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Which Restaurant Events Hosting will Increase your Footfall?

Restaurants continually look for innovative ways to increase the number of people visiting their establishment and increase their business in the market. A restaurant experience goes beyond just food and beverages. Ambience, service, music, design, and the restaurant’s environment shape the overall experience of a consumer. The time a customer spends in your restaurant should be a worthwhile and remarkable experience. Organizing restaurant events can be an exciting way to increase your footfall and make your restaurant memorable for the customers. Restaurant events diversify your revenue stream and distinguish you from your competitors. 

Holding exciting events in your restaurant creates a buzz in the community about your establishment. You can develop a name for yourself for a particular type of event or host various kinds of events in your restaurant, as hosting the same event again and again can be a dull experience for both you and your customers after some time. So to help you with hosting diverse restaurant events, we present to you some event ideas to increase your footfall.

Dinner table with candles, wine and flowers, creating a charming ambiance for a restaurant event.

1. Open Mic Night

If any particular restaurant event has proved to be a definite crowd puller, it is an open mic night. Hosting open mic nights for local musicians and stand up comedians to perform at your space is a great way to get customers in. You can also invite famous musicians or comedians for a special performance, and they can share the event on their social media handles. This way, customers will have another reason to visit the event. 

2. Karaoke Night

Karaoke Nights are social events where a karaoke machine plays the music of songs, and people have to sing the lyrics. They are pretty popular in the USA. They are fascinating to lure customers to your restaurant, primarily if you serve liquor. You can even turn it into a competition, where the best singer will be rewarded with complimentary drinks or starters.

3. Sports Viewing

Restaurants and bars often hold special match screenings around famous sports tournaments in their establishments. Sports match screenings are another way to invite people for a gala time. People love getting together with friends and family for an important game viewing party. You can organize unique marathons around special tournaments to pull the crowd and offer special discounts.

4. Singles Night

Singles Night event allows single people to come together and interact with other singles. This event can make your restaurant stand out. There are so many single people out there who would jump at the idea of singles night. You can hold a “Break The Ice” event during the event to help people discover other single people around them. Another way to keep this event is to partner up with an online dating app or website and get them to sponsor it.

5. Date Night

Couples look for opportunities and spaces to enjoy the evening with their partners. Why not make an entire night for them? The decor and music for the day could be especially suited for them. Couples’ day doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. You can consider keeping any fixed day of the month reserved for couples where they get special discounts and offers to come to your restaurant.

6. Food Olympics

“Bet you cannot eat this whole burger alone” you may have seen such challenges held by restaurants. Such challenges are creative ways to get people talking about your restaurant. You can create special food items for this challenge. Set a timer and ask guests to finish the entire plate in the shortest possible time. Only finishing the whole plate alone will be considered a winner, and the price of the dish will be waived off for the winner. You can also offer coupons or vouchers as rewards to the winner and give them another reason to return.

A huge burger for a food challenge - restaurant event.

7. Pet Days

The population of dog owners in India was around 19.5 million in 2018 and is forecasted to reach over 31 million by 2023. As more people adopt, there is a vast market for pet-friendly restaurants and restaurant events. To this end, you can hold exclusive pet-friendly events in your restaurant. A special day can be designated in a month or a week where pet owners can enjoy the day with their pets and interact with other pet owners.

8. Charity Events

Holding charity events, where you collaborate with local NGOs and small businesses for a cause, is another innovative way to get customers to your restaurant and give back to the community. Charity events also provide an opportunity for the restaurant to enhance the goodwill of its brand. NGOs and local businesses can raise awareness, conduct workshops, and host charity sales in your restaurant. You can also donate a part of the sales you make that night to an NGO you believe is doing good for a cause.

Holding innovative events around the year can be an exciting way to increase your footfall. These events also provide opportunities to create a loyal customer base and regularly engage with them. However, keep in mind to not overdo organizing such events and keep them adequately phased out. You can also create a marketing calendar for your business. 

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