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5 Ways To Entertain Customers In Your Dine-in Restaurant

Entertaining customers in your restaurant is now as important as the food served. Customers these days are looking for not just good food, but a wholesome dining experience. They are no longer happy with just a simple meal and a good ambience. They prefer to now have a more engaging and interactive experience when out for a meal.

Since the pandemic, ordering food home is second nature to the people. Hence, when they step out, the focus is equally divided between good food and a good time. 

How To Entertain Customers At Your Restaurant?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Thinking from their perspective, wouldn’t you love to go to a restaurant which is hosting Salsa Night on a Friday night or Coffee Art Sessions during high-tea evenings?

Restaurateurs need to think beyond the simple order-serve-pay system and deliver something out-of-the-box to their customers to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

No matter what size your dining space is, you can innovate ways in which you can entertain customers without creating a dent in your pockets.

This blog will brief you on the top 5 ways you can entertain customers at your dine-in restaurant.

Frolic with Food

This idea works great for restaurants with:

  • Live Counters
  • Free Kitchen Access
  • Open Air Areas
  • Spacious Bars

Who doesn’t love to play with their food? Or watch someone get creative with their ingredients? Social media is filled with videos of servers and chefs visiting the diners’ table and presenting food with a flourish! 

entertain customers by making cheese wheel pasta
A chef prepares spaghetti in a cheese wheel.

This may be done through the simple act of garnishing the served platter of food (see: Saltbae) or elaborately doing stunts from behind the counter as is popular in many Asian restaurants including Benihana.

While this is an old entertainment trick, this is a good way to entertain customers. It is now making a comeback and is proving to be very popular with the masses.

Many diners love the idea of taking out time and spending it at restaurants learning new cooking techniques or recipes while having gone there for a meal.

Cook your Food

A popular pizza chain is known to involve its customers in making pizza from scratch. From kneading the dough to spreading the sauce and sprinkling toppings, the customer is taken through the entire process of preparing a pizza. Another popular food item which can be prepared by the customers while dining in is sushi.   

make your own pizza party to entertain customers
Kids’ birthday party at a restaurant which teaches them how to bake and eat your own pizza!

Customers of all ages love to be involved in this activity. Entertain customers by making them do the hard work!

Crafts and Food

This one would especially work great for cafes and restaurants with smaller areas. You could hold events regularly with different ideas for arts and crafts. This is called educational entertainment

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You could hold mid-week sessions to gauge the reception of the audience and then if, in demand, you could hold them over the weekends too! 

Some crafty entertainment ideas include pottery, origami, painting with natural dyes etc. 

For this, you yourself don’t need to have the skills to hold these events. You can outsource it to local artists or bring in companies which hold such events on smaller scales.

Jazz Up your Food

Jazz evenings can be either dance or instrumental or both. And they do not have to be just jazz. Any dance form which you feel will appeal to the locals of your city and motivate them to get their bums off their sofa and into your restaurant can work. You can make this a weekly or even a monthly thing to ensure a steady growth or customer base or even an ensured group of visitors. 

salsa night at bar to entertain customers
A restro-bar holds salsa dance classes every Friday night for its customers.

Live music, even though very common, is appreciated even today. If the singer or the instrument player is talented and well-liked, it will help set the mood for the meal and can be a factor in customers choosing to re-visit a restaurant. A good live music scene can also put into action recommendations for your restaurant. 

Keeping away the Kids

This is a dual idea.

  • One: You can hold an adults-only day at your restaurant which will attract a lot of customers looking for a scream-free and quiet dine-in meal with their companions.
  • Two: You can separate an area and make it a kids’ zone with activities to keep them engaged while their parents can have a peaceful and uninterrupted dining experience. I promise you, a lot of folks will be thankful for this idea. 

Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, you could also involve customers in social clubs like book clubs or art and painting clubs etc. This way customers would spend longer hours dining in with an uninterrupted flow of food and drinks.

Board game or games night, depending on the availability of space is another good option to draw a crowd. Youngsters are always on the hunt for places to chill and relieve a long day’s stress. They love grabbing some coffee or beer and spending hours playing board games with their buddies.

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Shanaya Udeshi
Shanaya Udeshi
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