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How To Choose The Best Cafe / Restaurant For A Memorable Experience?

We have a lot of options nowadays when it comes to visiting a cafe or restaurant for a nice meal and to have a good time.

Given the fact that most of us have a busy scheduled and hectic life ahead of us we mostly get together with our friends or family on weekends over a lunch or dinner. It puts a lot of pressure on the restaurant to make sure that they have a nice meal to offer as per your expectations and have a good quality time with your company.

Therefore, if you don’t want your one night in the entire weekend to be ruined you need to choose your restaurant wisely and make sure that they provide you a wholesome experience worth remembering. After all, food is not just a basic need it also fuels your thoughts and emotions to keep you going.

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Important criteria to consider before you choose a Cafe or Restaurant:

1. Location

If you’re having a casual dinner with you and your spouse or few close people pick a place that’s around the block. In this way, you don’t have to put in extra for the transport and can easily walk to the place. You will also be engaged in light cardio post meal which is beneficially for your health.

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In case of a get-together with group of friends/family, choose a place that can suffice a big group of people. If its near to your place you’re in luck or else you will have to travel a bit.

You can also look out for places that are riverside or offers mountain view, garden view or rooftops depending upon your mood and occasion.

2. Ambience

If you’re having a casual dinner with few people you can choose a place that’s small, cozy and quiet. In such a setting you will have a comfortable meal and can spend quality time catching up with your company. You can also choose a place that offers few different facilities. Such as, games to play, has private booths or have lounges to hang out post meal.

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If you plan to have a get-together with a group of people choose a cafe – restaurant that is bigger. Also make sure it has enough waiters to serve and has a live entertainment. Such as, sports match screenings, performances by artist etc.

If you’re on business and need to discuss a deal you can choose a place that has private room/booth and is not chaotic or loud.

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3. Reviews

Having a meal in any cafe or restaurant is more than just having a meal its basically an investment in your health and in your time spent. Therefore, make sure to develop a habit of reading reviews about that place from genuine common people about the cafe or the restaurant. If the food turns out not up to the mark it will ruin your day, waste your time and can also have serious backlash on your overall health.

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4. Menu

We generally browse through the entire menu as we visit a new place for a meal. And this menu-scan can very effectively determine your experience.

You should see if the menu is overpriced or reasonable, based on the quality and quantity of the food dish. If you are in a habit of reading reviews before visiting you would know what cuisines are best served and what the experience of the place is like. Moreover, before you order, you should consult a waiter to recommended their best-sellers as well.

If you are traveling, you should eat at places preferred by the locals to get that authentic flavor and experience.

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5. Staff & Hygiene

When you visit any cafe or restaurant make sure to observe what you see as you enter. The amount of people having meals over there, how proactive and welcoming the staff is, how does the food look and smell, and most importantly does the place look neat and hygienic.

Post COVID-19 people have become extremely serious about hygiene and heath. Make sure you consider the place only if it has a positive affirmations to all the above questions.

Did we miss any other important criteria from your list? Let us know in the comment section below. Follow us on Instagram for more restaurant updates!

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