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Bakery Menu Ideas: How To Curate & What To Include!

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or wedding, or just a cosy movie night, there is room for a cake at every party! And given the high demand for these delicious desserts, any neighbourhood with the perfect bakery & an even more amazing bakery menu becomes a saviour for people.

The bakery industry is one of the most significant segments in the food processing sector in India. The Indian bakery market was around USD 7.60 billion in 2020 and is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% between 2021 and 2026 to reach a value of USD 12.39 billion by 2026. These progressive numbers offer enormous opportunities for growth and innovation.

If you plan to own a bakery and become a go-to name in your area, one of the critical areas you need to work around is your bakery menu. A fine bakery menu is the one aspect that is essential to attract more customers & earn their loyalty.

When we think of any bakery, we think of a versatile menu with pastries, cupcakes, bread, macaroons, cheesecakes and… well the list goes on! It may sound overwhelming to remember and include so many things while creating your bestselling bakery menu, but don’t worry; we have you covered! This blog breaks down the steps for making your menu with suggestions of items you can include in it. 

How can I create a best selling bakery menu?
Like most industries in India, the bakery industry is divided into organized and unorganized. There are more than two thousand organized bakeries and ten lakhs unorganized bakeries in India.

Questions To Ask Before Creating A Menu

1. What are your Strengths?

If you are someone who loves to bake, and that’s why got into this business, you would already know your strengths. Play to your strengths! Jot down all the dishes for your bakery menu you know you make well. The next step would be to learn how to monetize them! Practice the items and innovate if you like to add more items to the list.

2. Have You Done Market Research?

Before starting any business, it is unquestionably critical that you conduct market research. Conduct inquiries to understand the demand for your products. Narrow down the demographic you want to serve and determine their needs from your bakery menu.

Given that people are getting health conscious these days, you can include sugar-free & vegan items on your bakery menu!

3. What’s Your Competition Doing?

Check out the neighbourhood. Is someone offering the same products as you and earning higher profits? Study your competitors, what they are offering, what is working out for them, and what you can do differently. Something as crucial as their inventory suppliers, their rates, tools for baking, business model & marketing strategy should be looked into too! It is essential to know your competition, learn from them, and strategize based on it.

4. What Are Your Prices?

When designing any restaurant menu, working out the prices of the items is one of the most challenging tasks. But to sustain your business, you would need to set prices that bring higher profits! Before finalizing the prices, consider costs, target demographic, the style of your bakery, and how your competitors are pricing their products.

5. What’s In The Name?

Some items have straightforward names, like chocolate chip cake. However, if your menu ingredients, baking techniques & decoration are unique then why shouldn’t your names be? For instance, Theobroma’s menu includes Theos Chocolate Tart and Theos Chocolate Mousse Cup, where the names suggest they are unique to the brand.

6. What Does Your Menu Look Like?

Once you have clarity on all the above aspects, designing the bakery menu is the final item on your checklist. Pick a style, shape, size, and colour for your menu card that compliments your bakery’s themes & aesthetics.

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For example, if you plan to start an elegant theme, then fonts like Glamor, and Lovelyn, while colours like beige and brown will work for you.

Picture of bakery back-end with tempting dishes.
Come up with unique recipes and dishes that distinguish your bakery menu from your competition!

Items You Can Include in Your Bakery Menu

  • Cakes and Pastries: Can they be a bakery without cakes and pastries? Cakes are the most profitable products sold in a bakery. You can offer a variety of flavours, ingredients and add-ons but don’t go overboard. It’s best to offer limited choices
  • Cookies: Cooking and biscuits are other popular bakery items. Due to their low cost of making, they offer high-profit margins. Interestingly, the Indian bakery market is being supported by the region’s thriving biscuits and cookies industry. You can always add to the presentation by selling them in decorate jars or glazing them with chocolate syrups, chips & sprinkles!
  • Bites & Beverages: Small portions of food & beverages go well in bakeries. They have bread but aren’t sweet, being the perfect alternatives for days when your sweet tooth isn’t craving something sweet. Plus, who doesn’t love coffee with a choco-chip muffin on the side?
  • Bread: One of the best products a bakery offers its customers is unique, fresh bread. This product can win you a loyal customer base. 
  • Something Healthy: With an increase in health awareness around us, it is critical for any restaurant to offer healthy alternatives for their customers. Your menu can include items like vegan cakes, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies. 
  • Something Different: What is unique about your bakery? Focus on things that make you stand out from the crowd. Create your unique magical blend of baked items to drive customers crazy.

An additional tip for creating an amazing bakery menu would be to not limit yourself to it. You can always experiment in the oven & revamp your menu after every eureka moment!

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