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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Restaurant Logo

Humans are highly visual creatures; we are biologically hardwired to engage and pay attention to great visuals. And that is the reason why we tend to more often remember brands and companies by their logos rather than their names. Your restaurant logo is a graphic symbol that functions as the face of your brand and distinguishes you from other restaurants. It helps people remember your restaurant. It is a tool that restaurants use to market themselves across all channels, whether on any social media platform or physical flyers and posters. 

The design and shape of your restaurant logo affect how customers perceive your brand. The logo should, ideally, communicate the experience associated with your restaurant. A restaurant logo represents the soul of a restaurant; it reinforces your brand identity. For instance, the burger king logo has its name set between two buns, with loud colours. It quickly shows the customers what the brand sells and represents. 

McDonald's logo shinning in a dark street - restaurant logo | Creating a perfect restaurant logo

Why Is Your Restaurant Logo So Important?

1. Creates A Brand identity

Brand identity is the visible elements like colour, logo, name etc., that help it stand out in the market. Your restaurant logo increases your brand visibility and helps make customers an instant connection with your restaurant. The customers should be able to see your logo and instantly recognize what you offer. 

2. Tells your story

A restaurant name generally conveys a story behind the restaurant, the same way we can use a restaurant logo. Your story is why and how you started your restaurant. For example, the three dots in dominos represent the first original Domino’s pizza restaurant and the first two franchises.

3. Conveys Relevant Information

Make sure the restaurant logo you create conveys your restaurant’s concept and relevant information. Restaurant logos of quick-service restaurants can be bright and vibrant, while that of fine dining can be sober and classic. The Baskin Robbins logo tells us about the 31 ice cream flavours it offers with bright colours that depict energy and fun.

4. Connects You to Your Customers

A restaurant logo can also successfully be used to make personal and emotional connections with your customers. As they see your logo, they will be reminded of the memorable experience they had in your restaurant.

Starbucks logo outside the outlet - restaurant logo. | Creating a perfect restaurant logo

Tips For Creating The Perfect Restaurant Logo

1. Differentiation

Every restaurant has a distinct personality; your logo is the perfect tool to express it. Your logo should convey the product you offer and what is different about it. The subway logo has two arrows pointing out the last and first letters of the name. The colours green and yellow indicate fresh vegetables and other ingredients that subway uses. You can also use a unique typeface to create a logo that stands out. It can be done using custom lettering where some letters in the logo make a unique style. 

2. Not Just A Symbol

People often think that a logo has to be a symbol. However, this is not the case at all. Your restaurant logo can have only your name written attractively. For instance, the logos of Subway, Giani and Oh! Calcutta is simply their name with no separate, memorable symbol. Remember to use colours and fonts that match the tone of your restaurant.

3. Simplicity

A logo should be simple, clearly explaining what the restaurant sells. A simple logo is also easy for customers to remember and recall. A regular, ordinary customer won’t sit and analyze your logo but will remember it if it’s simple and appealing. Although it is fun to channel all your creative side into creating the perfect logo and get carried away, it is crucial to not go over the top. Remove all the unnecessary elements from it.

4. Balanced Design

Logo designing can be an extremely challenging task. In your endeavours to create something that speaks volumes about your brand, you might end up putting strange and different elements together. While designing your logo, one of the most important rules is to use familiar shapes and proportions, as a cluttered logo can confuse people and leave a wrong impression. Circles, rectangles, triangles and squares work best.

5. Keep it Symmetrical

A clean logo design has a strong symmetry. The symmetrical design does not mean both sides of the logo look the same but controls the amount of space used throughout the design. Another aspect of logo symmetry is balancing the colours used in the logo. The colours you use in your design need to work together; while you can use more than two colours, it might make it complicated. Colours create strong associations; think hard about your restaurant concept and the colours that represent them. 

Sample restaurant logo designs.

A well-designed logo can do wonders for your brand. It will communicate the message you want to tell your customers. It will help build your brand image that people will remember for a long time. We hope this blog enables you to design that perfect restaurant logo.

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