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Low Budget & Successful Interior Designs For Restaurant

Multiple factors make a restaurant remarkable in the customer’s eyes; one such factor is the restaurant design. Restaurant design makes an immediate impact and helps set the tone of a restaurant. A successful restaurant interior design leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers and makes your restaurant stand out. A ‘wow’ factor lighting up your customers’ eyes as they enter the restaurant is all your restaurant needs to make it enticing and increase footfall. 

A successful restaurant interior design might look like an expensive and challenging affair for your restaurant if you are working on a small budget. But don’t worry; we have collated some ideas for you to create a low-budget successful restaurant interior for your outlet. 

Cafe interior design with plants and a statement wall - successful restaurant interior.

8 Tips For Affordable & Successful Interior Design

1. Minimalist Design

Minimalist design for your restaurant includes a limited number of quality pieces to design your interiors. Aesthetically pleasing minimalistic designs are fashionable and can make for a charming, successful restaurant interior. They provide extra space and are easier to clean and maintain. Buying fewer pieces would generally mean spending less money. However, if you don’t plan it properly, you might pay the same amount of money for lesser items. It is important to budget it properly and be smart with your choices.

2. Go Green

The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to design a successful restaurant interior is to buy lots of green plants from your nearest nursery. Plants, flowers and foliages make your place beautiful and elevate your vibe and restaurant ambience. It is a simple, pocket-friendly option to create a refreshing, earthy and appealing environment in your restaurant.

3. Lighting Scheme

Lighting setup in a restaurant is an understated aspect of its interior design. An eloquent lighting scheme can put you miles ahead in creating a successful restaurant interior. Ambient or accent lighting and high windows for natural light during day time are one of the cheapest and most aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme ideas. You can decorate your restaurant with LED or high celeing lights to create an affect of open space. It works even better if you have an outdoor seating arrangement. If you wish to add a bit of drama to your place, pick chandeliers or sconces.  

4. Display Local Art

Featuring the work of local artists in your establishment is one of the more inexpensive and innovative ideas to design your interior. You can reach out to local artists or put an open call for them and keep rotating the artwork in your restaurant. It will prevent your place from ever feeling boring, and keep it interesting with regular new aspects for the customers. It’s also a fantastic way to promote local talent. There are many art cafes and restaurants which display and sell local art to support the artists. This idea can also open doors for a revenue opportunity, where if someone buys, you can charge a small commission from the artists. 

5. Furniture & Fixtures

Getting the right furniture is crucial for creating the desired ambience for your restaurant. Buying furniture may look like a costly affair; however, there are some hacks you can adopt to develop affordable and suitable furniture for your establishment. You can make your existing furniture more attractive by painting the existing pieces of furniture yourself. You can also visit flea markets or antique shops to get unique and cheap furniture that can fit your theme. If you don’t find appealing furniture to match your concept, you can decorate your seating with bright-coloured cushions, large-sized pillows, and attractive curtains. Furniture that matches your restaurant concept builds a successful restaurant interior. 

6. Statement Wall

A statement wall is an eye-catching attractive wall that differs from other walls in the restaurant. A statement wall adds character to your restaurant, especially if the rest of the interior is relatively plain. It will be low on cost and instantly brighten up the room. This way, instead of worrying about the whole space, you can focus all your attention on a single area. 

7. Activity Wall

To give the customers a space to express themselves, get creative or even give reviews, many outlets create activity wall. These walls could either be black chalk boards, tack boards or simple. Restaurants which often update their menus use these walls to write their specials, offers and upgrades. They are easy and fun to maintain, where you can also channel your inner artist. These ideas, however, work with younger crowds looking for a creative space to hangout.

8. Books and Games

Keeping books and games is another way to give your place a specific character and pull in the crowds. Young people often look for sites where they can find “something to do”. While books can appeal to people looking to spend some alone quiet time, board games attract groups of people who want to spend some time together and have fun. It is an affordable and accessible method to design your interiors and make them more enticing. 

Restaurant interior with a chalkboard- successful restaurant interior.

We understand that opening a restaurant can be an expensive affair. We hope this blog helps you design your interior on a small budget. To get regular restaurant-related updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!

Abeera Dubey
Abeera Dubey
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