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Colour Psychology: How Colours Affect Your Restaurant Interior Design?

Have you ever wondered why people prefer one restaurant over the other when they want to visit it again? Apart from the quality of food and service, there is a very subtle & subconscious element that attracts us to any particular restaurant business more than others.

That mysterious element is the restaurant’s interior colours & design! A restaurant’s interior design vastly impacts the minds of customers. Whether it is the curtain they put in or the paintings, furniture or plating style, all ultimately determine how much the restaurant will work in the market.

A prime aspect of a restaurant’s interior design is its colour scheme! The colour scheme of your restaurant affects the way customers perceive your restaurant. These colours aren’t just decorative in nature, they have more significant functions. Studies have shown that interior restaurant colours can impact the psychology of customers and make them subconsciously react, affecting their food choices and spending decisions. 

To understand the impact of restaurant interior colours on customers’ moods you have to understand colour psychology.

This blog aims to explain colour psychology in interior design, which colours go with each other, and the colour scheme you can adopt in your restaurant. 

colour has a major role in any restaurant's interior design
Colour is a powerful communication tool, affecting our actions, reactions and mood. Colour psychology is increasingly being researched and used in restaurant marketing, art, and interior design. 

Psychology Of Colours In Restaurant Interior Design

Here is a list of some colours with their effects on customers.

  • White: The colour white in your interior makes your restaurant design look spacious and leisurely. It also creates the impression of cleanliness. It is suitable for small cafes, banquet halls and wedding venues. However, remember to be careful with its use; too much of this colour can look sterile and can turn off customers.
  • Black: Too much black in your restaurant interior can make it look cramped and dark. Most nightclubs and bars use this colour. But strategically mix black with other colours to get a chic, bold look and make your restaurant pop; KFC’s logo represents a strategic use of black.
  • Red: Red is vivacious! It is associated with energy, strength and passion. It’s effective in grabbing people’s attention and evoking any extreme emotions. It is also the colour that evokes emotions of hunger, romance, boldness & anger. As it makes the customers eat fast and leave, it is used by fast food restaurants to increase their table turnover rate. 
  • Orange & Yellow: Orange and yellow make people cheerful and energetic. The colours will ease the feeling of guilt (if any) people get when they eat unhealthy food. These colours are vibrant and exciting; they are used in fast food restaurants, ice-cream shops etc.
  • Green: Green colour reflects freshness, harmony and comfort. This colour is used mainly by brands serving healthy, organic, vegetarian food. 
  • Brown: Brown represents comfort and stability. It is an earthy colour that helps customers feel relaxed. Brown is also associated with coffee! Generally, the colour is used by coffee shops, cafes, and contemporary restaurants. 
A restaurant interior using brown, beige and black colours. Know how restaurant colours impact your sales.
Colour psychology isn’t black and white. There are variations, mixtures and various combinations; they affect the customer’s perception.

Colour Schemes For Your Restaurant Interior

Knowing the psychology associated with the colours isn’t enough. All colours come in different shades and work differently with each other. Find out what colour shade schemes you can adopt in your restaurant interior design. 

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1. Light Shades

If you have a small restaurant, you can paint your interior with light colours to make it look spacious. Light colours in your restaurant like white, beige, and peach make your restaurant look larger. They also make customers feel welcome and relaxed in your establishment. Going with these colours will be an excellent and valuable choice if you have a fine-dine or cafe-style restaurant.

2. Dark Shades

A dark colour shade scheme for your restaurant can create an intimate environment. They go well for a bar, romantic bistro set-up. However, too many dark colours can make the space feel claustrophobic, bleak and cramped.

How to use colours in my restaurant interior design?
Narrow down your colour options to the ones which fit your restaurant theme, the space and the demographic you are catering to

3. Bright Shades

Bright colours like warm red, blue, and yellow are exciting and vibrant. They are visually stimulating but might become irritating after some time. Fast food joints and casual eateries primarily use them. Imagine the colour schemes of KFC, Dominos and MacDonald’s. They all use warm colour shades to make the place lively and ensure a fast turn-around rate.

4. Pastel Shades

Cafes, bistros and casual eateries mostly use pastel shades. With their soft and neutral tone, they create a relaxing atmosphere. Restaurants which rely on customers sitting in one place for a long time can use this scheme to compliment their style.

When you choose the colour best suited for your restaurant interior, you need to be sure about your restaurant style. All your furniture, dishes and menu card should all compliment the chosen colour scheme to have the best results. 

We hope this blog helps you decide on your choice of colour scheme for your restaurant interior. Keep yourself updated with recent news in the Food and Beverage industry by following us on Instagram.

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