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How to Turn Your Cafe into a Coworking Space?

People’s working environment has been constantly evolving. Gone are the days when work meant going to a traditional office set-up. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found ways of delivering the work with just as much efficiency from the comforts of our homes. seen a rise in work-from-home culture. And people working from home are constantly looking for a coworking space to make their long-term workstations.

However, coworking spaces like WeWork and 91springboard offer extravagant membership prices, leaving many people without an apt space to create their workstations. This is your moment! Use your coffee, comfort, and cosiness to create a welcoming working space for your customers. 

A coworking space is where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other remote working professionals can come and work in a conducive environment. 

Turn your cafe into a conducive coworking space. Know how!
Restaurants and cafes can turn their places into a coworking setup and increase their revenue! 

Why Turn Your Cafe Into a Coworking Space?

A cafe workstation offers multiple benefits. Here are some!

  • Your cafe may provide the optimal space for those looking for an apt coworking space. The seating space with coffee, food, and desserts makes for the perfect setup! Your cafe can attract many people who want to work peacefully with suitable arrangements. 
  • Weekday lunchtimes often make for the slowest times of the day for restaurants or cafes. A coworking space is an ideal opportunity to make the best of those hours! It is a great way to increase your revenue during dull hours.
  • Setting up a workspace also offers an opportunity to develop a loyal customer base. Win these customers with your coffee, food, and service, and.. they are hooked! 

How to Turn Your Cafe into a Coworking Space?

Turning your cafe into a coworking space can take time, effort, and investment. However, once done right, there is no looking back! Know how to make the best of this arrangement.

1. Set the Required Infrastructure

Once you turn your cafe into a coworking space, setting up the adequate infrastructure is the first step.  

  • If you have ample floor space with multiple rooms or separate sections you can develop one into a workstation.
  • Use seats that are comfortable to sit in for extended periods. You can set up a communal table like an office setup. 
  • Regardless of whether you have ample enough space for separate rooms, you can install other valuable equipment to make for an apt workspace. Ensure proper power outlets availability or provide portable charging stations.
  • Set up a water station. Your customers should not have to go to the counter and ask for water each time they are thirsty. 
  • Very very important – ensure high-speed internet connection!
  • You can also go the extra mile and provide a printer and scanner to your customers.
How to set up a coworking space in my cafe?
Just follow some steps to set up a coworking space and the work-from-home culture can be a golden goose in helping increase restaurant profits significantly. 

2. Offer Membership Programs

A membership program can go a long way in ensuring customers turn up regularly and generate increased revenue. 

  • Offer monthly and weekly membership programs, charging competitive prices for using your coworking space in the restaurant. You can also offer your customers daily passes. 
  • The membership could include a certain number of discounted daily coffees with some snacks. If you want to know how to create customer loyalty programmes, then read our blog to know Which Loyalty Programme Would Be Suitable For Your Cafe!
  • Offer buffet services whose charges are included in the subscription model. Alternatively, create a special menu for these customers, which includes coffee, sandwiches, and salads at discounted prices; thus, your whole kitchen staff does not need to cater to this customer base during slow hours.
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3. Create an Optimal Work Environment

Once your customers turn up, they need to find your cafe appropriate for working. 

  • Ask yourself, is your table set up conducive for people to work? Change your table set up to look like a workstation. Remove napkins and dishes. You can also keep some stationery at the table
  • What kind of music do you play at your restaurant? Play some instrumental, classical, and calming music. Your music choice can have a significant impact on this scheme. 
  • Work on your lighting. Cooler blue and white lights are suitable for working and concentrating.

4. Let the World Know!

Once you have set up the workstation, invite your customers in!

  • Click alluring pictures of your workstation. Pictures create engagement with your audience. Pictures entice your customers to try out your product.  
  • Use all social media platforms to tell the world about your coworking space. Share the pictures, benefits, and all updates of working at your space through social media. 
  • Email and SMS marketing. These are simple ways to attract more customers.  

Share special offers, rewards, and discounts to call customers to try your cafe workspace.

Know how to turn your cafe into a coworking space.
Music can increase your brain’s dopamine levels; the right music can help your work feel more enjoyable!

Put in some effort to turn your cafe into a coworking space and watch the money roll in! We hope this blog helps you do just that. 

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