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How To Increase Restaurant Sales During Monsoon Season?

How does rainy weather make you feel? Sit inside, enjoy the day in peace, or go out and have fun? Whether you remain at home or outside, one thing stays the same: our craving for hot beverages and good food! If you are a restaurateur, then your customers’ these monsoon cravings are golden opportunities to reap higher profits.

In many parts of India, monsoon sales are the prime time for businesses to make profits! The same is for the restaurant businesses too. However, depending on the intensity of the rains, you may find an empty restaurant occasionally. Little footfall on a rainy day shouldn’t dishearten you; your customers still need you; you just have to reach their homes.

Many restaurant owners don’t realize how to make the best of the monsoon sales and increase their seasonal profits; but don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading to know how you can increase your monsoon sales.

Rain is associated with many food dishes in Indian culture. Know how restaurants can increase their sales at this time.
Restaurants can increase monsoon sales through multiple ways like offering special discounts, creating a special menu and focusing on their online food delivery fleet.

Six Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales During Monsoon

To make the best of customers’ monsoon appetites for hot, spicy, and delicious food, restaurants can use the following strategies.

1. Monsoon Menu 

Every season offers something special, and people have particular cravings when it comes to a rainy day. Creating a special seasonal menu to drive monsoon sales is a solid strategy. The menu can include tea, coffee, soups, pakoras, grilled sandwiches, momo, and chicken wings. A special monsoon menu will also help you stand apart from your competitors in the market.

You can boost these menus online on third-party platforms. This way you can plan how many orders you would serve & plan inventory accordingly. For example, Chaayos offers kulhad pav bhaji and pakora baskets on their menu during monsoon.

2. Special Offers

Extending special discounts and offers is always a good idea to entice customers to your restaurant. People love nothing more than juicy discounts that save them some bucks. To attract customers, you can also offer a date night combo (rains can make people romantic). Put up an attractive poster at your restaurant door and around the town to announce exciting deals and watch customers roll in. 

How about a vada pav eating contest each time it rains (and the winner gets a special discount for next time)? Or the first five people to arrive at your restaurant as soon as it begins to drizzle get free chai?

How to boost your restaurant sales during monsoon?
The Indian food delivery market was worth 2.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. It is expected to reach nearly 13 billion by 2025.

3. Food Delivery

People prefer staying inside and enjoying good food when it rains heavily outside. The online food delivery market in India has skyrocketed and when it comes to ordering food online for home delivery, people have plenty of options. You must up your delivery game in a competitive market by offering alluring deals on your monsoon menu and better packaging.  

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Focus on your packaging! If the food is not packed correctly, the rain will ruin the dish before it reaches the customers. Know more about mistakes restaurants should avoid with online delivery.

4. Maintain Hygiene

Monsoon doesn’t just bring good mood and harvest but also brings along bugs, cold, and flu. People often avoid outside food due to this reason. In such a situation, restaurants must be extra careful about their hygiene. Even slight negligence can cost heavily to the restaurants. One bad experience can result in massive negative publicity. 

Not just your hygiene, restaurants also need to be careful with their food ingredients to increase their monsoon sales. For instance, bread and dairy products spoil fast during the monsoon, so you must be cautious in handling these products.

5. Entertain the Customers 

Imagine customers come to your restaurant, but it starts raining heavily outside, and they are stuck. Keep some puzzles, board games, and books to keep customers engaged. You can also host monsoon events like quiet reading sessions, monsoon-song karaoke, or food Olympics to boost monsoon sales. 

Events help increase your footfall and make your restaurant memorable in customers’ eyes.

6. Social Media Marketing

Invest in social media marketing to inform customers about your monsoon plans. Social media has emerged as an unprecedented marketing tool for any business. You can share all about your special discounts, monsoon cleanliness efforts, updated menu, and upcoming events to appeal to customers. 

How can restaurants increase their sales during monsoon?
Post some quirky content related to the monsoon on social media to engage with customers and create a buzz! 

Apart from these strategies, innovative restaurant POS software can help you manage large orders & keep track of deliveries. With the help of advanced features and software data analysis, you can understand what works best for your restaurant business.

We hope this blog helps you get customers in during the monsoon season and boost your sales. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for regular restaurant-related updates.

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