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Which Type of Music Should You Play in Your Restaurant?

Fine music being played in a restaurant sets the restaurant ambience. It is no surprise that people love listening to music; however, people may find it surprising that Indians lead the world in this regard. A Digital Music Study in 2019 found that Indians spend more time listening to music than the rest of the world. Therefore, restaurant music can go well above setting the restaurant ambience and attracting people to your restaurant. 

Perks Of Mellow Music For Your Restaurant

Here are a few reasons why the right background music is essential for your establishment.

1. Restaurant Ambiance

The restaurant ambience is a key element that remains in customers’ memories. After doing everything right, from finding the correct location to getting the perfect staff, music is that tiny detail that goes a long way to set your restaurant’s vibe. Choosing the right background music is crucial in setting the desired restaurant ambience. For instance, if you run a cafe, it is recommended that you play soft, relaxing music enticing customers to stay longer. In contrast, as owners of fast-food restaurants, you should play energetic music to set the tone for eating fast and leaving.

2. Increase in Sales

Customers enjoy music, enhancing their overall customer experience. Studies have shown that restaurant music increases sales and induces positive emotions in customers. Moreover, the study showed that sales increased by an average of 37% when restaurants played brand-fit music instead of random music. 

People enjoying in a restaurant - restaurant ambience. | Increase in Sales of Restaurant

How To Pick The Right Music For Your Restaurant?

Confused as to which music should be best suited for your restaurant? We have got some tips for your restaurant!

1. Matching With Your Brand

It would help if you chose music that fits the overall theme of your restaurant. For instance, playing rock music may not suit a restaurant which attracts an older demographic. Music that resonates with your audience is the right choice for you. Music complimenting your restaurant’s style enhances customers’ dining experience and your sales.

2. Keeping It Dynamic

While it is crucial to maintain consistency in your music choices to represent your brand and set the restaurant ambience, it is equally important not to make it repetitive. Switch between the playlists, artists and tempos to keep it interesting.

3. Dialling It Down

Music volume can have dire consequences if not kept well. Don’t forget about the music volume in all the haste of selecting the right music. It is vital to remember that it is only background music you are playing with the customers; the volume should not be so loud as to turn your music from a pacifier to a nuisance. However, if you own a bar, loud music works in your favour, whereas slow music can dull the experience instead of being lively.

4. What’s the Time of the Day?

The music you play in your restaurant must be based on the time of the day. Breakfast music can be calm and uplifting, while lunchtime music can have slightly more energetic songs. The music selection during dinner can involve a louder playlist to encourage more drink orders. 

Customer working in a cafe - restaurant ambience. | Increase in sales of a restaurant

What Is The Ideal Music For Your Outlet Types?

Here is a list of music choices based on the type of outlet you own to make your job even easier!

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1. Music for Coffee Shop

Customers generally visit cafes and coffee shops to relax, chill or work. It is best to play soothing, indie-pop tracks in these establishments that elevate customers’ moods and experiences. 

2. Music for Bars & Pubs

Bars & pubs are famous for younger audiences and lively times. You can pick loud and upbeat music to set the right restaurant ambience for such establishments. Depending on the concept of your restaurant and the target audience, you can play rock, pop, EDM or jazz. Bars can also have live music nights in their restaurant to lure customers in and increase their footfall. 

3. Music for Fast Food Restaurants

While cafes are a place people visit to relax, fast food joints are known for grabbing a quick bite. The quick bite idea shouldn’t, however, mean that music is not relevant. The music in your fast food restaurant should create an atmosphere of ‘eat and go’. Any hip-hop and dance music can perfectly fit this scenario.

4. Music for Casual Dining Restaurant

Casual dining restaurants serve moderately priced food in a relaxed and breezy setting. A mix of jazz and country blues can set the perfect restaurant ambience. For such outlets, the playlist can be a bit similar to cafes. 

5. Music for Fine-Dine Restaurant

Fine-dine restaurants are known for an elite and formal experience. To suit their restaurant concept, instrumental and classical music that compliments the elegant theme can enhance the refined taste.

Selecting the perfect music for your restaurant is as significant as getting the ideal POS system. Suitable music can bring out the best of your restaurant experience and increase sales. Remember if you are thinking of organizing live music events to get a music clearance for your restaurant. 

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