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How To Increase Restaurant Sales During Festivals?

Recently, Petpooja hosted an insightful webinar with Digital Marketing Expert- Sahil Shah, on how restaurants can increase their sales during festivals.

Sahil gave many important tips to the audience and laid out helpful strategies which can upscale your restaurant’s marketing.

Here are some of the key questions that were answered in this webinar:

1. Which discounts to give for attracting more customers? 

Discounts and offers are the biggest crowd-pullers for restaurants. People love enjoying various discounts, whether it be for dine-in or online orders.

You can give your dine-in customers complimentary dishes, like free mocktails or free dessert, on a minimum bill amount. Or you can give a bill discount, like 20% off on bill of Rs. 1499 or above.

For online order customers, apart from Zomato/Swiggy discounts, you can offer them combo dishes. These prove to be a major hit, especially among the youth.

If you serve alcoholic beverages then hosting Happy Hours is an instant attraction.
Giving good-priced deals for corporate meals or parties is also another source to rope in more customers.

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2. How many days before should we start these activities?

There is a famous Hindi saying- Jab jaago, tab savera.
It translates to- when you wake up, that’s your start.

So, there is no fixed timeline of when to pursue marketing for your restaurant. It starts even before your restaurant opens and can continue till the last day of your operation.

For festivals or special occasions i.e. new menu launch, live events , sports screening, the best time to start marketing would be 4-5 days before the occasion. This retains a sufficiently lasting memory of your restaurant in your desired customer’s minds, too early or too late and you might miss out on a glorious opportunity to attract more footfall during such festivities.

3. How to increase sales for Cloud Kitchen?

Marketing for Cloud Kitchens is always worrisome. These restaurant models face lack of brand awareness due to no frontage or outdoor presence. 

For such restaurateurs, social media marketing is your biggest tool. Build your online audience and keep them engaged with your brand, to get that steady flow of orders.

Also, leverage advertising options on the online aggregator platforms, as they can also boost your restaurant’s reach for the target audience.

How To Increase Sales On Zomato And Swiggy

4. Does offline marketing like pamphlet distribution really work? 

Traditional marketing methods still work like a charm, only if done smartly.

Pamphlets, flyers, newspaper ads, hoardings, etc, continue to grab eyeballs of the right audience and can convert into more walk-ins for your restaurant.

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Just make sure which regions you wish to target through such mediums. Recommended radius is under 7 kms, as generally people do not travel far off just to grab a bite.

Try out these offline marketing strategies first in your locale and if that reaps you impressive results then you can plan to widen your reach.

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5. What should be the monthly marketing budget?

Marketing budget is a very dynamic parameter, depending on each restaurant and its goals.

From the industry perspective, new restaurants have to spend a bit more extravagantly uptill their first year. This budget is allocated for pre-marketing hype and increasing brand awareness.

Later on, ideally, restaurants should spend minimum 10% of their revenue to upscale their marketing efforts. This budget can be extended during festivals or special occasions, to give a marketing boost to your restaurant, for that short interval.

6. How to do Influencer marketing?

This is the newest fad in the marketing world, and it’s going strong!

Influencer marketing means leveraging someone else’s audience to promote your product or services. Restaurants can use this tactic to popularize their restaurant further than the existing customer base. 

You can invite influencers like food bloggers to your restaurant. They will review your restaurant’s food, ambiance, service and overall vibe to their followers. They then help in promoting your restaurant on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

You can also send food parcels to influencers to promote your online delivery system, and make more people order from you.

Check out this free tool- Social Blade, to select high rated influencers for your requirement.

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Petpooja Features To Boost Your Sales

7. Which is the best customer loyalty tool?

There is no fixed answer for this. For some Reelo may work, for some Dineout will be better, or some would be happy with the results from their restaurant’s own loyalty program.

This is a game of experimentation, if you see conclusive results from any of them then stick to that loyalty program to get a better ratio of customer recall. You can compare the loyalty providers based on their reward plans, market penetration, customer base, etc.

We hope you can use some of these pointers to improve your marketing game and attract more customers to your restaurant. 
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Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!


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