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Why Human Resources in Restaurants Are More Important Than You Think?

“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business” 

Zig Ziglar

Obviously, you can’t run a restaurant by yourself. You’ll need a team to help you. A team that will produce high-quality results in the shortest time possible. Because time and quality are critical in the hospitality sector for customer retention. From the exquisite cuisine prepared by the chef to the bill handed out by the cashier, your staff must be on their toes to deliver outstanding service to your guests.

Human resources in restaurants have always been a neglected topic. This leads to low staff retention; several hiring cycles throughout the year; low quality work output; and time and effort wasted in the interview processes.

To understand the importance of human resources in the restaurant industry, you should first know its functions!

Why should I employee human resource in restaurants?
Orientation and training of employees is an important aspect of human resource management.

Roles Of Human Resources In a Restaurant

Human resources, in any sector, does the major task of managing labour & looking after their wellbeing. However, in the content of the Indian restaurant industry, labour laws are quite fickle. And so, before hiring human resources for your restaurant, you should also understand whether or not you are in need of one!

Chain restaurants or restaurants which have multiple outlets need the help of HR to manage all their employees. But in the case of SMBs, it becomes an expense rather than an investment.

Now before you make up your mind about it, let’s understand the roles of HR in a restaurant!

1. Hiring and Retention

To keep the staff from being overworked due to a lack of employees, HR must fill all open positions as soon as possible. HR is responsible for writing job descriptions, conducting job interviews, hiring qualified candidates, and initiating the onboarding process.

Although retention is an important part of any HR function, in this industry, in particular, some customers become “regulars,” preferring one server over another or developing attachments to them. Maintaining these servers will result in getting more customers.

2. Orientation and Training

Human resources in restaurants are responsible for equipping workers with the resources they need to succeed, which frequently entails giving brand-new hires intensive orientation training to ease their inclusion into a different organisational culture. Additionally, many HR departments offer professional development and leadership training. 

3. Managing Wages And Benefits

You must pay your employees fairly for their work, in addition to the extra benefits and compensation, in order to keep them on board and keep them motivated to work hard for your business. Staff members are more likely to offer customers high-quality service if they feel appreciated and worth working for the pay they receive. These roles are fulfilled by human resources.

Human resources in restaurants help retain, train & manage staff more efficiently
Human resources in a restaurant should make sure that no employee is overburdened with work.

4. Employee Scheduling and Shifts

Like other industries, restaurants don’t have set business hours from 9 to 5. In fact, some restaurants are open around-the-clock. Or start late at night, like night kitchens! Therefore, one of the most important tasks of human resources in restaurants is to schedule the work shifts of all the employees. They must ensure that no employees are over-working at their jobs because doing so will harm their health.

5. Managing Team Conflicts

Anywhere a large group of people are working together, there will occasionally be some conflict in the team. It is crucial in these circumstances to have human resources in restaurants to serve as a mediator for the parties involved. Conflicts may escalate into serious issues or create a hostile work environment if they are not peacefully resolved.

6. Implementing & Overlooking Policies

Human Resources is in charge of organising policy implementation and writing for the floor, in addition to adhering to local, state, and federal laws. HR is involved in some level of coordination for things like menu changes, dress code changes, implementing new discount offers, promotions, and so on.

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HR is ultimately accountable for ensuring compliance. Accurate follow-up and assistance are crucial when required.

Now that you’re familiar with the roles of human resources in the restaurant industry, let’s understand its importance.

Human resources in a restaurant entails directly caring for an employee.
Getting in touch with employees individually makes them feel respected and cared for in their workplace.

Why are Human Resources Important In Restaurants?

Why aren’t more restaurants getting an HR rep if there are so many roles for HR in a restaurant? The cause of this is a lack of awareness regarding the time and effort lost on frequently hiring new employees as a result of inadequate human resource management.

Benefits of setting human resources for your restaurant:

  • Safety of the people: In order to prevent any mishaps while preparing food, it is HR’s responsibility to make sure that the appropriate safety procedures are being followed in the kitchen. Additionally, they must ensure that the food safety guidelines are strictly followed to prevent the serving of spoiled or harmful food to the customers.
  • Workplace Environment: A company’s work culture has an impact on both its employees and the regular diners who frequent the establishment. The revenue generated by the restaurant will be directly impacted by the work culture. It is the duty of an HR rep to make sure that there is a positive work culture in the restaurant.
  • Team spirit: It is important to have a team that is motivated to serve its customers in the best way possible. Hence, human resources have an important role to play in this. They need to regularly carry out certain activities and team bonding practices that can boost the team’s morale.

Your employees are the foundation of your restaurant’s success. Take care of them so that they can take care of your customers. Having a dedicated human resources department or team in your restaurant will raise your team’s morale, create a healthier restaurant culture, and ultimately increase employee retention.

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