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How To Make The Most Out Of Restaurant Kitchen Automation?

Are you wondering how to go about automating your restaurant kitchen? Then this article is certainly for you.

Automation has become an integral part of every business, and the restaurant industry is no exception. With help of the latest restaurant kitchen automation, you can surely improve your restaurant operations. Equipping your restaurant with the latest machines and technology can change the face of your restaurant for good.

Restaurant kitchen automation is an essential part of mechanizing your restaurant. Automating your kitchen means replacing most of the manual work with machines and technology. Do you know the importance of automation and restaurant technology in the food and beverage industry? Find it out here.

There are enormous advantages of restaurant kitchen automation some of them include:

  • Automating your restaurant kitchen minimizes your labor costs and maximizes your restaurant output.
  • Automation increases your restaurant’s efficiency and the speed with which you perform a task.
  • It helps you serve with consistent quality and taste.
  • Kitchen automation can also boosts your restaurant sales and consequently improve the bottom line. 
  • Automation definitely helps in enhancing customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Are wondering how to automate your restaurant kitchen properly? Find it out here.

Top 6 Ways You Can Automate Your Restaurant Kitchen

Using restaurant kitchen automation will simplify all your kitchen operations. The process of cooking, preparing, slicing, dicing, and serving everything becomes fast and simple with the use of machines. The essential automation you need in your kitchen includes:

1. Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system is one of the most important instruments in kitchen automation. A KDS streamlines all your orders and allows you to manage orders from any corner of the restaurant.

  • KDS helps you send orders straight to the kitchen from the customer’s table. It gives kitchen staff access to orders right just when the customer makes it. 
  • KDS solves the problem of mixing up orders by generating Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT). The generation of KOT retains customer’s order detail in print form and helps you serve the right order.
  • KDS also allows your customers to ask for alterations in their orders even after the order is placed.

complete guide on restaurant kitchen automation in 2022

2. Inventory Management System

You cannot plan to automize your kitchen without using an inventory management system. Installing an inventory management system in your kitchen takes care of storage, wastage, and spoilage effectively.

  • An inventory management system updates your inventory on a real-time basis.
  • Another important feature of an inventory management system is that it provides you with accurate data on when and what to buy. It, as a result, helps you manage your supply and distribution chain better.
  • Detailed analytics of expenses and profit of stocks also help you update your menu accordingly.
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3. Get Essential Equipment

To automate your kitchen you need to get certain equipment for your restaurant that will improve its efficiency. 

  • Get the equipment needed to prepare the food. Invest in automatic cutting, slicing, dicing, and other equipment to smoothen the preparation process before cooking. 
  • Invest in an automated griddle or a robotic griddle.
  • Buy an oil and grease trap. It will keep your kitchen equipment away from blockage and will make your equipment last longer.

 Here is the list of all equipment you would need in your kitchen.

4. Kitchen Robots

Kitchen robots seem to be the future of the food and beverage industry as many restaurant businesses have already started using them. 

The growing popularity of technology and artificial intelligence are promoting kitchen automation strongly. Kitchen robots can perform tasks without committing errors that humans might do. Replacing manpower with robots leaves out the option of the workforce getting injured. 

Additionally, kitchen robots perform every task with consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. Investing in the right kitchen robot can be proved extremely beneficial.

restaurant kitchen automation and kitchen robots for India

5. Safety Measures

Restaurant kitchen automation can also provide safety to the chefs and other staff members working there. 

  • Using fire alarms in the kitchen can save lives and resources by informing about the fire in time.
  • At the small level, automation can also help restaurant staff not get hurt while dicing, hoisting, and shifting materials. 

6. Filtration System

A Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system provide a good temperature to work for your kitchen staff.

It helps you maintain the right temperature in the kitchen as well as help you circulate fresh air to your customers.

Getting your kitchen automated will make your kitchen more efficient, clean, reliable, and consistent. These benefits of restaurant kitchen automation will definitely boost the sales and profits of your restaurant. Automation will not only benefit you economically but will also help you polish your brand image. Hope this blog was able to convey the important automation a restaurant kitchen needs.  Choosing the right technology and the right strategy can take your restaurant to new heights.

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