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How to Increase The Table Turnover Rate In Your Restaurant?

Imagine this, it is a busy time in your restaurant with a long line of customers waiting while some of your guests are seated in the dine-in area for longer than their time. What do you do in such a situation for customer management? 

Obviously, you can’t ask them to leave!

Customers & their table management are one of the most prominent challenges restaurants face regularly. As a restaurant owner, it is crucial to ensure to get your customers are seated & comfortable to enjoy your restaurant service

Customer management - Increase your table turnover rate, follow these steps.
Table Turnover time is the period a customer spends in your restaurant and occupies a table. 

Increase Table Turnover Rate For Easy Customer Management

We understand that customer management is tricky, but do not worry because we have you covered! Employ these tricks to get success in your customer management efforts. 

1. Organized Seating

Organized seating with some simple tricks can do wonders for your turnover time and restaurant’s customer management. 

  • When you have rush hour, pre-assign seats to the customers waiting and take their orders; it will save you and the customers some time.  
  • If all the guest party members have not arrived at the restaurant at a busy time, do not assign them seats until they arrive. Otherwise, they can take valuable time when others could have sat, ordered, and left. 
  • This one is pretty obvious, but sometimes restaurants forget to ensure this – seat parties appropriately per the number of people in a group
  • When you want a higher turnover rate, arrange smaller tables in the restaurant, and avoid booth seating.

2. Peak Hours? Avoid Reservations

Reservations can cost you heavily during rush hours. 

  • To ensure higher turnover rates, accept only walk-ins; this way, you avoid no-shows and cancellations, saving you much trouble. 
  • Avoiding reservations also helps you dodge negative impressions of customers who arrive before the reserved party on a busy day. 

3. Go Contactless

For blooming restaurant customer management, keeping up with changing technology and times is vital. 

  • Start contactless ordering for your restaurant, where they can scan a QR code to get the entire menu and ordering window. It will help avoid any human errors and save your staff’s time, and they focus on other crucial tasks. 
  • Not just your ordering system but your payment should also keep up with the technology. Offer different payment options (cards, UPI, cash, etc.) to your customers on the table.

4. Staff Schedule

The staff’s schedule per table needs to be timely and proper in the restaurant business. 

  • Staff should instantly attend to the customers as soon as they sit; otherwise, it adds time to the overall time taken by each table. 
  • In case of a large party, assign more servers to the table. 
  • Keep cleaned dishes ready for the next set of customers.
How to increase your table turnover rate?
Your ideal turnover rate depends on the type of restaurant you own. Fast, casual dining places want their customers to eat fast and leave fast, while a high-end cafe prefers its customers to sit for a longer duration and keep ordering high-priced items off the menu.

5. Shorter Menu

Shorter menus are key to profitable customer management. 

  • Your shorter menu should be optimized for the time taken to prepare each meal. To increase table turnover rate, keep dishes that do not take too long to prepare. 
  • A limited menu helps customers make fast decisions
  • Limited menus are also cost-effective! To know more about them, read our blog here

6. Tricking With Decor

Your decor and ambience can also help your table turnover rate. Know how! 

7. Make them Leave?

Making your customers leave may sound improper and harsh. However, in order to increase your table turnover rate in the restaurant business, it is a crucial step. 

  • If the customers have finished their food, you can gently offer them to have their desserts and drinks at the bar
  • If you do not have a bar, ask them if they would like to order anything more. If not, tell them politely and honestly how other customers are waiting for a table

8. Customer Queue Management Features

An exemplary POS system can make your life tremendously easier. Be it billing or table management. For managing your rush hours, you can switch to Petpooja’s queue management system

  • Take your customers’ number in your POS system & the system will shoot your customers messages when the table is empty
  • You can also get system-generated reports about how many others have been placed & customers attended to
Follow these steps to increase your table turnover time.

Applying these customer management strategies can go a long way in ensuring a high customer turnover rate. And a high turnover rate ensures more customers and revenue for your restaurant business. 
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Abeera Dubey
Abeera Dubey
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