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8 Reasons To Have A Limited Menu In Your Restaurant

Designing the restaurant menu is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up any restaurant or cafe. A lot of creativity and thought goes into creating the menu, as the menu is not just a list of food items but also a powerful communication tool that conveys the soul of your restaurant. When restaurant owners finalize their menu, deciding the menu length can be tricky. As per a research study from Columbia, a limited menu with fewer options eases the customers’ decision-making process. 

What Is A Limited Restaurant Menu?

A limited menu is one with a smaller variety of options. It can do wonders for your restaurant. It can help attract more customers, reduce costs, boost your quality and improve the overall customer experience. In this blog, we talk about eight reasons you should have a limited menu for your restaurant. 

Restaurant menu kept on a table - Limited menu.

8 Reasons To Have A Limited Menu

1. Cost-Effective

A limited menu means fewer ingredients and inventory, therefore, cutting down on your food costs. While designing a smaller menu, many ingredients can be cross-utilized for multiple food items. Moreover, a limited restaurant menu also reduces labour costs. With lesser offered items, there is a requirement for reduced kitchen inventory and people on the staff. 

2. Inventory Management

With fewer dishes on your restaurant menu, you need fewer raw materials. It is also easier to track your ingredient requirement with limited items in your restaurant menu, reducing inventory wastage. The restricted stock also requires fewer vendors and purchase orders. The entire procedure of inventory management becomes considerably simpler with a limited menu. 

3. Marketing Tool

A limited menu serves as a fantastic marketing tool. A short and sweet smaller menu allows greater visibility about what you have to offer and is visually more appealing. A menu is also a reflection of your brand identity. With a shorter menu, you can focus on establishing a concrete identity for yourself. You can keep a short menu focusing on items that truly represent your brand.

4. Improves Quality

Too many dishes on your menu can negatively affect your kitchen operations and increase the chances of inconsistencies, discoordination, slow service and mistakes. A limited menu not only redresses these issues but also allows your chefs to focus on the quality of your dishes, improving the overall restaurant food and experience. 

5. Increased Return On Investment

Reduced inventory and costs are a sure way to ensure better profit margins. A limited menu focusing on a specific cuisine is also easy to market and grab customer attention. Moreover, a limited restaurant menu makes customization easier, which is another tool to appeal to the customers and increase your profits. 

6. Easy And More Orders

As pointed out in the research study above in this blog, fewer options ease the process of decision-making for the customers. When customers find too many items on the menu, it creates a psychological effect in their minds, a ‘decision fatigue’ which confuses them, and they can’t decide for the longest time what to order. A shorter menu also tricks customers into ordering more. With few dishes on the list, it makes an impression in the customers’ minds that whatever they offer won’t be enough, and they end up ordering more. 

7. Ordering Procedure

When customers face decision fatigue, the process of receiving orders also becomes challenging for the staff. A limited restaurant menu makes the operations more manageable and smoother. Not only does the process of taking orders become more efficient, but the kitchen operations also become more streamlined. Restaurants with small menus have become well-oiled machines.

8. Faster Service And Training

When there are fewer items on your menu, it eases the work of your service staff. They can learn the menu quickly and spend less time answering customers’ questions. 

A customer reading a menu in a restaurant.

A Gallop poll found that an average customer spends only 109 seconds looking at a menu, Which is less than 2 minutes. A limited menu can help you make the most of that limited time. It would be best to make frequent changes when you have a limited restaurant menu, replacing less popular items with high-profit items. You can also keep some space to accommodate alternative items that can get cooked fast at the last minute. 

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Abeera Dubey
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