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A Step-by-step Guide For Starting Your Own Book Cafe

Ever since it came into trend, book cafés have been popular gathering spots for young people. For anyone still unfamiliar with this amazing trend, book cafes are the cafes which provide their customers with a wide variety of books to read while enjoying their beverages! A nice book and some hot coffee are hard to beat for a cosy evening. Many people enjoy spending their day sitting at cafes with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other.

A book café is a great way to bring in new customers and keep your current ones coming back. Because cafés have become a sanctuary for many people any reader too can easily find peace there. With a soothing ambience & enticing aroma of the coffee, he or she is likely to return again to the same seat and read for hours while ordering multiple cups of coffee, thereby increasing your profits.

Although, it is not as simple as starting a café business and putting books in it. You need a lot of research involving budget, spacing and the layout of your café. Read this blog to learn how you can open a book cafe of your own. 

A woman reading in a book cafe with a cup of coffee in her hand.
Having a theme from one of the famous fiction book series will definitely help you push the café sales by attracting a young crowd.

Things To Know Before Opening a Book Cafe

1. Decide on a Budget

If you’re planning on launching a book cafe, it’s smart to save aside money for everything from employee salaries to rent in advance. Because it is likely that buying books for your cafe can take a huge chunk of your budget. To reduce the expense without compromising on experience, you can pick books of any particular genre, like romantic or sci-fi. If you don’t mind or have limited knowledge about novels & books yourself, going gorilla & buying everything off the amazon best read is the logical way to go.

Another great idea would be to rent or sell both new and old books. While many cafes don’t do either, you might be able to make a little profit by renting well-maintained second-hand books. However, you shouldn’t spend all of your money on books because you’ll also need money for the café equipment, the store’s design, and other fixed expenses like electricity and rent.

2. Always Compare Prices

Keep a list or spreadsheet of all the startup expenses you’re looking at so you can compare prices while you’re still in the initial phase of your business.

You can avoid unnecessary financial losses on basics and regular expenses by comparing prices at least twice before making a purchase. You can find the best deals on anything from large sofas to coffee makers by using the internet to your advantage.

Another tip would be to buy from local book stores. They would provide you comparatively cheaper prices when bought in bulk! And while you’re doing that, you’d also support local businesses.

3. Location

The success of your book café business depends heavily on its location. If adequate time and thought are not put into choosing a suitable location, even the finest of business plans could fail. Think about the people you’d like to see frequent your café, and open a book store where they hang out.

Opening a book café near a large university or school is a great way to draw in young adults. Keep in mind that competition from other businesses in the same industry in the immediate vicinity can make it more challenging for you to attract customers as a new business.

A book cafe located in the corner of a building.
The location of the cafe will decide what type of people are going to be your regulars.

4. Permits

After renting or buying a place of your own to start a book café, it is wise to research the permits and registrations required to run such a business so that there is no hindrance from the authorities after officially starting the book café.

5. Seating Arrangement

Once you’ve found an appropriate location, you’ll need to do more than just fill the shelves; you’ll also need to plan up your cafe’s seating arrangement. Set aside at least 4-5 tables and chairs and think about how much room you’ll need.

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Many bookstores/ cafes provide couches and chairs so that customers may sit back and read the books that catch their eye. Lighting is also important since it prevents consumers from having trouble reading, and it also contributes to the ambience.

6. Café Décor

When opening a café, one must obviously give careful consideration to the interior design. It’s fascinating and important to figure out how to decorate your book café. The ambience doesn’t have to be about either a café or a bookstore. Decorating in a way that portrays the two elements as mutually reinforcing will allow you to reap the benefits of both simultaneously.

Café décor might be overwhelming if you don’t first decide on a theme for your business. Café business owners, if you’re thinking about sprucing up your establishment, give serious thought to the atmosphere you hope to create.

It’s important to work on the cafe’s theme before beginning the décor so that you have a unifying vision for the space. A café owner’s first decision when decorating should be the vibe they hope to achieve.

The Alchemist book placed on a table with a delicious cup of coffee beside it in a book cafe.
There are some classics that you can look up on the internet like “The Alchemist” that you must have in your book café.

7. Create a Diverse Menu

Finalise the foods and drinks that will be available on your cafe menu. Some bookshop café business owners specialise in serving solely beverages, and they’ve found success. Then there are businesses that go all out to provide the most delicious food possible, but their clients don’t seem to care because the food isn’t the major draw. 

Therefore, you need to zero in on what it is that you want to sell the most of at your café business and make that your focus. This is a perfect illustration of how more is not necessarily better. Having the best coffee will make people forget that you don’t sell food.

8. Hire the Right People

If you want to run a successful café, you need to staff it with competent individuals. You won’t need too many servers, cooks, or managers while you’re just starting out. You need a small number of dedicated workers that are cross-trained in several roles and are compensated fairly to keep them engaged in their work.

9. Marketing Plan

The café industry is ripe with opportunities for innovative marketing campaigns. However, you’ll have to make a decision based on the size of your marketing budget and the methods you’re most enthusiastic about. Social media, buzz-generating local events, email campaigns, personal phone calls, and traditional advertising channels like newspapers and magazines are all viable options.

If you are familiar with the procedure and know what steps to take, opening a book store is not a difficult undertaking. Give the methods that are outlined in this article a try and you will quickly have a book café business that is up and operating effectively.

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Kushank Joshi
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