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6 PoS Features That Will Increase Your Cafe Sales!

Opening a cafe is a herculean task, but the cafe owners know that keeping it in business and increasing sales is a bigger challenge. Particularly in India, cafe culture is witnessing expansion due to increased disposable income of the working sector and international influence. As per a report by Euromonitor International, the Indian cafe segment is expected to grow by 6.99% a year to ₹4,540 by 2023. Understanding this as a great opportunity, many new home-grown brands are entering the market with new innovations and brewing techniques. This industry expansion has been taken to another level with the entry of RTD (Ready-to-drink) coffees such as Sleepy Owl, Starbucks coffee, Amul, Dean Foods, Nestle (Nescafe) and many more.

If you are a cafe owner looking to be part of this growth trend, then this blog is the starting point for you! One of the key investments along with the cafe equipment for increasing cafe sales is a smart PoS system. Once you have the Pos system in place, all you need to do is, sit back and sip on your amazing cup of coffee. The PoS once installed, will be managing your entire business and increasing sales for you. Keep reading to know!

Must-Have PoS Features To Increase Your Cafe Sales

The Modern PoS has a gazillion features to help each and every outlet type despite their market size. But depending on your outlet type, your needs from the PoS would change. And so, this blog is to tell you all the PoS features you would need to increase your cafe sales!

fast billing helps improve sales. | PoS Features That Will Increase Your Cafe Sales

1. Fast Billing

Cafes cater to clients who are either looking for a place to spend their leisure time or to attend some important businesses. In both cases, providing fast service is non-negotiable. And so, the PoS needs to have a fast billing process.

This feature is essential during rush hours. When your cafe is filled with customers and more are pouring in, neither they nor you have the patience to wait for the slow system to load the billing screen, generate KOT, check inventory, take customer data, calculate discounts or offers, split bills and provide the receipt to the customer. Imagine the time you just wasted reading the sentence! You would lose customers immediately if your PoS takes just as much time to complete the process.

2. Accurate Inventory Management

Imagine listing cream cheese bagel under your ‘Must try’ menu, but just when a customer places an order for one, your system says, ‘OUT OF STOCK!’. This is a nightmare for any cafe staff or owner; You just lost a customer because of inaccurate inventory. One of the key roles of a PoS is to manage inventory, recipe-wise inventory and give accurate data about the stock available. Along with that, the PoS should also provide data on expired inventory and the raw material wasted, lost or stolen.

Optimization of Pos features is essential for increasing cafe sales.

3. Third-party Integrations

In current times, if your cafe is not connected with the outer world via third-party platforms then you might be missing a big opportunity. The cloud kitchen restaurant model exists solely on receiving orders through online portals. This is why your PoS must have all the needed integrations like Swiggy, Zomato, cafe website, Reelo, UPI payment, Tally and WhatsApp marketing. Having loyalty wallet integrations helps win customer loyalty. When the customer knows that their visit gave them loyalty points and rewards, they would visit the same cafe again. These are a few of many needed integrations. The kind of integrations you need depends largely on your cafe requirements.

4. Online Ordering Reconciliation

If you have already partnered with Swiggy or Zomato, then you must know that these parties charge commissions on every order placed. And often due to peak time, small order quantity, cancel orders or hidden additional charges, this commission becomes considerable large. As a cafe owner, you are losing your money by not reconciling these numbers. And so, you need detailed order reconciliation reports about the online orders and how you can retain your money from these third parties. The PoS stores information about all these online and offline orders placed, their prices and the customer details. These detailed reports break down every single transaction and display to the owner different costs and charges. If any discrepancy is spotted then with the help of the report, you can take effective steps to save money.

4. Customer Data

There is an evident expansion of Cafe outlets not just in Tier 1 cities of India but also Tier 2 & Tier 3. This means that the industry has become competitive in retaining customers. Marketing is one way to do it. But by staying in touch with the customers through SMS campaigns, email campaigns, discounts and special offers. If you too are planning to increase cafe sales while retaining loyal customers, you need to know them well. For this, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a must!

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The PoS is the point of communication between you and the customers. It stores all the data like their order details, their phone numbers, their names and special dates (anniversary or birthday). Customer data is also important in knowing loyal customers and offering points. You can optimise this data to stay in touch with the customers via different sources.

5. Feedback Feature

In any business model whether B2B or B2C customers’ feedback is essential. But in the daily routine of any customer, they interact with more than 100 different types of brands, service providers and products. It is impossible for any customer to be agile in giving feedback to each and every one of them. But in the case of the cafe, you can take quick feedback using your PoS system. With Petpooja’s feedback feature, you can take customer feedback with a simple click and send it to their registered phone number. The feedback can be taken either via a system generated link, in-house QR code or text message.

Feedback is essential for increasing cafe sales.

6. Reports, Stats And Data

No matter what anyone says, numbers speak for themselves. For any business, the stats are the most important information. The entire business suitability and growth strategy depends on the data that the PoS provides. This data is the true gold for the owner to increase cafe sales. The PoS should cover every aspect of the cafe business and provide detailed data. Data such as Sales, CRM, Inventory, Taxes & Discounts, Cancelled orders, Staff reports and Payment summaries as of utmost importance.

To run and expand a cafe business, there are many facets that need to be looked into and put to work. Think of it as a machine; if all the parts are placed at their respective placed and maintained, then the machine would run smoothly. The PoS is a crucial part of this machinery. But along with that, social media marketing, organic marketing, a website, efficient staff, a deep understanding of changing customer tastes and trends, a delectable menu and quality service also adds value to growing the cafe.

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Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi is a Marketing and PR content writer at Petpooja. During her free time, Ishika is more likely to be found tucked in a quiet corner reading a book while her forgotten cup of coffee is growing cold next to her. Reach her at Ishika.tripathi@petpooja.com


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