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How An Ice Cream POS Software Can Upscale Your Ice Cream Parlour?

Just as no one likes a melting ice cream cone, customers at an ice cream shop do not like to be kept waiting for long.

But who handles your inventory while your staff is busy scooping in the rush hours?
Or who makes sure that all your exotic ice cream flavours are always in stock?

So, if you are still wondering, do you need a POS software for your ice cream parlour?
Then, the answer is absolutely yes!

Your job should be to delight your customers with the colourful and flavourful ice creams, and not to manage your parlour 24×7. A good POS, with all the needed core features and integrations, is capable of handling all your operations effortlessly.

But how to decide which is the best POS for your ice cream parlour?
To help you, we have a compiled a list of,

The Key Features of an Ice cream parlour POS that you should look out for:

1. Stock Management with Low Stock Alerts

Nobody likes to send away an unhappy customer, not especially when it’s about their ice cream!

Often there occur times when you might run out of your ice cream stock or the staff would have forgotten to order stock of any flavour or ingredients. And you would surely not like it if your top-selling flavour goes out of stock during peak customer hours.

So, a good ice cream POS software with a comprehensive Inventory Management module takes care of all these problems. It can send you automatic ‘low stock’ alerts for your ice cream stock and you can also set stock-up reminders for your staff. With inventory management module you can also calculate expenses of your raw materials and keep a record of your incurred costs easily.

2. Item Expiry Monitoring

The Best Ice creams are served Fresh!

The freshness of an ice cream also means a quick expiration.
Most of the ice cream ingredients fall under the segment of perishable foods.

You wouldn’t want to serve an ice cream that has gone bad or use an ingredient which has passed its expiration date. This can cause major health concerns for your customers and can also reflect badly for your brand.

Some better-equipped POS software let you enter the product details like quantity, expiration date, etc, in their inventory management module. Make sure to update these details for all your raw materials and set necessary alert reminders before their expiring dates.

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3. Manage Online Orders

Be ready to serve the midnight cravings!

ice cream online order

4. Ice cream Variations and Add-ons

A large chocolate scoop with a medium vanilla scoop drizzled with sprinkles and some strawberry jam coming right up!

Ice creams offer your customers the perfect opportunity for creativity, innovation, and experimentation. Kids and adults alike, all love to try out new ice cream flavours.

But that means more hassle for you and your staff to cater those requirements. Especially in online orders, these requests can get missed. But your ice cream POS can handle all these issues comfortably.

You’ll be notified of special customer requests along with the online orders. And for every extra topping, sauce, or scoop, you can add those single items to the customer bill easily.

ice cream pos

5. Faster Billing and Payments

Faster Billing = More Orders + More Profits

Manage the complete billing process for your walk-in, takeaway, and online delivery customers, all at one place. You can customise the bills to add taxes, deduct discounts, add extra variation costs, aggregate bills, and much more.

A good ice cream POS also helps you manage your ice cream orders in a more systematic and faster way. This means that your staff gets more time to take orders and serves the customers satisfactorily. Also, the POS handles all your sales reports and provides you with useful customer analytics to help you up-sell.

ice cream pos central management

These are essential features that your ice cream POS should definitely have that can help your business grow profitably.

Still confused? Or want to know more about the features of an ice cream POS?
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Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
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