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How To Attract Your Customers To Increase Their Restaurant Order?

“Do you want fries with that?”

We know that making your customers increase their restaurant order is very important for you. But this practice of restaurant upselling has become a cliche in the restaurant industry. Upselling in your restaurant is an art and you should invest in your staff to get them trained. Most of the time upselling works by just asking the customer and the other times you have to do it smartly and professionally without being nagging.

Why is restaurant upselling important?

Subtle and relevant upselling at a given opportunity can really help out a customer and they would appreciate it the most. Upselling your restaurant can result in higher sales and revenue. Your staff will be perceived as knowledgeable and enthusiastic by the customers. Word of mouth works very well in the restaurant industry and if your customer loves your recommendation and upselling techniques they will spread the word resulting in a larger potential audience.

Let’s see the 4 upselling techniques that you can adapt in your restaurant today:

1. Staff Upselling

Upselling is an art and your staff members should master spotting a good time and the ability to read customers’ minds.

If you have a big family attendance or a dinner birthday party held at your restaurant and your staff tries to upsell the restaurant menu items along with the customer order it can really be helpful to the customer. It should be noted that in order to do this your staff should have a thorough knowledge of your menu and their upselling should be relevant to the customer. You need to understand their vibe and what cues to look for in the customers.

Your staff should experiment with their approach based on what group of people they are talking to and from previous experience. The approach to a couple in their mid-30s should be different than a group of college friends.

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2. Menu Upselling

Your menu design matters a lot when it comes to menu upselling. People read your menu for less than 2 minutes so you have to make the most out of it.

You should invest in carefully designing your menu such that your highly profitable and highly popular items get the most focus. You should carefully pair items together that the chances of people ordering the combo become higher than them ordering a single dish. If you can do add-ons like extra cheese or butter or panner in a sandwich additionally you should put it down along with the sandwich category in the menu so that customer knows that these options are available.

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3. Use technology to encourge restaurant orders

Restaurant Technology has been on a roll for a while now. There are so many insights that you can incorporate to make your restaurant operations smooth and profitable.

If you have invested in a good restaurant POS you will have essential insights like your best selling item, items that were ordered together, customer order history to understand what they prefer and so much more. With a good POS, you can also tap into your online orders which you may not encounter organically. A summary of your online orders is available from which you can understand which items to pair together for displaying your combos. These insights will help you make the right decisions to upsell your restaurant products.

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4. Marketing strategies to upsell

Happy meal of McDonald’s is the perfect example of upselling your restaurant products. Form marketing strategies with the best combos, sides, or souvenirs that your customers will be compelled to buy. Play around price point or serving portion size to make it profitable and popular. If you advertise your combos and display it enough on various mediums your customers would have that exact picture in mind when they walk into your restaurant.

For example, the cheese burst option on all dominos pizza is another great example of upselling your menu items. Everyone is compelled to visit dominos after seeing that dripping cheese burst from the pizza in tv ads, emailers, and social media.

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Whether you have a highway dhabha or a fine dining restaurant you want your customers to order more isn’t it? Therefore restaurant upselling is for you. It may not get you results in short term but these upselling techniques will pay you in the longer run. It’s the simplest technique to increase our revenue without additional cost or comprising quality of food and customer experience.

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