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Restaurant Lighting Ideas To Help Create Perfect Ambiance For Your Customers

Imagine going to a pub with bright lighting or a cafe with laser lights! A night bar is not the same as a coffee bar, and a fine-dine is not the same as a fast food restaurant; similarly, their lighting is not the same. Lighting sets the tone of your establishment. A suitable lighting scheme ensures your customers feel the same energy as the type of your restaurant

To provide a great customer experience, you should be mindful of the ambience you are trying to create in your outlet. And, this blog is here to help you with various kinds of restaurant lighting ideas. 

Restaurant lighting depends on the time of the day and your meal. Know more.
When you consider interior restaurant ideas, focusing on restaurant lighting is critical. Your restaurant lighting sets the tone of your business. They help determine how long a customer wants to stay in your restaurant.

Different Types of Restaurant Lightings 

A restaurant can adopt many different lighting methods to shine in the market. Literally!

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the light you use for lighting up your spaces. It is usually hung from the ceiling like chandeliers, pot lights, track lights etc. These types of lighting are enough to illuminate your entire area. The ambient lighting determines how bright, dark, or homely your space will be

2. Accent Lighting

Decorating with accent lights is another among many restaurant lighting ideas. It is used to highlight a specific area or object in your establishment. You draw attention to some piece of art or structure through accent lighting. Ideally, accent lighting in restaurants should be used to pull attention but not look disruptive.

3. Task Lighting

Task lights throw extra light to carry out a specific activity, like helping perform functions requiring closer attention like cooking, reading etc. It includes fluorescent lamps, overhead lamps etc. You can put these lights in the kitchen, billing counter, or work area. 

4. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is precisely how it sounds. Use the natural light from the outside to brighten up your restaurant interior. Use tall windows, glass panels, skylights and doors to make the most of natural lighting in your restaurant. 

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Ambient lighting is generally used to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

5. Low and Bright Lighting

Low lighting sets a relaxed and romantic environment. It can be created using accent lighting and overhead fixtures with dimmers. 

You can use bright overhead lights or enough natural lighting. Bright lights keep people high on energy, alert and awake. It can be used to increase your restaurant turnover rate. 

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Combining all these lighting schemes can help you find the perfect fit for your restaurant interior. Here are some ideas for your restaurant lighting! 

4 Restaurant Lighting Ideas For Your Establishment

1. Pick Lighting As Per the Time of the Day

Depending on the time of the day, your restaurant lighting serves the purpose. If your restaurant works round the clock and serves different kinds of meals, then you can try other restaurant lighting ideas based on the time of the day. A breakfast hub will need different lighting than a romantic dinner setup.

  • Breakfast: For breakfast time, natural lighting can work well. People can use some bright light to slowly and brightly start their day by reading their newspapers, and checking their cell phones as they have their breakfast. 
  • Lunch: When you go out to a restaurant for lunch, what’s the mood like? On a workday, people generally go to restaurants for a quick bite, in which case moderate light will work for you. However, if your restaurant focuses more on relaxed long lunches, then low-intensity lighting is the thing for you. 
  • Dinner: Dinner is a time of warmth and relaxation. Dimmed lights can set a comfortable tone for your customers and do wonders for your dinner sales. However, if you are a fast food restaurant, you can use brighter lights to increase your turnover rates. 

2. Brighten up Your Outdoor

The first thing people see about your restaurant is the exterior; make it attractive. Outdoor light is incredibly crucial, as it makes all the difference between customers passing by and walking in to become your regulars. Highlight your building’s architecture and signage. You can decorate the outdoors with string lights and lanterns

3. For Your Design Elements

If you have designed your restaurant interior with unique elements like paintings, pictures, bottle racks and statement walls, adding perfect lighting will make an ideal addition to your look. Suitable accent lighting will make them stand apart and make your interior shine. 

Why is restaurant outdoor lighting important? Know more about restaurant lighting ideas.
Fairy lights and beautiful lanterns can create the perfect setup if you have an outdoor seating area in your restaurant. 

4. Keep It Consistent

Although it’s good to have a variety based on the time of the day, your style and furniture, it’s equally important to remember not to go overboard. Incorporating too many shades and lighting types can overkill your restaurant look. Your overall lighting scheme should be consistent with your restaurant theme.

Choose a lighting scheme that best compliments your restaurant interior. You can also consider hiring a restaurant consultant (industry experts who provide their knowledge and experience in the field in exchange for set consultation fees) to help you design your restaurant interior and make other important decisions.

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