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How To Use Google Reviews To Improve Restaurant Sales And Profits?

If you are a restaurateur, you already know the importance of good reviews for your restaurant. In this fast-paced online world, customers have developed a habit of checking the number of stars you get on Zomato and how people talk about you on google reviews before deciding where to spend their money.

Around 36% of people actively share their feedback on public platforms; according to  Modern Restaurant Management, an increase of just a one-star rating can give a business an approximate 5-9% increase in revenue!

How can I manage restaurant reviews on google?
Google’s restaurant reviews provide valuable information about customers’ actual experiences in a restaurant. Create a google review link that you can share with everyone to click and post a review quickly. 

Why Google Reviews?

Google is the most preferred and trusted search engine in today’s world. Chances are, you are reading this blog after a quick google search! So, Google’s credibility and importance in our world are rightly well established. But why does it also make for a beneficial review tool? Here are some reasons! 

  • Do you know around 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Google reviews provide valuable information about customers’ actual experiences in a restaurant. And, as soon as someone searches your name online, they will first notice the reviews you have received on google. 
  • Google search engine results generally combine your location proximity and your ratings on Google. And your ratings are aggregated by the reviews you receive on Google maps for a particular location. Therefore, the better reviews you get, the more people will come across your restaurant when they do a google search for a specific location, etc. 
  • Most importantly, good online restaurant reviews increase a business’s revenue. The better reviews you get on google, the more customers are attracted to your restaurant and willing to pay more. And it is free! Reviews make for an incredible free-of-cost marketing tool.

Using Google Reviews For Your Restaurant

Now that we know how helpful google reviews are for your business let’s focus on getting them for your restaurant!

1. Set Up Google My Business Account

The first and foremost step to enjoying the benefits of google reviews is to set up a Google My Business account (GMB account). GMB account is a free tool where you can create your restaurant profile instantly. If your restaurant is listed on Google Maps or in the search bar but is not claimed and verified, you can easily verify it. If you don’t have an existing account, you can quickly create a Google My Business listing!

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Create a google review link that you can share with everyone to click and post a review quickly. 

2. Create A Powerful Online Presence

It is crucial customers easily find you online when they search for your restaurant. Establish a solid online presence on all the relevant platforms, including your GMB account. A powerful online presence can compel customers to visit your restaurant and leave a review afterwards. 

Information like your contact details, address, and menu descriptions, along with beautiful and tempting pictures, should be readily available for the customers’ convenience. Maintain attractive social media and keep regularly updating it.

What is the importance of reviews for my restaurant?
To get better restaurant reviews, remember to add pictures and descriptions of your menu and keep details of your restaurant updated on your GMB account and all social media platforms.

3. Ask For Reviews

In order to get good reviews online, it is necessary to request customers leave their feedback. And who else to rely on for excellent reviews than from your loyal customers? Share the google review link with them and encourage them to leave an honest review. If your restaurant has wifi, leverage it to get real-time reviews from your customers. 

Incorporate a link to your google review in all your social media platforms. Moreover, you can also follow up with your customers via email and SMS to share their feedback. In the case of food deliveries, it is a good idea to send a personalized note with the food asking customers to share their feedback after their experience. 

Check out Petpooja’s Feedback Management System to quickly & easily take customers’ reviews from anywhere they are either with QR codes, SMS or Google links!

4. Be Active To Respond

One of the most critical aspects of putting yourself out there in the open for customer feedback is correctly dealing with the feedback you receive. Whenever your restaurant gets positive reviews, show gratitude. And if you receive unfavourable feedback, acknowledge it with a promise to do better. When a customer is disappointed with your service, you can apologize for their experience and offer them a compensation meal.

5. Take Reviews & implement

Reviews are not just a way to show the world how your restaurant works but also a way for you to know what is working and what is not. When a customer shares a bad experience, it is not enough to acknowledge and apologize but also to strategize to improve it.

Importance of restaurant reviews
Highlight the positive restaurant reviews you receive on all your social media accounts!

The reviews you get online play an influential role in impacting customer decisions. Focus on collecting customer feedback, as positive reviews will translate to wonderful publicity and increased sales for your restaurant. We hope this blog helps you make that happen! 

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Abeera Dubey
Abeera Dubey
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