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5 Essential Tips To Grow Your Bakery Business In India

Are you a small local bakery shop owner or a home baker looking to grow your bakery business? Well, the Indian bakery market was worth $ 7.22 billion in 2018. The market value is projected to reach a value of $ 13.3 billion by 2025 according to the IMARC group and unlike other industries, the bakery industry seems to have gained from the Covid-19 pandemic… so you are at the right place.

Now Let’s See How You Can Grow Your Bakery Business Successfully In India 

1. Keep Introducing New Menu Items

Who doesn’t like a sea salt cupcake with extra whipped cream at the end of the day? But that’s not what will keep them coming back to your bakery. 

You need to keep up with trends in the food industry especially those that are related to baked goods. You can introduce and host tasting events for all the new types of desserts, flavours and other baked items in your Bakery business according to the season, festivals, culture and trends. 

Not just through menu items but you can also introduce variations through cutlery, table designs, offers and interiors (in case of a bakery shop).

2. Network With People & Businesses 

“Networking is another form of investment in your business”

Networking with the right people allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. Your network can give you insights on business operations, profitability, hacks, technology, advice on how you can improve professionally and more. 

Participate in events or exhibitions in relevant cities. Visitors at such events are always open to trying new things and that can be a great opportunity for you to grow your target audience. You can engage with the audience by giving out free samples of your bestseller. 

Networking can also help you get corporate tie-ups where you can supply finger food & your best-baked items at their events. This opportunity can help you grow your business as multiple employees can vouch for your quality and tasteful products. 

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A group of people discussing and smiling | Grow Your Bakery Business In India

3. Create A Website

A survey suggests that 75% of people decide on a place to visit after viewing google search results. Now imagine if people searched for your business and your official website is nowhere to be seen? Doesn’t leave a good reliable impression, right?

Your bakery’s website is a must in this era, it’s a basic necessity to further market your business and create a brand presence online. 

But not just that, millions of online orders are being placed through online food ordering platforms like zomato, swiggy. But at the same time, partnering with these platforms can burn a hole in your pockets. This gives you all the more reasons to build your own website where you can receive orders without paying those third-party commissions

Need help in building your own website? Here’s your guide- Top 6 Tools To Build Your Restaurant Website

4. Market Your Bakery Business

Competing in any business is difficult nowadays especially in the bakery business as there are too many large chains, local shops and home bakers available in the market. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to promote your bakery business at a level above the traditional marketing tactics and here’s your guide for the same- How To Promote Your Bakery Business In A New Way 

With an effective promotion, you can turn a random buyer into a regular customer. 

Chef presenting his dessert dish in front of people | Marketing for your bakery business

5. Invest In A Reliable Bakery POS 

As and when you grow your bakery business you need strong support and automation to remain on top of your business operations. Invest in a good restaurant management platform that is specifically designed for bakery businesses.

Petpooja POS has designed a bakery POS for bakers like you! It will help you with everything including Billing, Inventory, CRM, Reporting, Menu Management, Handling Online orders and many more such things. Apart from providing all the necessary features and services it also provides 150+ third-party integrations that will help you scale and manage your business. 

Let the POS handles all the operational hassles for your outlet while you create magic in those ovens.

Don’t shy away, take a demo and see how advanced technology can help you, your staff and your business grow multifold! 

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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