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Top 10 Restaurant Blogs You Must Follow Today

Restaurant owners often get caught up in day-to-day operational management so much that they lose the bigger picture of restaurant up-gradation, marketing, branding, and finance plans.

As a restaurant owner, leave the managerial work to your restaurant manager and you should focus on looking out for restaurant industry trends and making sure you are doing things right.

If you are a restaurant owner in India, you have to follow these blogs to make sure you are walking hand-in-hand with the restaurant industry and not missing out on stuff!!
Here we go…

Top 10 Restaurant Blogs You Must Follow Today

1. Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business is a media brand in the food and beverage industry. They are focused on writing about how to capitalize on restaurant industry technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They understand the new state of media like no other.

You can learn a lot about global food and beverage industry trends, developments, and growth. This will help you stay on top of the industry and you can try to integrate it into your business as much as possible.

restaurant business petpooja

2. NRAI- National Restaurant Association of India

NRAI is like the voice of the Indian restaurant industry, they represent an industry of USD 4 Billion and the interests of 500000+ restaurants in India. Whether a casual dine-in or a cloud kitchen, the NRAI is here to help every step of the way.

As a restaurant owner in India, you have to be aware of all the industry-related updates, events, and functions happening across the country. You can also participate in those events to boost your restaurant’s brand awareness and stay on top of the news.

NRAI petpooja

3. Blogs by Petpooja

Petpooja is India’s no.1 POS software company with 30,000+ restaurant clients. They not only have great industry experience but they also publish blogs related to the industry, kitchen operations, restaurant marketing, technology, inventory, types of restaurant formats, and much more. They also have a lot of guides on various restaurant-related topics.

You can use these blogs and guides with a new perspective and make changes in your business and also check whether your practices are up to date with the industry.

blogs by petpooja

4. Food & Wine

If you have a restaurant with a bar and you are a wine enthusiast then Food & Wine magazine has everything in store for you! They talk about amazing food recipes, wine tasting techniques, to holiday guides, restaurant lifestyle, news… everything.

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food and wine blogs

5. Grub Hub

Grub Hub provides is an additional service for your restaurant that boosts your take-out sales. They have a lot of experience serving restaurant owners like you. They focus on writing about promoting your sales, easing your operation, trends and news.

grubhub for restaurant

6. SO City

SO City is a leading city & entertainment guide filled with handpicked recommendations of what to do in your city, explore hidden gems, and be the first to get the latest buzz.

You can use these articles to explore the restaurant menu, introduce specials, focus on views from your restaurant, ambiance, trends, and much more.

SO Delhi blogs

7. The Luxury Restaurant Guide

The LRG is all about connectivity between people and places, places and people – to great hospitality. These blogs can be your guide to give that fancy, over-the-top services to your customers. This can also give you a cutting edge.

restaurant guide and management blogs

8. Eater

The Eater has an amazing website, newsletters, and a youtube channel with 3.3+ mn subscribers that talks about various things related to the restaurant and food industry. They give out successful restaurant marketing tips, experiments with food dishes or ingredients, and blogs about various trends going around the food industry.

food blogs

9. Next Restaurant

Next Restaurant can be a great tool for restaurant owners who are looking for restaurant blogs on various topics. They provide free digital marketing ideas for restaurants. Not only for social media but also for mobile marketing, emails, website content. They focus on providing marketing techniques, food and ambiance tips, how to secure your restaurant finances and so much more.

restaurant blog and magazine

10. Foodable Network

Foodable is a next-generation media company that focuses on talking about News, Trends, and What’s Hot in Restaurant and Hospitality industry. They are led by a team of digital media pioneers with over 20 years of digital media experience who deliver premium video, podcast, and virtual event content in a B2B educational format.

restaurant industry updates and blogs

As a restaurant owner, it is important to keep an open mind and look out for trends going on in the industry. These businesses and blogs will give you a lot of knowledge and tips that you can easily implement in your own restaurant. Hope this list helps you in your restaurant operations and marketing!

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