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6 Tips To Help Increase Restaurant Sales During This Festive Season!

The festival season is here! Coming months, we will be celebrating multiple festivals in India. Whether it is Navaratri, Eid, or Christmas, Rakhsha Bandhan, or even Friendship’s Day, the coming months are jam-packed with festivities! And whenever there is a celebration, delicious food & sweets become the must-haves.

It is not an unknown fact that we Indians love to step out to shop & enjoy during festival season. It is also the time when businesses make the maximum profits! Malls are bustling with crowd & restaurants are full around the clock!

If you are a restaurateur, wondering how to attract more customers to your business to increase restaurant sales & earn higher profits, then this is the blog just for you!

6 Tips To Increase Restaurant Sales During Festivals

Food is a massive part of our culture. Be it an everyday meal or a particular festival treat; food makes us bond with our family and friends.

Once the activities, traditions and festivities of the day are over, people often wonder how to celebrate the rest of the day together. As a restaurateur, this is your time to shine! Make yourself the go-to place for customers to celebrate festivals with their loved ones.

Given the importance of food and festivals in our lives, it is the perfect time to put in some effort and create a marketing strategy to increase restaurant sales. 

Offer more than just a meal this festive season to increase restaurant sale
Offer more than just a meal this festive season to increase restaurant sale

1. Special Menu and Offers

Each festival has a unique flavour. You should highlight these flavours in your menu around the time of these festivals. You can also curate a special menu for some festivals to include their authentic food items. An exclusive ‘Navratri Menu’ is highly recommended to engage your customers. 

Although it is a valuable idea to rework your menu around the festivals, you should be careful with experimenting. People forgo of eating certain ingredients due to their religious beliefs. And so, to provide respectful & considerate restaurant customer service, talk to your chefs and team to bring out the authenticity of each festival. 

If you are a small food truck owner or food stall owner, you can attract more customers by visiting various events, parties & food parks where people often go to celebrate the festival. You can offer your special curated menu for the specific celebration. This way, you can increase your restaurant sales, reach out to more people around the town.

2. Celebrating with Customers

Plan activities that tempt customers to visit your restaurant. Organizing events around the festivals to celebrate with your customers is an excellent way to increase footfall.

For instance, during Eid, you can host a Biryani eating challenge and offer the winner some special discounts for the future. You can also celebrate the “Nine Days of Navratri” theme, where you offer targeted discounts, menu items, and events to increase your restaurant sales.

If you are looking to make such experiences more memorable, keep a camera ready! Click happy moments of your customers & share it with them!

3. Exciting Deals & Discounts

Exciting festive deals and discounts are other methods to increase restaurant sales. Offer exclusive sibling discounts around Raksha Bandhan and limited corporate deals for their Diwali lunch. You can always offer BOGO discounts, group discounts, x% off on a set bill range, one-plus-one offers on drinks & special menus, & even provide complimentary dishes to your customers!

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Moreover, you can provide extra benefits to your loyal customers to keep them intact. Use your POS CRM reports rewarding loyal customers by offering them exclusive discounts and invites.

4. Time to Change the Decor

As customers step out of their houses to celebrate the festival with their loved ones, it is crucial to design an engaging ambience to attract them to your restaurant. A charming decor can make the customers happy and get them in a festive mood…and encourage them to spend more! All your events and discounts are incomplete without an elegant festive decor. 

Decorating your restaurant with adorable, festive goodies and designing stands where people can click lively pictures are other pleasing ways to engage with customers. You can also sell special festive merchandise, like Starbucks. Starbucks coffee mugs make for popular gift choices. 

Increase restaurant sales by creating themes that match the mood of your customers, they would enjoy your meal & service more!
When your theme matches the mood of your customers, they would enjoy your meal & service more!

5. Had Out Little Goodies

Everyone likes to take away more than just a good time from their restaurants. You can do so by offering a small token of thanks from your side. Things like small pouches or covers of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, and even household items like cutleries or containers would do! Don’t shy away from going a little over the budget.

The purpose of this is to make sure your customers feel appreciated & attended to. You also customize the packaging by adding your logos, colour scheme or tag line.

Don’t forget, such opportunities are also a chance to market your own brand!

6. Marketing Your Business

Even when you have planned everything right, designed the perfect menu, organized exciting events, offered tempting discounts and altered the decor beautifully, it can all prove ineffective without the right marketing strategy.

Use both online and offline modes of marketing. Send SMS and emails, upload lovely pictures on social media with details about your offers, and get influencers on board. It is crucial to go all in your marketing efforts.

It is best to design a marketing calendar for your restaurant to make the best of this festival season. Pre-plan all your activities and budget to boost your sales and brand value. 

diversify your menu to attract more customers to increase restaurant sales
Host events, offer discounts, decorate and market effectively to increase your restaurant sales this festive season.

We hope that this blog was helpful. An effective tip for great customer service would be to understand what your customers want & always deliver above their expectations.

In addition to the large order volumes within the restaurants, there are always multiple online orders too that need your attention. To make sure that your online orders are effectively managed & bring more revenue this festive season, read our blog here!

Happy festivals from our Petpooja family to yours! We hope this blog helps you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for regular restaurant-related updates!

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