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Checklist For Creating An Outdoor Dining Area For Your Restaurant

Do you offer outdoor dining at your restaurant? If not, you have no idea what kind of wonders your restaurant is missing out on. According to the NRA, Outdoor dining accounts for a huge chunk of business for restaurant chains that provide it. In total, 35% of food businesses that provide outdoor seating areas have reported that it accounts for more than 40% of their average daily sales. 15% of operators say it accounts for more than 70% of their daily sales.

Restaurants with outdoor seating are very popular for a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s minds. Customers prefer to sit in open areas where there are fewer people and more fresh air. Some people prefer outdoor restaurants to indoor restaurants because they allow them to bring their pets into the diner or make it possible for them to smoke at the table.

Outdoor dining benefits not only customers but also business owners. For starters, it expands the restaurant’s seating capacity, allowing you to host more people at once. Second, it serves as an additional advertising opportunity for you to show your customers the vibe of your restaurant as they walk past your place. 

Keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of this feature. 

How can i decorate my outdoor seating?
To create the mood you want in your restaurant, pay attention to the colour of the lighting.

8 Tips To Create An Attractive Outdoor Dining Area

1. Focus On The Lighting

Invest in some good lighting fixtures for your decor because it is an important part of creating a well lite ambience for your customers sitting outside. The vibe of outdoor dining can be improved with candle centrepieces at each table or corners. With pendant lights, string lights, or outdoor lighting fixtures that match your theme, you can illuminate any outdoor space after the sun has set.

2. Focus On Seating

Tables that are square or rectangular typically have more space than tables that are round. They can hold more plates and utensils and seat more people. Although a round table saves room, it won’t always have as many seats, and if a party orders a lot, the spread may be more crowded. Nevertheless, you should choose your furniture form based on your outdoor dining & sitting arrangement to strike a balance between comfort and seating capacity.

3. Include Live Music

When it comes to creating the optimum ambience for your visitors in outdoor restaurants, music is essential. To enhance your customers’ dining experience, play some soft music in the background. You can also have live music performed by inviting a local musician or setting up a karaoke machine to allow your customers to perform their own favourite live.

how can I include live music in my outdoor dinning area?
Including music in your outdoor dining area can increase your restaurant sales.

4. Create Open Cooking Spaces

Cooking or grilling something outside will lure customers to your restaurant. We can all agree on how difficult it is to keep ourselves from becoming enthralled by the mouthwatering aroma of food coming from restaurant cookouts. Use this strategy to increase footfall by cooking something delicious in the outdoor dining area.

5. Include Digital Sign Boards

People are influenced by Instagram images of tempting cuisine, and many foodies enjoy taking photos and browsing images from various restaurants. You can include such images of your menu items and display them outside your restaurants on standees. These standees can also include interest offers, schemes and coupes.

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If you wish to keep it dynamic, then you can get a little artsy with menu boards and draw amusing illustrations to display outside your restaurant.

6. Include Shades

Covering all of the tables with umbrellas can help your customers enjoy their meals more on sunny days by providing shade for their eyes. Regardless of the weather, it will help keep people dry and comfortable. Furthermore, the shade will keep the patio cool on hot days, and the umbrellas will draw people’s attention to your restaurant on the street, providing a branding opportunity for your business.

what can be included in outdoor seating?
Umbrellas also act as a decorative element in the restaurant.

7. Add Fans Or Heaters

People wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting outside if the weather is too hot or too cold. Hence, the addition of heaters, fans or coolers in the outdoor dining area can make it comfortable for your visitors to have their meal outside. 

8. Place Bug Zapper

Imagine sitting outside enjoying an amazing meal with a great glass of wine in a soothing outdoor dining area, while being bitten by mosquitos. Not a pretty picture at all!

And so to provide your diners with a happy and safe outdoor dining experience, you have to do something to avoid bugs & mosquitos. Setting up some bug zappers is one way to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and other insects. Fresh fruit should be kept in closed containers, and wherever possible, cover sweet beverages. Also, make sure that you quickly clean up the spilt and uneaten food after the customers are done.

To achieve the best outdoor dining scenario for your restaurant, it is critical to managing both the dining area’s space and its ambience. However, an effective floor plan and a good theme for your decor will help you enhance your restaurant’s outdoor seating very quickly. 

Hope you find this blog helpful in creating outdoor dining area for your restaurant. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for regular updates.

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