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How To Get Liquor & Eating Out License For Your Restaurant

Are you planning to introduce bar menu in your restaurant?

Or Are you planning to expand your restaurant sitting in an open space?

If yes, then stay with me.

You may have already gotten basic licenses for your restaurant before opening but with these new additions you need to apply for new licenses.


What Licenses Are Required For Opening A Restaurant In India?

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This blog will provide you a complete guide on how to get your Liquor & Eating Out License.

How to get a Liquor License for your restaurant?

Procuring a liquor license is a must if you are planning on serving alcohol in your restaurant premises. You can acquire a liquor license online from the Department of excise depending on the area of your restaurant.

In case any alcohol is served in your restaurant without the liquor license you can be heavily penalized or your place can be shut down permanently.

Documents required:

  • Documentary proof of the legal status of the restaurant
  • Proof for whether the restaurant or the hotel is in legal possession of the plot
  • A certificate that validates the completion of the restaurant or the hotel building.
  • Trade License from the Local authority
  • Certificate of registration of eating house license issued by the DCP
  • Documentary proof regarding applicant being an Income Tax Assessment and Sales Tax-Assessment.
  • NOC from the state Fire Service

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Here’s how you can apply for it:

  • Visit your state government website of Department of Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax for details
  • You need to submit the above listed documents to the excise officer
  • The officer will review the documents and forward your request to liquor grant authority
  • If everything is in place your Liquor License will be approved
  • Upon approval, you need to pay the Liquor License fees. It can be anywhere between 2000-50000.
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A lot of Liquor Licenses application face rejection as the authorities are very strict about its process. There are lots of inspections and thorough reviewing of your background and documents.

Your Liquor license request will not receive approval if your restaurant is near a school, temple or hospital. If you plan on serving liquor in your restaurant make sure to avoid those areas.

How to get a Eating out License for your restaurant?

You will need a eating house license if you plan to run your food business for outdoor seating. It is required if any kind of drink or food is served for consumption legally.

Hence, if you’re planning on opening a public eatery or expanding your restaurant’s siting in open space then you must apply for this license. You can apply through Licensing Police Commissioner of the city your restaurant is located.

Documents required:

  • Documents to prove the legal occupancy of the place of Eating House or NOC from the landlord.
  • Site Plan disclosing details of the size of Eating House
  • Photographs of the place disclosing its usage as an Eating House
  • Photocopy of Valid NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India trade license and fee receipt
  • Applicant’s Residence proof
  • An affidavit on the stamp paper of Rs.10 duly attested by Notary Public
  • Fire NOC, if case of seating capacity is 50 or more
  • Undertaking regarding the installations of CCTV Cameras with 30 days recording facility

Here’s how you can apply for it:

  • Register yourself on this website
  • Once you have log in, fill out this form
  • Make sure to attach all the documents (self-attested)
  • Once you submit the form, you can obtain the license at INR 300/-

Licenses for different cities may vary. Make sure to submit your documents on a genuine state/central government website only.

Hope this helps you in getting Liquor & Eating Out License for your restaurant. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more restaurant updates.

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