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How To Open A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) In India?

Who doesn’t love fast food?
Fast food is loved and enjoyed by almost the whole metropolitan population, from children to college students, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians alike. One simply seeks opportunities to make an excuse and visit a fast food joint.

These restaurants specialize in fast food cuisines such as pizza and burgers, as well as items that can be produced in a short amount of time. Some of the culinary franchises you may be familiar with in India includes KFC, Domino’s, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut, among others.

This QSR-style restaurant appears to be a profitable restaurant structure among all, and it has also become one of the most popular choices of food entrepreneurs. You can determine the prices for a single dining menu regardless of the cost of tableware, air conditioning, and so on. Aside from these considerations, you should be able to acquire 100-150 orders every day in the long run.

To be successful in the QSR industry, you must have a distinctive concept and provide exceptional customer service in terms of food selection, quality, delivery time, and atmosphere.

How To Start A Fast Food Restaurant Business In India?

If you are thinking of hitting the road and starting a new fast-food restaurant then this is the time.
Don’t be concerned! We’ll delve deeper to offer you all of the information you’ll need to make your execution look easy.

1. Choose a location

One thing that influences your restaurant’s success or failure is its location. The area in which you select to establish the restaurant should have a significant population, but you should also focus on targeted customers. Make sure that this place is easy to find and that everyone can see it promptly. As a result, you should be able to draw more visitors. It is suggested that you choose the shops on the ground floor that is closest to the front.

fast food restaurant location

The most suitable locations for Quick Service Restaurants or Fast Food Restaurants must be those with the most footfall. as an example;

  • Near a train station, a bus stop, or an airport
  • Nearby Universities/Colleges
  • Niche market.

2. Get the licenses

Essential Licenses to open a Quick Service Restaurant are:

  • FSSAI (food safety and standards authority of India 
  • Health/trade license
  • Shop and establishment act
  • GST registration 
  • Certificate of environmental clearance 
  • Eating house license
  • Music license
  • Trademark of restaurant
  • Eating house license 
  • ISO

    Generally  to open a fast-food restaurant, you’ll need five licenses: an FSSAI food license, GST registration, a health license from the local municipal corporation, a police eating house license, and a fire license. Make sure you’ve covered all of the legal bases. So that there are no issues with these in the future.

3. Menu design

Your Menu card is what is ultimately going to attract customers to your restaurant. Simply choose a few essential dishes to serve and change them from time to time. As you progress with building your restaurant, you will learn more about what your customers enjoy and dislike, so keep updating the menu and do some tweaks here and there to keep the profits coming in.

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fast food menu

Make your menu simple and easy to understand. According to research, the major reason for restaurant failure is the creation of a vast and unorganized menu. It lowers the likelihood of customer retention. As a result, avoid constructing a large menu with numerous items.

4. Hire Staff

If you’re looking for a secret behind your favorite restaurant’s success, look no further than the kitchen. As the most important member of your team, you must select a chef who is meticulous in his work.

restaurant staff and service

There are 3 categories of staff you need to hire:

  1. Operational Manager
  2. Kitchen Staff
  3. Service Staff

5. Kitchen equipment and raw materials

In a restaurant, kitchen equipment is a considerable investment. Hence, having everything fresh in the kitchen is not always necessary; most kitchen equipment may be purchased used.

quick service restaurant QSR

While working tables, refrigerators, store racks, and cupboards can be reused, burners, Tandoors, and gas pipelines should all be replaced to minimize further costs and gas leaks. Mixer, fry-pans, knives, cutting boards, and other utensils, considering the above-mentioned kitchen equipment, should be purchased fresh.

6. POS software

The first item you should put on your counter is a POS system, which will assist you in creating accurate and correct bills. Make sure to select a point-of-sale system that is appropriate for your quick-service restaurant’s niche. It can be used with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This system is aimed at saving you time and simplifying your workflow.

petpooja restaurant pos  software

Your Pos Should be able to do the following:

  • Automatic billing
  • Stock and inventory management 
  • Recipe management 
  • In-depth reporting
  • Live data tracking
  • Mobile reporting 
  • Off-line reporting

7. Marketing

Marketing, Branding, and Advertising Strategy you can follow while launching and expanding your fast food business:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website
  • Blogging
  • Emails
  • Radio/tv/print ads
  • Loyalty programs and other offers, discount and deals.
  • Word of Mouth: If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is compelling.

In India, the quick-service restaurant business is rapidly increasing. While the initial investments are cheap when compared to other formats, if you can get it off to a good start, it can help you reap the benefits. As a result, use the procedures outlined above as a guide and put them into action, and watch your dream quick-service restaurant come to life!

Hope this blog was helpful. Thank you for reading!
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