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How To Open A Trendy Go-To Pizza Shop For Your Customers?

Hearing the word pizza alone makes our mouths watery and brings a smile to our faces no wonder 5 billion+ pizzas are sold worldwide each year. Therefore, your plan of opening a pizza shop or a pizzeria can never go out of style. 

However, running a pizza shop does require a tonne of continuous research, innovation and effort.

Let’s See How You Can Open A Pizzeria That Gains Amazing Popularity Step-By-Step 

1. A Proper Business Plan & Blueprint

Most of the time people think that making a business plan is just a formality but it’s an important step. The process of making a business plan will not just give you better clarity of your pizza shop, it will also give you a clear understanding of the market and industry as well. 

Create goals for your business in the short and long term. It will help you set the processes right for structuring, running, and growing your business. 

An ideal business plan should include:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Local market analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Initial Financial planning
  • Marketing plan
  • Expected years for ROI

Also, keep a rough idea of your budget at the back of your mind while building the blueprint. 

Developing a blueprint gives you an exact picture of how your pizzeria will look. List out the following questions before starting your blueprint.

  • How is your pizza place going to look?
  • Do you need an architect to design your pizza shop and its floor plan?
  • How would you like its ambience to be and what furniture will go with your decor?
  • How many professionals do you need and how many can you afford? Decide the salary that you can offer.
  • What equipment will you need?
  • Are considering serving online as well?

This analysis can take a little more time than expected. But don’t rush the process as addressing these issues now would be better than a year down the line.

2. Finalizing Documents And Loans

In case you have invested with a borrowed capital or taken out a loan for your pizza business then make sure your loan has been approved and all the formalities are done. Make sure you have all the final documents with you as those documents will be required while applying for further licenses. 

It is advisable to not invest further or rent a property before your loan is approved. 

A group of people having pizza together | Open A Trendy Go-To Pizza Shop For Your Customers

3. Right Location

The location of your pizza shop can be a game-changer for you. The overall success of your business can highly depend on it. You should also make sure that the area you select is frequently visited by your target audience. Make sure to consider the following points before deciding on the location:

  • Large footfall
  • Adequate Parking space
  • Residential or corporate area
  • Fewer cafes/coffee shops serving the same menu
  • Visitors consisting of working professionals and students
  • Moderate traffic area

Your target audience will only be able to discover you if you’re in their areas of interest. You must understand that your customers are going to spend a lot of time here so you have to make your pizza shop look chic and trendy to attract them in all aspects.

4. Apply For Licenses

Pizza shops don’t have to apply for all kinds of licenses. However, there are a few licenses that they need to apply for compulsorily such as:

Apart from licenses, you also need to register your business and apply for GST and other legal requirements. What Licenses Are Required For Opening A Restaurant in India?

5. Stock Up Your Equipment

Once you have finalized the menu for your Pizza shop, get ready to buy the necessary equipment and crockery items. Make sure you don’t miss out on any special requirements. It is best to prepare a category-wise list of equipment and machinery before you begin to shop. Depending upon your business format that is dine-in in this case, you may certain kitchen equipment such as: 

  • Pizza ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Gas range, Grills and Ventilation
  • Food preparation surface
  • Dough mixer, dough sheeters, dough presses, and proofing cabinets
  • Basic preparation supplies like pizza cutters, cutting boards, serving utensils, and plates
  • Serving supplies like pizza stands
    And much more…
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While buying equipment don’t just buy basic things, look for items that will make you distinguish from your competitors.

best way to open a pizza shop in india

6. Get Listed On Third-Party Delivery Apps

Online food delivery applications are on a rise and currently own around 8% of the total restaurant market share in India. 

Hence, it’s time to list your pizza shop on these platforms. Just register online by providing all the necessary documents and business details and pay a nominal fee. There are two benefits of getting listed on a third party food aggregation platform:

  • Helps with brand visibility so your target audience can discover your business
  • Your target audience can place an order directly from there as well

You may also consider running ads on these platforms. Charges may vary between INR 14-17 on a per click basis. You can also custom select a specific area of your location to focus on while running your ads.

Spending resources on advertising on these platforms may sound like a stretch but it definitely pays off as your restaurant sales increases through it. Make sure you spend some percentage of your marketing budget on these platforms to stand out from the competition.

7. Market Your Business

Marketing is more crucial than you can imagine. The right marketing can make all the difference for your business. 

Build an excellent social media presence even before the launch of your pizza shop. Keep giving suitable sneak peeks of your business at every stage of its construction.

Once your pizza place is ready to unveil, host an opening event with a good discount or offer to attract customers. Giving a flat 50% discount on the first few purchases is always a good idea to make your customers acquainted with your services. Make sure you take proper feedback and leave a good impression on your customers.

Want to know more about how you can market your business? Well, here you go- Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Try In 2022

8. Invest In The Right People & Technology

As a business owner, you need to learn a very important skill – Delegation. Don’t try to do everything on your own you will burn out. Hire the right staff members who understand your passion and brand. Interviewing candidates can be a long time but it’s an important investment so don’t try to rush it.

It is also important to invest in the right technology that empowers you and helps you grow multifold. Invest in a fast billing mechanism, a coherent inventory management process, efficient reports to study your sales and a single screen to manage all your online orders. These are some of the key technologies that can help your pizza shop business grow more.

You can further invest in a Pizza POS that can handle all your operational hassles while you create magic in your ovens.

Moreover, finding the best suppliers is essential to the business. Your suppliers need to be industry-competitive, reliable, and genuine to continue growing your business. Take to time to find the best suppliers as this one-time investment for the future long trades. Make sure to use good quality machines and raw materials to give your pizza that authentic premium taste you desire.

A phone capturing a picture of a pizza | Open A Trendy Go-To Pizza Shop For Your Customers

Tips for running your pizza shop successfully

  • Keep the taste consistent
  • Create personal relations with your customer
  • Ace your social media presence
  • Register on food delivery apps
  • Apply for a late-night license as 9 PM onwards is the prime time for Pizza consumption
  • Keep innovative and introduce new flavours and toppings

It is easy to give up when time your business is not doing well. But not giving up on your dreams is much more rewarding. It is important to stay resilient and optimistic. It will take time to start earning profit from your pizza business. It will take time to spread its charm. It happens steadily by gaining the trust of your customers, so serve them well with utmost care. 

Hope this step-by guide helps you in opening your dream pizza shop that gains immense popularity. Keep yourself updated with recent news in the Food and Beverage industry by following us on Instagram.

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