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Unique Indian Cuisines To Introduce In Your Restaurant Menu

India is a land of many delicious cuisines

and diverse communities

The rich culture of the people of India is vividly reflected in their cuisines. The term ‘Indian cuisine’ is very loosely used to describe an umbrella that hosts a myriad of cuisines from all over the country. But for the Indian restaurateurs, it is essential to learn about different Indian cuisines and give their customers varieties that are unique and memorable, right from the first bite.

Introducing specials or cultivating a festival-themed menu or experimenting with fusion dishes are a few techniques that you can inculcate to revamp your standard restaurant menu and offer your customers something more special.


Below are some of the most unique and undiscovered Indian cuisines that you can include in your restaurant menu:

1. Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri food originated from the crown of India, Kashmir. Traditionally, rice is considered as the staple food in Kashmir and it is complemented with various preparations of meat. Traditional Kashmiri form of cooking is also known as ‘Wazwan’.

Few of the famous dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Rogan Josh
  • Dum Aloo
  • Kahva Tea

kashmiri cuisine

2. Assamese Cuisine

Assamese cuisine is diverse, simple and palatable. The unique taste in the Assamese food arrives from the exotic herbs and locally produced ingredients. The common vegetables used in their dishes are-  Cherry tomatoes, Coriander, Eggplants, variety of green Xaak, Chilli and Mint leaves.

Few of the famous dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Doi Chira
  • Masor Tenga
  • Khaar
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assam restaurant menu

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3. Parsi Cuisine

Iranian cuisine has a heavy Middle Eastern influence due to its location, and it is especially influenced by Turkish, Kurdish and Azerbaijani cuisine. However, Parsi cuisine in India has evolved and separated from Persian cuisine to carve a distinct identity for itself. Parsis love eggs, potatoes and meat, which are among the key ingredients in their dishes.

Few of their famous dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Dhansak
  • Kolmi Papeto Tetralo
  • Chicken Farcha

parsi cuisine

4. Andhra Cuisine

Andhra or Telgu cuisine is renowned for its spicy flavours, chutneys and pickles. Large cultivations of red chilli in the lands of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the contributing factor to the distinctive spiciness in their dishes.

Few of their famous dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Pulihora
  •  Gonguru Mamsam
  • Andhra Pepper Chicken

telgu cuisine

5. Konkani Cuisine

The food in the Konkan region draws influence from Maharashtrian, Goan, and Karnataka cuisine. Konkani cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian and is considered incomplete without the use of coconut during preparation. However, it also has some diverse variants of less spicy & vegetarian dishes arising from the Konkanastha Brahmin-style cooking.

Few of the famous dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Patholi
  • Kolombo
  • Clams Gravy

konkani restaurant menu

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Experimenting with your menu and serving varied cuisines at your restaurants allows the customers to explore food from different cultures and regions of our country. This also helps your business by offering the customers a unique dining experience, making them want to visit or order from you more often.

Let us know in the comments which other Indian cuisines should we add to this list.

Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!

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