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6 Successful Email Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant

Email marketing is a very cost-effective channel to stay in touch with your audience by providing relevant and personalized information. It is a wonderful medium to communicate your business achievements, discounts, offers, new launches and much more. 

In a survey of 1,000 small business owners, Email Marketing was rated as the second most successful tool for creating brand recognition. Marketers should create email campaign strategies in advance for continuous efforts of informing and engaging the clients. 

Let’s Look At The Best Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Restaurant Sales

1. Keep Them Updated 

You can dedicate an email every month to update your audience about any new outlet launches, seasonal menus, introductions of cuisine, your social media channel update etc. By sending regular emails about company updates your existing customers will know what’s new with your business and your potential customers will be able to trust your business better.  

2. New Offers & Discounts

Executing a wonderful email campaign is only a 50% task completed making your customers visit your restaurant and boosting your sales is the other 50%. To achieve this you need a lead magnet, a one time offer or a combo that they just cannot resist. It could be about a special holiday or seasonal affair or a special Happy Hour organized at your restaurant.

Keep your customers coming back by announcing new offers & personalized discounts from time to time. This will not only boost your sales but will also create increased brand loyalty among your customers.   

3. Personalized Deals For The Loyal Ones 

Segment your audience list based on their restaurant visits and bill value to curate a special group of all your loyal customers. Once you have that list, shoot them an email appreciating their loyalty and providing them with a lucrative offer that shows how well you appreciate them. 

Make sure to create this email as personalized as you can, nothing attracts brand loyalty more than making your customers feel valued and appreciated. You can use a restaurant loyalty program to minimize the efforts required. 

Creative Way to Thank loyal customers of your restaurant through email marketing campaign

4. Invest In Nurturing Long Term Relationships 

To build a long-lasting relationship with your customers make sure to take their feedback after their visit. Feedback not only helps you to improve your restaurant operations but also makes the customer feel valued when you implement something from their feedback or suggestions. 

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Emails are a great way to take feedback as well. The best way to take feedback in a dine-in restaurant would be right before they make the payment and in the case of cloud kitchens and online orders, you can shoot them an email right after their order is delivered. 

Make sure your feedback emails are easy to fill and don’t require much typing or time as that can discourage the customer from giving the feedback. 

5. Waking Up Your Long Lost Customers

Use Email Marketing campaigns to get in touch with your long lost customers. Send a warm personalized email with a special discount code or offer to all your customers that haven’t visited your restaurants in the past 3 months. Make sure to add an expiry date on the discount or offer provided.

6. Birthday/Anniversary Emails

For restaurants, events like birthdays and anniversaries are jackpots. The guest list is big, drinks are flowing, people are in an experimental mood and the bill value is always above average. 

Send a personalized birthday or anniversary email campaign with lots of wishes and good quality media content that lightens up your customer’s mood. Your efforts will be very fruitful if your customer decides your restaurant to be their party venue. 

Make sure to always send such emails well in advance so that the customer keeps your restaurant in mind while planning their event. Don’t focus too much on selling your restaurant to them instead focus on wishing the best to your customer and lightly adding how your restaurant will be happy to serve them. 

successful email marketing campaign strategy for your restaurant

7. Others

Automate emails for the following events:

  • A welcome email: When a customer signs up for your restaurant
  • A retargeting email: When the customer adds to the cart but doesn’t place an order
  • An ordered placed email: When you receive the payment of the customer towards the order. Online payments can be stressful sometimes because of security issues therefore an email as soon as payment is received can assure the customer that the money is safely received against their order and that they can trust your business.
  • An ordered delivered email: When your delivery agent updates the portal about the successful delivery of your order. You can combine this email with the feedback email.

Hope you find these strategies useful for your restaurant business. You can invest in email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, MoEngage, Outplayhq, Sendinblue etc for a better understanding of your email campaigns and to automate them.

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