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New Restaurant Startup Trends To Follow In 2022

With the pandemic, a lot has changed in the restaurant industry and much more rapidly for the restaurateurs to keep up. The methods of connecting with the customer have changed due to the digitization of marketing. Restaurants are seeing a tremendous spike in online ordering and collaborating with third-party aggregators to retain customers.

With the new rules and guidelines of Governments, restaurateurs are remodelling their restaurants and operations to provide safety to in-house customers. With the pandemic, a unique model of Cloud kitchen has come into being. But alongside all this, there are also some very specific restaurant startup trends that have started. These startup trends are slowly changing the traditional ways of restaurant management and operations.

This blog is for all the restaurateurs who wish to learn about

All the new Restaurant Startup Trends to look out for in 2022

1. A Healthier Menu

When Covid-19 affected the masses, people become more attentive to maintaining their health. In addition to that, due to the lockdown and curfews, they had no choice but to cut off precooked or ready-to-eat food. This started a new restaurant startup trend of making a healthier menu.

Be it while cooking at home and even eating outside. People now are more inclined towards choosing a restaurant that provides healthier food options like seasonal fruit juices, healthy salad, non-alcoholic cocktails, or oil-free food items.

With the rise of Veganism, more and more restaurants are adding vegan items to their menus. It has been seen that people would choose to pay higher prices for a meal if it is made with organic and chemical-free ingredients. This trend has given rise to the ‘farm-to-table’ concept where restaurateurs grow their own ingredients and serve them fresh. Take the example of Malaka Spice which not only serves its own grown ingredients but also serves wine from its own vineyard!   

Restaurant startup trend. Farm to table trend and inclination towards Veganism.
Serving your customers items made of fresh ingredients is the main motto of the farm-to-table trend

2. Sustainable Business Practices

Any restaurant no matter what the size, observes an unnecessary amount of food and resources wastage. On any restaurant’s operating day, there is avoidable wastage of water, raw material, spoiled or expired raw material and much more. All this wastage only accumulates to pollute the environment along while burning deep holes in the owner’s pocket. Young restaurateurs are able to analyse this expense and are adapting to operate their business with sustainable choices.

The restaurants have started serving small portions of meals to avoid wastage. They are serving their own filtered water to cut on the packaged water cost and further carbon footprint of non-degradable plastic. This has also turned them to opt for biodegradable or reusable packing material for online deliveries or takeaways. They are re-using their resources and opting for organic or better quality raw materials to avoid spoilage.

Another smart choice in restaurant trends that they are making is paying close attention to inventory management rather than hoarding or unnecessarily buying items. Many restaurants are focusing on reducing the employee turnover ratio by providing job security to employees and training in waste management.

The restaurateurs are keeping up with the technological trends and choosing efficient PoS to help assist their business management. To take their initiative further, many restaurants are partnering up with local NGOs to supply residual food items and raw materials to the deprived citizens.

Chef garnishing a food dish. | Sustainable restaurant business model
Practising sustainable business not only helps in saving inventory but also overall food cost

3. Adapting Current Restaurant Tech

While the restaurants are updating their menus and adapting to sustainable business models, they are also keeping up with the technological advancement in the industry. Restaurants are doing everything to retain customers and increase profit by making smart investments. Easy payment methods, automating front-of-the-house assistance, investing in compact PoS, robots and much more have become the trend now.

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Most restaurants now have PoS systems that help in managing restaurants. A great PoS is the one-stop for billing solutions, online ordering, website building, CRM, inventory, staff management and much more without spending money on all of them separately. With the rise of online orders and contactless payments, restaurants have opted for the best technology to improve customer service.

Restaurants are partnering with third-party aggregators to attract online deliveries. The technological advancement is automating the in-house customer experience with the help of robots or Waiter Calling Devices. It is a small device placed on every table with three buttons for customers to request a waiter, water or bill. This has helped the captain and waiter in managing customers without much hassle.  

4. Cloud Kitchen

If you have not yet heard of this up-and-coming model of restaurants then you are missing out on the new restaurant startup trends! Cloud kitchens are restaurants that only operate on a food-delivery basis and do not have a dine-in setup.

With the rise of the pandemic, traditional restaurants opted for this model to sustain themselves in the market. Alongside the massive investments made by big third-party aggregators to promote cloud kitchens, it has now become a very common and effective restaurant model.

Assigning all resources in accepting and managing online orders and deliveries helps in taking a lot of burden off the owner and staff. This model has also been made stable with the help of smart PoS technology which has quickly adapted to serve the need of the hour and help save businesses.

5. Digitalize Marketing

While the pandemic saw a rise in online orders, cloud kitchen and restaurant tech, it also witnessed a rise in digital marketing. In the current trend, it has become a must for every restaurant to invest in website building and creating a social media presence.

In a recent study, around 57% of people check a restaurant’s website before deciding to visit it. Along with the website, there are google reviews, food blogs, Instagram, and third-party reviews which play a key role in restaurant selection. Such easy access and ease in reviewing restaurants can be used to its advantage to get reliable organic reviews. With easy website-building tools, it is easy to create a restaurant website and add customer testimonials to create credibility.

At the same time, the website helps in generating leads for online orders by integrating ‘order online’ or taking table bookings via the website.

customer reviews
Your website & social media increases your digital presence & customer accessibility

6. Striving for Customer Loyalty

In the newest trend, the restaurant business had become more aggressive in getting customer loyalty. With many competitors existing in the market, it is easy for the customer to quickly switch to another restaurant if they are not satisfied with the service. By proving multiple payment methods, diverse menus or authentic tastes, accepting feedback, offering special discounts or coupons, customer wallets, loyalty points and much more, restaurants are shifting to provide the best services to the customer and make their dining experience pleasant.   

More and more competitors are entering the restaurant business and starting their own trends. The traditional way of restaurant operation and management is seeing a major shift because of these trends. It can be hard to keep up with all of them but following a set vision and mission can help any restaurant increase its market presence. To assist a smart owner’s smart restaurant, chose the smart Petpooja PoS!

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