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How To Set Up A Restaurant Event Space?

As the world is transitioning to the offline mode, people are looking for places to enjoy in-person experiences and events. And one of these places are restaurants, bars and cafes. A restaurant can organize such interesting events to lure customers in and even offer its space to host private events. Partner it with delicious food and amazing drinks, and that is a profitable restaurant opportunity. By setting up a separate restaurant event space, restaurants can hold stand-up nights, trivia nights, charity functions, birthday parties, and corporate events. The list is endless.

Restaurant event space can offer multiple benefits to a restaurant. It diversifies your revenue stream by providing opportunities beyond the regular dine-in and delivery options. This method of increasing revenue is relatively predictable and better manageable. It also distinguishes you from your competition and helps attract more customers to the restaurant. As your restaurant event space becomes a go-to place for stand-up and trivia nights, it easily differentiates itself from other restaurants and bars in the area. Moreover, these events also offer significant marketing opportunities as customers can post about the events on social media platforms and create a buzz about your restaurant. 

To set up a restaurant event space successfully, a restaurant will need to ensure some aspects like providing proper documentation, having contracts in place, grand opening night and promotions. But worry not. We are here to offer you some tips for setting up a restaurant event space. 

Welcome party being celebrated at a restaurant event space.

1. Knowing Your Space

First and foremost, you need to identify and designate a restaurant event space on your property. If you have a separate area in your restaurant that can be closed off, it can be used as a private event room. If you have a rooftop, patio, or banquet space, nothing could be better. Once you have figured out the area, you can use it to either organize private events like birthday parties or corporate dinners or plan your events like stand-up nights. Both types of events can bring you profits and perks. 

Furthermore, you have a proper understanding of your event area. When a customer inquires about your restaurant event space, everything, including the exact coordinates of the area to the number of people that can fit in the space needs to be known to you like the back of your hand. It would be best to have available ready pictures and floor layouts to show to the prospective customers.

2. Ensuring Proper Licenses & Documentation

When you set up a restaurant event space, it is critical to get all the required permissions and licenses. If you are planning to start the event space in an open area, you will need an Eating Out License. If you plan to serve alcohol during the events, you will need a Liquor license. You will also require Music Clearance, Fire License, Health & Trade Licenses, Lift License and Signage License.

It is also crucial to maintain documents and keep track of all the details, like setting a calendar with clearly marked planned events and tracking customer information, event details, and feedback. 

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Moreover, you should also sign proper contracts to host private events. The contract you sign with the customers for holding event spaces needs to have clauses like deposit amount for booking the room, cancellation and refund policy etc.

3. A Grand Opening

When you start a restaurant event space, you want your guests to know about the place with a bang. You can consider hosting a grand opening event. This can help spread the word about your event space and capabilities and generate more content for social media. To host an event, you can partner with local artists and entertainers to take part. You can either charge for the entry or keep it free; in any case, collect information about your attendees to send them regular updates about your events and restaurant. 

Social media is a significant way to promote your newly created restaurant event space. You can start a new hashtag with some attractive photographs of the event space to pique interest. You can also create a Facebook event for your grand opening event. Go all in to promote the event and your restaurant event space to spread the word about your event space. 

4. Offering Stellar Customer Service

Every event offers an enormous marketing opportunity for the restaurant, so it’s crucial to fine-tune all event elements. Once you have the customers in for the event, the last thing you want is for them to be disappointed with the quality of service. Train your staff fully to understand the importance of excellent customer service. You need to exceed expectations to earn a name for yourself and become a go-to place for an event. 

Simultaneously, you need to ensure your regular dining services don’t suffer due to the event spaces. You can consider having special hours or days for restaurant event space. These special event hours could be during slow dining times, before or after regular business hours. This way, you and your staff can efficiently manage the event customers and regular customers. Make sure to segregate and budget enough employees to cover both.

5. Planning Your Menu

Guests tend to eat and drink more during an event than at a typical dinner. To that end, consider a pre-set menu that requires fewer servers for a large group setting together rather than numerous complicated dishes. Great food and drinks will stay in the customers’ minds for a long time and compel them to come back to your place for future events and dining-in. 

Remember to have exclusive rights to serve food during any private event at your restaurant event space. You can incorporate this in the agreement you sign with the clients. Holding the exclusive rights to serve food in your event space ensures that you generate more revenue from events and that attendees experience your food, which could entice them to come back to dine in or order takeout.

Creating a restaurant event space helps increase revenue.

Creating an event space can be a great way to increase your revenue and attract new customers! 

Hope you find this blog helpful in creating a restaurant event space. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more updates.

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