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Top 10 Restaurant Reports & Analytics To Look Out For In 2022

Are you overwhelmed looking at so many restaurant reports provided to you? You know your restaurant has made progress but your restaurant progress seems vague?
Well, we’ve been there felt that…

Your restaurant management software might be providing you with 100s of restaurant reports based on the smallest of your operational activity. While you are busy serving your customers and keeping them happy who is focusing on those progress reports?  Time is of the essence, restaurant owners or managers cannot go through those many reports alone at one go and no one more than us can understand your dilemma. 

We Bring To You The Most Important Restaurant Reports That You Should Look For To Analyze Your Business Progress

1. Locality Wise Report For All Restaurants

This report will help restaurant owners/managers to look at their restaurant sales data based on the locality of the branches. This helps you know which locality of outlet is performing the best and worst. This is will also help the owner to understand the locality from where most of their customers are coming from. 

2. Day End Summary Report

Day end summary report is very crucial for restaurant owners to keep an eye on their daily sales and progress. This restaurant report will tell you the total cash received against the total sales of the restaurant on a particular day. The report also lets you know the time your restaurant day ended. If your day end summary report doesn’t match it’s a sign of employee theft that you should be concerned about. 

day-end sales summary restaurant report

3. Customer Sales Summary  

Customer data is extremely valuable and catering to your customers is what will keep your business growing. This report will help you know your customer details like their previous orders, frequency of their orders, their experience over past visits, bill value and other details.

A shift in your customer’s behaviour due to any disappointment or bad experience can be quickly noticed by using such reports. 

4. Online Order Reconciliation Report 

With increased reliance on food delivery aggregators, it becomes extremely necessary to keep a close track of all your orders and payouts. Therefore, an online order reconciliation report can help you to match orders on the payout reports with orders on your POS system, allowing you to know which orders are genuine, which got cancelled after getting placed, which orders have a discrepancy and need to be further investigated.

5. All Restaurant Discounted Orders With Reason

Keeping a track of discounts can be a little chaotic. There could be multiple reasons for providing discounts at a restaurant like Birthday, Anniversary, Seasonal, Festive or any other special occasion. To keep a track of these provided discounts manually on different ranges is near to impossible. This is where a restaurant report like this comes in handy. It will give you a clearer picture of the number of discounts provided in a specific period of time and the reason for the discount as well. 

Make sure the authority to approve of discounts is limited to the restaurant owner or manager to avoid employee theft at your restaurant. 

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Discounts reports for your restaurant business

6. Raw Material Wise Consumption And Wastage Report 

There are tonnes of raw materials required in a restaurant kitchen which needs to be maintained in the POS. With raw materials, there is always a worry attached of it getting expired or spoiled before utilizing it. Using the consumption and wastage report on a real-time basis you can make sure you don’t run out of inventory, utilize your inventory before it expires and make sure raw materials are not suspiciously getting consumed. 

7. Purchase Summary Report

Purchase summary reports help you to know the supplier, kitchen warehouse or the store from where the raw material was purchased. You can select the raw material category or the particular raw material itself to know the source of that inventory. 

In case of issues with the raw material like it being expired, broken or spoilt when received can be instantly treated by contacting the supplier using the report. You can also see the suppliers you purchased maximum and least from based on which you can negotiate transaction terms like price, delivery, credit days etc. 

8. Online Orders Summary Report For All Restaurant

Post pandemic restaurant industry has seen tremendous growth in online orders. In order to manage the orders and be on top of it, you can use this report and understand the patterns of your incoming online orders. The report will also help you to know whether the online orders are served without any goof ups or missing on the order. Their invoice, mode of payment, delivery status and time are also known for further analysis. 

online orders management report for your restaurant business in india 2022

9. Employee Wise Item Summary Report

If you are a restaurant owner who doesn’t visit the outlet every single day then you can use this restaurant report to understand your employee’s performance. This report will help you know the tables served and bills punched by each biller, cashier and captain. 

All this information will help you decide their appraisals, bonuses and future of their position at the end of the year. 

10. Item Wise Tax Report

This restaurant report will help you understand the amount of taxes collected on each menu item sold in the restaurant. If you want to check the amount of taxes collected on food and liquor separately you can do so just by filtering it. Your accounting team will be really thankful to you as doing taxes at the end of the year becomes really simple using this report. You can also make sure that collecting taxes is not skipped or missed on the menu items sold in the restaurant. 

Report for your restaurant taxes for your restaurant business

Reports are very necessary for you to make well informed data-driven decisions. Make sure all these reports are available to you on a real-time basis and can be accessed from any part of the world. 

Petpooja not only provides 50+ reports on its POS system but they have also launched an advanced analytics platform where restaurant owners like you, can make a customizable dashboard to visualize your restaurant’s data and make insightful reports, appropriate to your business needs. No additional dump of lengthy boring data reports which almost always seem incomplete. Now, there’s no limit to what kind of charts, tables and graphs can be created. The dashboard can draw them all, for any type of data. 

petpooja insights advance tool for restaurant

Hope this helps you in finding the crucial reports from the ocean of restaurant reports and give you a clearer picture of your restaurant business. 

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