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How To Open A Buffet Restaurant Business In India: A Complete Guide

Have you ever been so hungry that you think you can eat the food portion of 3 people alone?
Well, you’re not alone! And for days like these, you have Buffet Restaurants.

What is a Buffet Restaurant?

Buffet restaurant can also be called an “all you can eat” restaurant.

A customer or a group of people have to pay a fixed price to get their plates filled with as much food as they like. In a typical buffet, there are up to 10 to 12 different dishes starting from appetizers to desserts.

The customer is free to choose whatever dish they like and eat it as much as they can. The buffet restaurant business is very cost-effective and satisfying for a large group of people such as family or friends.

How to open a buffet restaurant business in india petpooja

How To Start A Buffet Restaurant Business?

1. Build A Business Plan

Prepare a practical business plan for your buffet restaurant business keeping your core morals and desires in the center.

  • Streamline the entire process it will tell you what you can bring to the table and what you require from other people
  • Prepare a financial analysis calculating your operational cost, required cash flow, your break even point and present investment required
  • SWOT analysis will tell you the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your buffet business
  • Conduct a industry analysis that will tell you how is the industry working, what is the growth percentage, what are the industry standards of running a buffet and keeping up with industry trends
  • Work on a proper marketing plan before you launch your business and keep it sustainably growing. Don’t forget to increase your marketing efforts and budget as you grow this is a mistake everyone commits.

2. Location Of Your Buffet Restaurant

Once your business framework is established and you have proper finances you can start looking for a space for your buffet restaurant.

You can either buy a property or lease it as per your budget. Make sure you look for a large and adequate space to leave enough room for your kitchen staff, waiting staff, display of the buffet, navigate buffet lines, and customer seating.

Make sure that the location of your buffet restaurant is also the same area that is frequently visited by your target audience. It should also have adequate parking space if you expect a group of large people to dine in with you.

3. Applying For Licenses

Every kind of restaurant, food truck, or even parlor needs basic licenses from the government authorities to run their business. Similarly, your Buffet Restaurant will also require the following license before it starts its operation:

Apart from this, there are also some other licenses that are required as and when you grow. All licenses have a set procedure of getting allotted by the government which is easy and cooperative.

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Make sure to get your basic licenses before committing to any loan or location lease.

How to open a buffet restaurant business in india petpooja

4. Investing In A POS

As a business owner, you should focus on the bigger picture in terms of branding, financing, and partnerships rather than spending time managing your day-to-day operations. Don’t try to do everything on your own you will burn out eventually. Let the Buffet Restaurant POS handle all your operational hassles.

Invest in a fast billing mechanism, a coherent inventory management process, efficient reports to study your sales, and a single screen to manage all your orders, these are some of the key technologies that can help your buffet business to grow more.

5. Design Your Buffet Restaurant Layout

Once you finalize the location and all the equipment you will be required for running a buffet restaurant you can now focus on the layouting of your restaurant.

Decide on the number of tables you want and where will the buffet display and line set up. Divide the buffet counters into different stations for starters, main course, desserts, and drinks.

Cost-effective items like vegetables, rice, and noodles should be in the front line where it is more visible so your customers can fill their plates up with those before getting into high-cost items like seafood or meat.

When choosing a design for your dining space you should consider a theme or a color scheme that you want to implement. Make sure the space has adequate seating and is not confined or crowded. A live band or artist can be a good option for entertainment in your buffet restaurant.

6. Marketing And Branding Of Your Buffet Restaurant

Everything in this world needs marketing and branding efforts and your buffet restaurant is no exception. In a world where Instagramming your experience is everything, you can leverage the same for your marketing game.

Choose an aesthetic style that reflects well with your interiors. Dedicate a well-decorated wall where your customers can click cool photos and post on their Instagram this will be indirect marketing for your buffet restaurant.

You can also ask for customer feedback, ask them to post a review on Google Business, and even send them emails or SMS for any discounts, offers, or new menu additions.

You can also use offline mediums like newspaper ads, signs, and billboards in an area where your target audience can see them.

How to open a buffet restaurant business in india petpooja

Just like everything in life, this too has its pro and cons. Read about it here- Buffet Restaurant Business: Pros & Cons to have a clear path of growth.

Hope this helps you in starting your Buffet Restaurant Business. Tell us what worked for you in the comment section below!

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