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Tips To Create A Best Selling Dessert Menu In 2022

Dessert is typically the last course that most customer orders at a restaurant. People with sweet toothy might prescribe eating the dessert first! And despite the size of the restaurant, cafe, bakery or even bar, they all have dessert options on their menu.

And so, it becomes the responsibility of the pastry chef & the restaurant owner to pay special attention to creating a separate & unique dessert menu. Due to the rising popularity of these sweet small course meals among people, several businesses have been able to successfully capitalise on dessert businesses by satiating their customers’ craving for sugar.

Dessert is considered the dish that gives closure to your customers’ meals. And if the desserts are truly good, they will not only satisfy the diners after that single dinner but also draw them back to the restaurant again in no time. 

Why Create A Separate Dessert Menu?

When people eat sugar, their brains release high amounts of “dopamine”. It is literally one of the hormones that are directly linked to happiness. And so, to put it simply, your customers feel happy when they eat dessert. They get a sweet sugar rush when they eat ice creams, pastries, cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies,…well you get the idea!

And so, if you are able to title their sweet taste buds with your dessert menu, are bound to return again & make you the most popular dessert place in town! 

This is a good enough reason for you to already start thinking about great dessert menu options for your restaurant. So it’s time for you to bring out your mixing bowls, the measuring spoons, and your baking trays!

But before you rush away, keep reading to learn the most helpful tips on how you can design a menu that stands out from the norm and gets you more visitors.

Desserts are suppposed to look mouth watering at first sight.
When creating a dessert menu, you can also experiment with the plating & presentation of the desserts

5 Tips To Make A Successful Dessert Menu!

1. Diversify Your Menu

The food’s quantity & money paid to it are sometimes important factors for people. They’ve already spent a lot of money on the main course, and the prices of your dessert will determine whether or not they can afford to order the final course of the meal.

Others are concerned about the quantity of food because they may not be hungry enough to eat a full dessert. As a result, it is important to provide a variety of dessert options.

– Lower price range

You are free to decide the number of dessert options you want to keep on your menu. But, try to play with the variety of flavours & items. If you are going for a small price range section of desserts with diverse options, then you can put ice cream on your menu with different types of toppings to add to it, e.g. chocolate syrup, nuts, chocolate chips, cookies, etc. 

– Higher price range

If you choose a more expensive dessert menu, you can combine different types of desserts to create some unique specialities for your restaurant with your own personal touch. However, keep the desserts distinct from one another; otherwise, the customers will not be impressed.

Let your pastry chef experiment with the menu. But as a tip, offering a dessert menu that satisfies the growing demand from customers seeking gluten-free vegan/vegetarian dessert options with a low-calorie count can help you draw in more customers.

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If you are a small food business owner, you can seek collaborations with local dessert parlours, bakery & ice cream shops to sell their items on a commission basis!

Your dessert menu has to complement other courses of the meal on your cafe menu.
Having diverse toppings for a dessert is also a good way to provide variety in your dessert menu.

2. Have Two Menus

Do you know what’s better than one menu? Two menus! Keep separate menus for desserts and main courses. This way, their attention won’t get diverted towards the dessert at the beginning, and they can order all the dishes they want without feeling like they need to save room for dessert. In the end, they will still be tempted to order a dessert or two by giving in to their sweet tooth, thereby giving you more profits.

A way to distinguish both the menus would be by diversifying them with colours. You can switch between the colours of your restaurant theme. This way you can provide both the menus together & save printing costs. But your customers would still be able to distinguish in a glance! 

3. Keep Both Menus Complimentary

People carefully consider what dessert to have after a hearty meal. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide a satisfying ending to your clients’ meals with a tasty and light dessert that complements the main course menu items in your restaurant. Your clients will be more likely to return if you send them home happy and satisfied with their meals.

4. Add Seasonal Touch

You know how people wait all year for that unique fruit of the season and then when it comes, they just can’t stop eating it? Yes, a seasonal dessert has a similar kind of power. With all the mango products available in the summer, people go all bananas for mangoes. See what we did there!

The fact that it only appears for a brief period of the year means you can capitalise on people’s cravings by adding them to your dessert menu. 

In fact, don’t limit yourselves to just a few options. Experiment with flavours. Fruit-based desserts have become a common trend. To keep up with the market, businesses have even experimented with international dessert options & given it an Indian twist to attract customers.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with flavours. Just like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean (Harry Potter fan anyone?)

Make fruit based beverages and desserts to add them to your Dessert menu.
Experiment with seasonal fruits by incorporating them into various dishes.

5. Make It Visually Appealing

Always remember that your customer judges your food first with their eyes (appearance), second with their nose (i.e., the aroma of it), and then third with their mouth (i.e., taste and texture). If they like what they see, they will click a picture of it and share it on their social media, thereby giving you automatic organic social media growth.

Basically, you know that a good dessert leaves a lasting impression on a person’s mind, and you don’t want to miss out on the wonders that these sweet dishes can do for your restaurant. Pay attention to the dessert menu just as much as you do to the other courses of a meal and you will not regret it. 

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