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Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Inventory Management For Multiple Outlets

If you think that maintaining a single restaurant outlet is a difficult job, think about running many of them in the same capacity! But many surveys suggest that due to the high competition in the Indian restaurant industry, modern restaurateurs venture into opening more outlets. This expansion is to become a brand and beat the competition by increasing the number of outlets. And with that, there has been a demand & supply of technology that is efficient in management. The owners demand the tech that provides solutions to operations, restaurant inventory management, online orders & CRM too.

But despite owning a large chain seems an opportunistic & profitable venture many restaurant owners fail in this. Owners who lack awareness of the market, customers’ trends, technology & equipment needed to operate often fail to keep their business afloat. A key technological advantage in opening large chain businesses in current times is the increase in usage of cloud-based POS or Point Of Sales software. The software automates & simplifies every aspect of outlets’ business management & operations. It takes over tasks on restaurant billing, online ordering & most importantly restaurant inventory management.

What Do Restaurants Need An Inventory Management System?

Despite the outlet type, the biggest & most important investment is made on inventory. And in the case of large chains, this investment multiplies. Standardisation of inventory & consistency in terms of the quality of food served is a must for the large chains. And so, the owners need a system with which they can understand & analyse the consumption rate of inventory & the conversion rate of semi-finished raw ingredients into finished food items.

This information is crucial in understanding the return on inventory investments and scheduling the re-stocking of ingredients in every single outlet beforehand they need it.

Due to advancements in the cloud-based POS software, inventory management has now become quicker, easier & error-free!

How To Smoothly Manage Inventory For Multiple Outlets?

For efficient inventory management owners pay close attention to many aspects. The inventory purchased and its consumption rate must be tracked. There should be a regulated level of wastage, and the outlets must be provided inventory whenever they need it. All of this and more can be done with Petpooja’s cloud-based POS software.

1. Centralised Kitchen & Raw Material

Any large chain needs a centralised kitchen to store, manage and supply raw materials for its multiple outlets. With Petpooja, creating a city-wise centralised kitchen becomes easier. This feature is to simplify restaurant inventory management. By creating a centralised kitchen, the owner can send semi-finished raw materials easily and keep records of the goods sent, sales & inventory conversion rate for every single outlet.

2. Manage Using Reports

There are more than 20 different kinds of Petpooja inventory reports! These reports are detailed analyses of various types of outlets’ inventory consumption. The reports help understand the owner & the management of the usage of inventory, its wastage, pilferage, & even track any discrepancies made in the quality of the food sold.

restaurant inventory management becomes smoother with exact reports

3. Quick Purchase Order Management

Purchase order management is an inventory or raw material procurement process used to keep track of all the purchases made & justify their cost to the business. In the case of large chains with multiple outlets, this feature is essential because only when they run out of stock can they raise tickets for restocking. This way, the owner or the main branch can keep track of the inventory sent & consumed by any particular outlet in a given time period. This smooths the restaurant inventory management process.

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With Petpooja’s inventory management system, you can not just accept and manage tickets for your outlets, but can also raise tickets to your supplier to manage inventory in advance.

4. Manage Using An Application

When we think of inventory keeping seems like a daunting task of long hours spent stooping over different boxes, shelves and containers of stock. But this is completely resolved by Petpooja’s Inventory App. With the help of the application, you can check on inventory availability, set low-stock alerts, create inventory delivery routes to various outlets, & check day-end inventory with a simple click!

5. Track Third-party Commissions

Restaurant owners know that third-party platforms such as Swiggy & Zomato even though help increase outlet sales, they also charge heavy & hidden commissions on the sales. This commission is comparatively large in the case of large chains. And so, they need a system which helps them reconcile with the third parties and understand the commission charges. This is done with the help of Petpooja’s Online Order Reconciliation reports. The reports provide detail about all the costs & expenses of every single order placed through the third-party platforms.

restaurant inventory management is essential aspect of restaurant business.

6. Create Delivery Routes

Petpooja helps the outlet owner create a delivery route & provides delivery information about which items need to be dropped where. This way, managing delivery and purchase orders of multiple outlets become smoother, quicker and more efficient.

Hope this blog has helped you in understanding & formulating restaurant inventory management plans for large chains!

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Ishika Tripathi
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