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How to Pick a Unique Restaurant Name?

As you open a new restaurant, there are multiple factors you need to decide upon – a restaurant concept, perfect location, interior design, tempting menu, amongst many, many other things. One such aspect that restaurant owners have to wreck their brains for is picking up a unique restaurant name. 

Your restaurant name is the first thing people notice about your restaurant. You only get one chance to make a first impression. People will see the name of your restaurant and form an instant opinion. Get the right unique restaurant name, and you create a buzz all around the town.

Why Unique Restaurant Name Is Important?

A unique restaurant name can set you apart from your competition. Restaurant name gets to be associated with everything you have to offer. When customers think of your name, it will remind them of the food you offer, the restaurant interior, service and the emotions people associate with your restaurant. Therefore, choosing the perfect restaurant name can make all the difference for your restaurant. 

Now that you know how crucial a restaurant name is, here are some tips for picking a unique restaurant name.

Meat and Good Times - A catchy and unique restaurant name.

1. Focus On Your Restaurant’s Concept

Your restaurant name should reflect your restaurant concept. A restaurant concept reflects your restaurant’s vision, mission and brand to your audience. If your restaurant concept involves providing a cosy space for people to read quietly, then a name like ‘food for thought’ can communicate a clear picture to the audience and make it appealing. A restaurant name not conveying the essence of your restaurant, portraying its idea and telling the customers what it stands for, is not serving its purpose. 

If there is a backstory to why you came up with the restaurant concept, your name provides a perfect opportunity to communicate it and make the restaurant more alluring. The story gives your restaurant concept depth and can help create an instant connection with your customers. M.B.A. Chaiwala‘ presents the perfect example in this regard. 

2. Short & Simple

It is imperative to keep the name short and simple. If your restaurant name is too complicated to grasp or difficult to pronounce, it can drive the customers away. Short and simple names are also memorable, while over-complex names don’t create recall value and make you lose word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Catchy & Appealing 

To set you apart, increase your recall value and make you memorable, keep a catchy, appealing and unique restaurant name. As critical as having a simple name, it is as significant to ensure that it is not dull. A catchy restaurant name can get stuck on your customer’s lips and brains, increasing your value in the market. Your restaurant name should appeal to your target audience. The restaurant name should be relatable to the customers and help create a relationship with them. For instance, if your target audience is college kids, you can keep a name that is trendy and appeals to the likes of college students. 

4. Nothing Inappropriate

While your restaurant name needs to be unique and distinguish you from others, you must ensure that it is not too abstract or inappropriate for your target audience. Sometimes, in the pursuit of a catchy and humorous name, restauranteurs might end up with inappropriate and offensive names. As the new generation is becoming increasingly aware and woke, it is prudent for all businesses to ensure their names are appropriate in today’s world. Make sure to keep a restaurant name that doesn’t offend or alienate anyone. 

5. Check Out Your Competition 

As you consider names for your restaurant, it is nice to check out the names your competitors have picked for themselves. Checking your competitors serves two purposes: it can inspire ideas for your restaurant and tell you what not to do to stand out in the market. 

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. - A catchy restaurant name.

Choosing a unique restaurant name is crucial to attracting customers to your restaurant. While picking up a unique restaurant name, you can pen down all your random thoughts in one place, highlight the ideas that stand out and draw out some options by arranging and joining those thoughts. You can create a focus group (or a Twitter pole) to understand how your target audience perceives those names. Based on the results, you can narrow down the best name for your restaurant. 

It can be challenging to handle so many things at once when you open a restaurant; you can also hire a restaurant consultant (industry experts who provide their knowledge and experience in the field in exchange for set consultation fees) to help you in this journey. 

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Abeera Dubey
Abeera Dubey
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