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Food Catering 101: Different Types Of Caterers & How to Manage Them

If you think of a birthday, a wedding, a party, a sleepover or a simple movie night, what do they all have in common? Food! One of the most crucial & common components of any event is the food offered at it. As a result, anyone organising a formal or casual event is under tremendous pressure to take care of their guests’ dining needs. But thank all the food gods for the food catering businesses that can take this load off their shoulders and handle everything in the kitchen! Read this blog to find out how your catering business can excel as a company in this cutthroat industry.

Before we start talking about food catering tips, let’s understand what the various types of catering businesses that you can get into are.

Types of Food Catering Businesses in India

1. Corporate Catering

Here, the caterer serves the company’s employees when they gather at a place for company-related business. Most businesses regularly host company-wide meetings where employees can discuss important issues. Since there are typically not a great number of people present during company meetings, the caterer can have people serve the guests their preferred meals and beverages.

Food catering company providing their service at a corporate gathering.
Lighting can also be a part of setting the vibe in a corporate event.

2. Wedding Catering

Wedding caterers are hired not only for the wedding and reception but also for other wedding-related events such as the rehearsal dinners, music nights (sangeet), and so on. Weddings are among the most important occasions in people’s lives. As a result, caterers pay special attention to the entire operation so that the couples can enjoy their special day without worrying about the arrangements.

3. Social Event

Social events include retirement, birthdays, babies, and bridal showers. Such events, in particular, necessitate a smaller scale and more customised food service. At such events, dietary preferences should be taken care of by the caterers so that food allergy flare-ups can be avoided.

Consider the cultural norms of your guests to avoid serving forbidden foods. Other options, such as the colour of the event’s theme, must be considered. On the day of the event, parties require less staff than weddings. This highlights the intimate character of these gatherings.

4. Concession Catering

This category includes public events, significant sporting occasions, and huge music concerts. There is probably food available wherever there are huge gatherings of people. In such circumstances, simply offer the most well-liked items as it is challenging to satisfy everyone’s unique food preferences. In place of full-course dining options, for example, it makes sense to have well-known quick food joints.

Now that you’ve seen how many different sorts of catering businesses are available to you, let’s look at some ideas to help you flourish with your food catering service.

How to manage food catering?
Hiring top-quality individuals for events can help to reduce the total number of people that need to be hired.

Tips to Improve Your Food Catering Service

1. Take Care of Hygiene

Customers are giving a lot of importance to hygiene and food safety after the impact of COVID-19. It would be bad for business if your catering services made customers sick. So, it’s important to take steps like making sure the food is stored properly, cleaning the kitchen appliances regularly, and only cooking with fresh ingredients.

2. Reduce Food Wastage

Consider how much food remains uneaten after a function has ended. Wastage is one of the most significant sources of financial loss. Get an accurate headcount of who will be attending the event, and prepare food for a few extra people as a safety net. 

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Another way to save money can be by managing the labour costs according to the size of the event. Cross-train your staff to handle multiple roles if it’s not a grand event like a wedding. But do not exploit people in the name of cross-training; pay fair wages and keep their working hours in check.

3. Pick a Theme

Find out what kinds of people are going to be attending the event so you can prepare appropriately. Ask your customers what they think the perfect party is, and based on their answers, choose a cute and fun theme that will give your guests an experience they won’t forget.

The fact that you gave careful consideration to the topic will leave a positive impression of your company on the minds of both your client and their guests.

4. Have a Uniform For Staff

Pick a good uniform for your staff that everyone must wear on the day of an event. Because, even if your cuisine is great, it won’t be enough to ensure your success if the people serving your food are dressed in soiled, food-stained clothes. In the events and catering service industry, presentation is crucial. Caterers are expected to dress professionally and behave politely whenever they work at a high-profile event.

Food catering staff getting the tables ready for a grand wedding dinner.
Having well-dressed staff will make a good impression on your guests.

5. Maintain Excellent Customer Service.

Customer service is one of the key elements of running a successful food catering business. Take regular feedback from your clients to know what you could have done better in order to keep upgrading the level of your customer service. Make sure you have enough staff present on the day of the event to provide great service and train them to be polite and proactive while they’re working.

If you are opening a food catering business, make sure you incorporate these tips into your company to grow faster in this highly competitive market. Word-of-mouth publicity is the best way to grow fast in the catering service business. Satisfy your client’s needs and they will surely refer you to someone else for their event.

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