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Improve Your Restaurant Service With These 6 Staff Etiquette Tips

The restaurant business isn’t just about food anymore, it’s about the entire experience of fancy dining and receiving great restaurant service. And so, your menu and your staff’s etiquette to attend to the customers play an integral part in building a loyal customer base and retaining customers.

First impressions matter a lot; ALWAYS!

And especially in the restaurant industry which is heavily competitive. And so, it is essential for your restaurant and your staff to keep the first impressions pleasant and delightful.

Server etiquette is something that a lot of restaurants tend to overlook, as the main focus always remains the food, but going the extra mile to improve your restaurant service is what will set your establishment apart from the rest.

What Your Staff Must Do To Improve The Overall Restaurant Service?

Think of your restaurant staff as your brand representatives. You cannot be present to cater to all your customers. And so, your front-of-the-house staff, i.e. your waiter, server, captain and manager have to maintain decorum and look after the needs of all your customers.

Here are 6 tips that you can teach your staff for smoother and quality restaurant service.

1. Welcome Guests With Pleasant Greetings

Your staff are the first people to interact with the customers. Whether it is your parking man, your doorman, your waiter, server or manager, they need to maintain pleasant and welcoming behaviours when interacting with the customers. After all, it is their duty to make the customer feel warm as soon as they walk into the restaurant.

Tip: Don’t train your staff to be over-friendly or too eager to attend. That might make them seem fake or desperate to get the attention of the customers.

Tips to train staff for smooth restaurant service
Your staff’s performance will play a key role in upscaling the quality of your restaurant service

2. Avoid Saying “I don’t know”

Your front-of-the-house staff and your back-of-the-house staff need to work in proper synergy to provide the best restaurant service. They both should be trained well to meet all the required customer needs without saying ‘no’ to them or giving them unsure answers.

As soon as you or your staff says “I don’t know” the customer assumes incompetency. Replace it with “let me find out” or “I’ll check”, as it sounds more professional. For great restaurant service, it becomes the job of the owner and the manager to create a smooth channel of communication between these two areas.

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Tips: Before starting your restaurant, take a group meeting will all staff members. This way they would know who is working their shift, which responsibilities have been allocated and what the kitchen staff would be doing.

3. Never Interrupt Guests’ Conversations

Train your staff to never walk up to a customer to inform them about something while they are having a conversation. That may be considered rude. Wait for them to finish their conversation or when they’ve paused, to give them any sort of information.

Tips to improve restaurant service

4. Check For Menu Availability

‘Sorry, it is out of stock right now…’ It is every restauranteur, chef and waiter’s nightmare when customers order something and it is not available due to low inventory! And so, going back to the second point on this list, it is important that your waiters know about the menu availability. This way, not only would they clearly communicate the menu with the customers but also guide them to order the right menu items.

For smoother and quicker inventory management, you have to switch to the Petpooja POS system that automatically alters you when your stock is below the set levels!

5. Always Serve From The Left, And Clear From The Right

This is the golden rule of dine-in tips that your staff must follow! Always serve the customer from the left using the left hand and clear the tables from the right using the right hand. Also, do not serve over a person. Go beside the customer you want to serve and then serve them.

Did you know that there are restaurant consultants who can not only share more such advice with you but also train your staff? Click here to know more about restaurant consultants!

How to improve the overall restaurant service?

6. Respect Customers’ Personal Space

Train your staff to respect your customers’ personal space. They should avoid touching a customer for any reason as it is not considered professional. The same also applies to kids. Although these small packets of fun and joy are too cute to be avoided, many parents don’t like their kids being pampered by strangers. But at the same time, training your staff to handle children would also be counted as a plus point for the times when the kids need a distraction.

Whatever your food outlet model is, your staff’s efficiency towards handling and managing your customers will make a major impact on your restaurant’s reputation. And so, it is important that you invest in their quality training for quality restaurant service.

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