the uniform, the staff is aware of the image it is responsible to carry in front of the guests and other staff members.

4. Maintains Hygiene

Uniforms come with the responsibility of keeping them well-maintained and clean. Restaurant staff are always active in taking orders, catering to customers and serving their orders. In some cases, accidents happen and their uniforms might get stained or they might damage their uniforms. But when they are wearing restaurant-provided uniforms, they don’t have to worry about ruining their own clothes. By regularly cleaning their uniforms, they follow hygiene protocols which are essential for industry standards. They can go to work in their staff uniforms and since it is made of thick material, they can easily clean and maintain it.

staff uniform creates harmony.

How To Pick The Perfect Staff Uniform?

If you have been convinced why your staff needs uniforms, then you must be wondering how to pick the right one for them. Keep reading to know.

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1. Style

Even though they are uniforms, does not mean that they need to be boring. Your staff uniforms reflect your brand ideology. Colours such as yellow & orange create a young & happy impression. While colours such as grey & black create a tone of sincerity. That is the reason why you would see the latter being used more in high-end restaurants.

2. Fabric & Quality

Focusing again on the point that the restaurant industry’s labour falls under the low-income strata of the society, they might not be able to spend a lot on uniforms. However, most high-end restaurants do reimburse the uniforms expenses, but many don’t. And so, it is the responsibility of the owner and manager to use sustainable material which can be washed and worn regularly. Along with that, a uniform made of quality fabric creates a good impression on the customers too.

3. Comfortable

Managing multiple customers and catering to their needs is a hectic task. And so, staff uniforms must provide comfort and flexibility. The uniforms must be made properly fitting & should have enough breathing room for the staff.

4. Accommodating

Staff needs to do a lot of things and carry even more. And so, uniforms must have enough space & pockets for them to carry things such as pens, notepads, feedback tabs, minimal cutlery and such things.

Staff are the biggest asset of any business. And so their needs and comfort must be accommodated. Providing them with uniforms has more psychological benefits than actual. It makes the staff feel belonged & valued at the workplace.

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