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Best Late Night Food To Order From Restaurants

Are you someone who stays up late all night? then you may know the pain of having major midnight cravings. We know that eating at midnight is bad for health and bla bla bla but the heart wants what it wants right?

One big issue with having midnight cravings is not to know what to eat and you keep scrolling and scrolling on Zomato or Swiggy or even Instagram feed. “Something sweet? something spicy? something to drink? I don’t know” No worries anymore as we are here to breakdown exactly what you can feed your cruel craving monster.

1. Cold coffee

Cold coffee is the best to have at a sleepover or binge watching or if you’re working late. The chill of cold coffee will relax you and will bring you back some energy. Even though drinking coffee post 9pm is bad as it interrupts your sleep cycle but if you are planning an all-nighter this drink is comparatively good for health and a must have.

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2. Omelet

Omelet is the most healthiest and yummiest meal you can have late at night. Full of protein and toppings it will fill your hunger and also make you high on energy. You can have it spiced up or dialed down depending upon your mood. This is something you can easily get or cook yourself without going wrong in taste. You can have bread or chapatis on the side if you may.

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3. Maggi

An undeniable classic midnight food has to be the legendary Maggi! Without a doubt it fills your hunger, spices up your taste buds and you always have a good time having it. Maggi is literally a comfort food for so many people in India. It also comes with so many variations available, you can have cheese maggi, butter maggi, spicy maggi, with vegetables toppings, egg maggi.. should we go on? Based on your likings and mood decide which maggi soothes you the most.

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4. Pizza

Pizza is of course going to make the cut. This Italian savory dish has its own fandom. Just like maggi, pizza also comes in a lot of variations thin crust, pan tossed, cheese burst you name it. You also get a lot of variety in terms of toppings. Customized your crust and toppings well and you have a yummy late night shenanigan to yourself.

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5. Sandwiches

You can also enjoy Sandwiches late at night every now of then. Sandwiches can come in healthy and unhealthy variations both depending upon your priorities you can select any or both. Brown bread with vegetables and less oil/butter and you got yourself a healthy late night food. Normal bread, sauces, vegetables and cheese and you got yourself a yummy but slightly unhealthy sandwich.

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6. Ice-cream

Ice-cream has to be the most craved late night food in summer. Its 40 degrees out there and you just had a warm meal and you’re sitting in front of the TV with your family your body craves for an Ice-cream. India especially is a land of ice cream lovers from the beginning of time. There are 100+ flavors available to you in your city to choose from. You can have a cone, a cup or a tub in case you have multiple people with you. Its cold, its yummy it will leave you happy and satisfied.

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7. Waffles

If you are a sweet tooth and you’re someone who needs to make something sweet after your meal like many of us you can definitely try waffles or pancake. It comes with a lot of variations and flavors to choose from. It also has a minimal preparation time so if you have ordered this it will reach you in no time.

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8. Chicken/Panner tikka

For non-vegetarians there’s chickens tikka and for vegetarians there’s panner tikka if you’re craving something spicy and fulfilling. Both of these dishes are full of protein so you won’t regret it much the next day. It takes a little more time in preparation so you have to be a little patient with it. They also come in variations like Mughlai, Tandoori, Afghani, Hara and many more to choose from.

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9. Momos

Momos are also one of those dishes that gets most consumed late at night. They can be a light snack that won’t upset your stomach or make you feel heavy before going to bed. You can have it steamed which is much healthier but you also have an option of having it fried or crunchy. You can select your own fillings depending upon your mood. Commonly, momos have a vegetable, panner or chicken filling.

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10. Pasta

A yummy, saucy and soft pasta with some herbs on it is has literally crossed our dreams many times. Simple boiled pasta with a variety of toppings and sauces can be a great accompany to your late nights. A healthier version of this dish is also a good possibility.

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Moreover, if you’re too lazy to order anything the leftovers in your fridge is always an options for you!

Hope you liked our list of best late night food. If we missed out anything from your list do mention it in the comment section below. Follow us on Instagram for more restaurant updates!

Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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